€ Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Limited (KSDL) .soap has been manufactured since 1916 Mysore Sandal Soap is the only soap in the world made from 100% pure sandalwood oil Mahendra Singh Dhoni was selected as the first brand ambassador of the Mysore Sandal Soap Manufacturing department in Bangalore. yesvantpur € € € .

Mysore Sandal soap Mysore classic Sandal soap Mysore Sandal rose soap Mysore Sandal herbal care .

€ € Marketing strategies marketing strategies being employed to market this soap include a scheme where the distributors who meet the targeted sales could enter a lucky draw where they could win silver or gold coins. headquarter at Bangalore. It has four Regional Sales Offices at Chennai. and Tamil Nadu € Sales & Marketing Dorcas Makers Pvt. About 85% of the sales of this soap are from the south India states of Karnataka. Ltd. Andhra Pradesh. . established distribution network all over the country. has a wide. Delhi and Kolkata. Mumbai.

From various source Various source like procurement of purchasing department .Ltd directly collect the raw materials from villagers. From villagers Mysore Sandal Soap industry pvt.Ltd buy the product from various agent those are collect the product from various place for the company. From agent Mysore Sandal Soap industry pvt.through this department company can easily buy their raw materials. From rural market Comapny directly go to rural market to purchase the raw materials because Raw materials are easily available Get the fresh raw materials in this market .€ € € € € Buying process of raw materials for the product one of the difficult job because its pure herbal based product and also its come under ayurvedic carogories.

€ Carrying and forwarding agent Co.Selling process of Mysore sandal soap is equally same from the other similar products. The selling process is. those are carry the goods at his own risk and forwarded that goods to the wholesaler. . has 23 C & F agent across india. € Selling Department Manufacturing department send their products to marketing department to sell their products..

€ Retailers This comprehensive arrangement makes Mysore sandal soap available over 16 lakhs outlets in the country.€ Wholesaler / distributors Dorcas Makers Pvt. Ltd. . has good amount of wholesaler come distributors. This industries engaged with 52 wholesaler come distributors across the India.

5531. No.[ Sales Manager ] € Address B. (India) € Tel Email Website T H A N K Y O U +(91)-(80)-23371103/23371104/23371105 € . Yesvantpur Bangalore . Thrinethra .560 € http://www. V. Karnataka.Contact Person Mr.

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