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b) issue: Whether Dixie is entitle to the RM 100,000 since her husband died?

Section 25 of Wills Act

General Rule: when Testator gives to son, but son dies before him, it is to be
passed under a residuary gift in the will. If it fails under the residuary gift, the
estate goes under intestacy in the Distribution Act.

Section 6 (1) of the Distribution Act provides for succession to intestate estates.
(g) provides that “if an intestate dies leaving a spouse, issue and parent or
parents, the surviving spouse shall be entitled to onequarter of the estate, the
issue shall be entitled to onehalf of the estate and the parent or parents the
remaining one-quarter.”

Material facts show that Keng Lock gave to Dixie all in his estate by his own
will. Therefore, I would advise Dr Wah See to issue RM25,000 TO Dixie, RM
50,000 to Sonny and another RM 25,000 to Ah Ying.