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Utkarsh India Limited recently launched a new website with

corporate logo, customized to cater to bigger and better products and

services. The new website is innovative and functional and provides an
easy and effortless navigation for its clients. Equipped with simplicity
and efficiency, the new website plans to inform and aid the clients in the
most proficient way possible.
Utkarsh has accomplished projects with
big brands in railway electrification i.e,
KEC international. - TATA projects, -
Kalpataru Power Transmission, - L&T, -
ALSTOM with utmost success!
Utkarsh Steel Tubes are used for three
major purposes.
1. Conveyance of liquid, gas, sewage.
2. Structural purpose.
3. Conveyor belts.
#UtkarshIndia #SteelTubes
UTKARSH Solar Poles have been designed to
withstand wind speed as per IS 875 (P-3)
and can be customized up to 300Km/h,
used for Airport Lighting, Hospital Area,
Security Light, Commercial Lighting,
Industrial Lighting purpose etc.
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#UtkarshIndia #SolarPoles
New Utkarsh logo is streaming on various
news media channels on their re-branding
such as TOI, ET, Telegraph, Ebela, Sanmarg.
Link :
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#mediacoverage #Branding #BrandIdentity
Excellence is a continuous progress & not
an accident Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam
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#DrAPJAbdulKalam #inspiration
Small changes make a huge difference
#UtkarshIndia #Quoteoftheday
#DrAPJAbdulKalam #inspiration
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Name- Harvinder Singh Siddhu

Address- Arrjavv Square, 95A, Elliot Road, 4th Floor

Kolkata- 700016

Phone- 033-22646666