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With what? With whom?

Machines/Equipment: Calibration lab equipment People involved with this process:
Standards (trace to NIST) Calibration Technician
Computer, software, printer Quality Manager
Hand tools Tool crib Attendant
Links/interfaces with involved parties:
Materials: Gage
Quality Engineering Purchasing
Cleaning supplies Process Engineering Gage Supplier

Inputs? Customer wants: Process Name Outputs? Customer need is

Gage calibration per fulfilled for:
schedule CCAL-D03 ___________________
Gage Calibration Calibrated and recorded gage
Input requirements. What are the Process Steps/Activities: per schedule CCAL-D03
inputs that determine what the Output requirements. What output
process must produce? _________________________
Receive Gage and Clean
criteria are used to determine that the
Verify and Adjust (if required) output meets the input requirements?
Calibration schedule
Record Results
_________________________ Calibration records
Production schedule
Control plans _________________________
Release Gage Inspection and MSA results
Customer requirements Int./Ext. Customer feedback

Measure? How?
With what key criteria? Measurements/Assessments: Support processes: (Who helps and how?)
Gage performance Product Engineering Process Engineering
Gage availability Production Planning External Laboratory
Training Maintenance
Cost of calibration
Procedures/work instructions/control documents:
Calibration instructions Records, Database
Measurement System Analysis (MSA) records Manufacturers manuals Control plans