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Wesleyan University-Philippines

College of Business and Accountancy

Comp.1- Introduction to IT concepts

w/ Keyboarding

John Carlo S. Tan

Comp.1: Introduction to IT concepts w/ keyboarding

Chapter 3
Computer Software

Prepared for:
3MM1 3FM2
3MM3 3FM3
3B1 3FM6
Security Software
 Security Software Basics
 Antivirus Modules

Chapter 3: Computer Software 3

3 Security Software Basics
 Security software is designed to protect computers from
various forms of destructive software and unauthorized

 Security software can be classified in various types:

 Anti-virus
 Antispyware
 Anti-spam
 Firewalls

Chapter 3: Computer Software 4

3 Security Software Basics
 The terms malicious software and malware refer to any
computer program designed to surreptitiously enter a
computer, gain unauthorized access to data, or disrupt
normal processing operations.

 Malware Includes:
 Viruses
 Worms
 Trojans
 Bots
 Spyware
Chapter 3: Computer Software 5
3 Security Software Basics
 Computer virus-is a set of program instructions that
attaches itself to a file, reproduces itself, and spread to other

 Computer worm- is a self-replicating program designed to

carry out some unauthorized activity on a victim’s computer.
Mass-mailing worm spreads by sending itself to every
address book of an infected computer.

Chapter 3: Computer Software 6

3 Security Software Basics

 Trojan Horse (Trojan)-is a computer program that seems to

perform one function while actually doing something else.

 Bot- any software that can automate task or autonomously

execute task when commanded to do so is called an
intelligent agent.

 Spyware- is a type of program that secretly gathers personal

information without the victim’s knowledge, usually for
advertising and other commercial purposes.

Chapter 3: Computer Software 7

3 Security Software Basics
 What does malware do?

Chapter 3: Computer Software 8

3 Security Software Basics
 The term rootkit refers to software tools used to conceal
malware and backdoors that have been installed on a
victim’s computer.

Chapter 3: Computer Software 9


How do I know if my computer

is infected?

Chapter 3: Computer Software 10


What if my computer gets


Chapter 3: Computer Software 11

3 Antivirus Modules

 Antivirus software is a type of utility software that looks for

and eradicates viruses, Trojan horses, worms, and bots.

Chapter 3: Computer Software 12

3 Antivirus Modules

Chapter 3: Computer Software 13

3 Antivirus Modules

 Quarantined file contains code that is suspected of being

part of a virus. For protection, most antivirus software
encrypts the file’s contents and isolates it in a quarantine

Chapter 3: Computer Software 14


End of Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Computer Software 15