y Agenda y Pics y Summary .

‡ $787-billion economic stimulus package as well as a series of massive lending programmes to help revive the banking sector. ‡ To push down mortgage rates Fed plans to buy $1.25 trillion worth of securities issued by mortgage finance companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by the end of the year. .Steps Taken By USA ‡ Program to buy Treasury securities worth $300 billion.

.‡ The target range for bank lending rate is zero to 0.25 percent. ‡ The central bank held interest rates steady at record lows. with a closely watched bank lending rate near zero.

. y Cash handouts.Steps Taken By Japan y The growth comes after 4 consecutive quarters of contraction y Massive government stimulus ($260 billion) helped to boost the economy. subsidies to buy energy efficient cars etc.

3% during the quarter due to increase in the demand from China. which are showing signs of stabilizing y Overall exports up 6. y The shift in the power from LJP to DJP will be a relief. but it might just create instability during crucial times of economic recovery. y Emergency Guarantee Programme to prevent bankruptcy in rural areas. .y Japan s recovery hinges largely on its overseas markets.

y The growth we re seeing is based on government spending and a rebound from the very low level in the previous quarter. .y The recovery may not be sustained once the $ 2 trillion in worldwide stimulus that propped up sales for exporters runs out. y 40 % of the factories still sit idle forcing them to cut cost and so slay off employment.

y Growth is boasted by the fact that imports fell shortly. y France and Germany were less hit comparatively because financial sectors account for smaller proportion of their economy.Steps taken by Europe y Stronger exports and consumer spending. as well as government stimulus packages. y The situation is still fragile with investment banks and stock prices . contributed to the growth.

y Exports have grown at the schemes for trading in old cars. .4%. were helping consumers. y Government incentive exports collapsed.9% to the GDP figure. y Increase in household and 0. government expenditure. together with falling prices.Steps taken by France and Germany FRANCE y Household consumption GERMANY y It went into recession because increased by 0. y Imports declined sharply than exports. y Foreign trade contributed rate of 7% due to growth in the demand from China.


Steps taken by Australia y Govt . has given a stimulus package of $26. y Plan aimed to support 90. y Providing an impetus to private investors for a public private partnership (PPP). y Australia's central bank has cut interest rates from 7% to 3.25% and also reduced petrol prices.5 billion for infrastructure projects and cash supports for lower income families.000 jobs while boosting economic growth .

y The stimulus package boosted public spending to a mammoth $19.3 billion. y Retails sales went up . .

scribd.com/doc/8154566/Recession-in- India .y http://www.

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