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NYS OGS Procurement Services
Todd Gardner
Green Procurement Team
Phone: 518-474-3540

• OGS Procurement Services
• OGS Centralized Contracts
• OGS Fuel Contracts
• Biofuels on Contract
• How to Use the Fuel Contracts
• Questions

OGS Procurement Services
• Division of the NYS Office of General Services
• State’s central procurement office
• Establishes and maintains contracts for
commodities and services for the state
including state agencies, local governments
and other Authorized Users

OGS Centralized Contracts
Procurement Services currently maintains about 1500 contracts for
commodities and services.
Examples of some of our contracts include:
Commodities Contracts:
• Computer Aggregate Buy
• Road Salt
• Industrial Supplies
• Vehicles
• Fuels

OGS Centralized Contracts
Our contracts can be used by Authorized Users, who include:
• State Agencies
• Local Governments
• Public Authorities
• Public School and Fire Districts
• Public and non-profit Libraries
• Certain Other non-public/non-profit organizations

OGS Centralized Contracts
Why do organizations use our contracts?
• Saves money
• Saves time
• It’s easier than doing a procurement
• Procurement order of precedence

How to Use the OGS Centralized Contracts
• Obtain an OGS Customer Number – see ‘Information for
Buyers’ on our website
• View the contracts on our website
• Follow the procurement instructions for the contract
• For help, contact Customer Services at 518-474-6717 or

Where to find the OGS Centralized Contracts
• Google “OGS Centralized Contracts”
• Go to the ‘Procurement Services Website at:
• Click on ‘Find Contracts’
• Click on either Commodity, Service or Technology contracts
• The page will display an alphabetical list of our contract

The fuel
contracts are
located under
the Commodity

Fuel Contracts:
• Fuel Oil
• Gasoline
• Diesel
• LP Gas
• Natural Gas

Diesel (Awards 22781 & 23005)

OGS Fuel Contracts
• The contracts are filed requirements contracts
• When the contracts are being developed, users submit
estimated fuel usage and delivery locations
• Users agree to only use the OGS contract for fuel
• If you do not file requirements when the contract is being
developed, it is possible to be added after award
(Contractors must add state agencies, other users are at
the Contractor’s discretion)

Biofuels on OGS Fuel Contracts
• Ethanol (E85) - Gasoline Contract, Awards 22782 & 22951
• Bio-Fuels for Heating (B2, B5) - Fuel Oil Contracts, Awards
22779 & 23007
• Biodiesel (B5, B10, B20) – Diesel Contracts, Awards 22781
& 23005
• The number following the B indicates the percentage of
B100 biodiesel fuel (i.e. B5 = 5% B100)
• For the complete specifications see the Executed
Contracts for the award.

B2 & B5 Fuel Oil Availability on Current Awards:
• NYC B2 – New York City Regions
• B2 – Clinton, Dutchess, Essex, Franklin, Jefferson,
Nassau, Orange, St. Lawrence, Saratoga, Suffolk,
Sullivan, Ulster, Warren, Washington, Westchester
• B5 – Delaware, Dutchess, Greene, Orange, Oswego,
Putnam, Saratoga, Sullivan, Westchester

B5, B10 & B20 Biodiesel Availability
(Current Awards):
• B5 – All counties except Kings & Queens
• B10 – Clinton, Livingston, Tompkins, Westchester
• B20 – Delaware, Dutchess, Erie, Niagara, Oneida, Oswego,
Queens, Rockland, Schoharie, St. Lawrence, Suffolk,
Tompkins, Westchester

How to use the existing awards
If you’re not on the delivery schedule, you can request to
be added. The Contractor must provide service to state
agencies, and may add non-state agencies at their

How to use the future awards (August 2018)
Contact the contract manager assigned to the contract to
get more information on being added to the delivery

Contact Information:
Fuel Oil Contracts
• Jeffery Giocondo, 518-474-9621

Diesel Contracts
• Elizabeth Gocs, 518-486-1821,


Todd Gardner, OGS Procurement Services