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of McDonald’s  Company Profile  Understanding 4P’s of McDonald’s  SWOT Analysis  Mission & Vision  Allegations faced by McDonald’s  Certifications  References & Journals

 History




who established the first McDonald's restaurant in San Bernardino. McDonald and Maurice J. McDonald  were early American fast food pioneers. California in 1940. originally from Manchester. They introduced the "Speedy Service System" in 1948.History of McDonald’s 09/02/10 TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT Richard J. 4 .

 wraps and fruit.000 local restaurants serving more than 60 million people in 117 countries each day. shakes. french fries. More than 75% of McDonald's restaurants worldwide are owned and operated by independent local men and women. soft drinks.Company Profile  McDonald's Corporation is one of the world's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants. Itsells hamburgers. cheeseburgers. and desserts. In response to obesity trends in Western nations and in the face of criticism over the healthiness of its products. chicken products. It is the leading global food service retailer with more than 32. 09/02/10  TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT  5 . the company has modified its menu to include alternatives considered healthier such as salads.

McDonalds studied the behavior of the Indian customer and provided a totally different menu as compared to its International offering. 09/02/10 6 TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT . Even the sauces and cheese used in India are 100% vegetarian. It dropped ham. beef and mutton burgers from the menu.PRODUCT McDonalds has intentionally kept its product depth and product width limited. “India is the only country where McDonalds serve vegetarian menu”.

09/02/10 7 TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT . It offers hygienic environment.PLACE   There is a certain degree of fun and happiness that a customer feels each time he dines at McDonalds. Now McDonalds have also started giving internet facility at their center and they have been playing music through radio instead of the normal music. good ambience and great service. There are certain dedicated areas for children where they can play while their parents can have some quality time together.

PRICE McDonald’s came up with a very catchy punch line “Aap ke zamane mein. 09/02/10 8 TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT . baap ke zamane ke daam”. This was to attract the middle and lower class consumers and the effect can clearly be seen in the consumer base McDonalds has now. It has certain value pricing and bundling strategies such as happy meal. family meal etc to increase overall sales volumes. combo meal.


The right message has to be communicated to the right audience through the right media. feel positive about it and remember it. McDonald’s does its promotion through television. Some of the most famous marketing campaigns of McDonald’s are: “Aap ke zamane mein . “Food. hoardings and bus shelters. Folks.baap ke zamane ke daam”.PROMOTION      The main objectives of advertising for McDonald’s is to make people aware of an item. They use print ads and the television programmes are also an important marketing medium for promotion. 10 09/02/10 TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT . and Fun” “I’m lovin’ it”.


and value. Achieve enduring profitable growth by expanding the brand and leveraging the strengths of the McDonald's system through innovation and technology. cleanliness. 12 . Being the best means providing outstanding quality. so that we make every customer in every restaurant smile” TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT  Mission:   Be the best employer for our people in each community around the world.MISSION AND VISION STATEMENT 09/02/10  Vision: "McDonald's vision is to be the world's best quick service restaurant experience. Deliver operational excellence to our customers in each of our restaurants. service.


S. or CAK. chicken suppliers use a system called "electrical immobilization" to kill birds”  PETA is now asking McDonald's to "demand that its suppliers switch to a less cruel method of chicken slaughter called controlled-atmosphere killing. TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT 2nd Allegation : “All of McDonald's U.ALLEGATIONS AGAINST MCDONALD’S 1st Allegation : “McDonald’s is the world’s largest user of beef”  09/02/10 The beef extract is added before the fries are frozen and shipped to the individual restaurants. where they are then fried in 100% vegetable oil." 14 .


2)Ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations . maintain and improve an environmental management system.ISO 14001  ISO 14001 was first published in 1996 and specifies the actual requirements for an environmental management system. 09/02/10  TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT  16 . This standard is applicable to any organization that wishes to: 1)Implement. It applies to those environmental aspects which the organization has control and over which it can be expected to have an influence.

TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT    17 . Manufacturers that ship their products overseas.WHY ISO CERTIFICATION COUNTS ? 09/02/10  Increased credibility. ISO certification broadens marketplace as a certified supplier to leading manufacturers. Company has met every requirement of the standard.

McDonald’s Poland validated all company-operated restaurants to the internationally recognized standard ISO 14001. 2) The certification has been successfully renewed twice since 2004. 3) The certificate confirms that McDonald’s company-operated restaurants comply with the highest standards of environmental management and legal requirements.MCDONALD’S ISO 14001 CERTIFICATION 1) In 2004. 4) The ISO certification greatly contributed to the strengthening of McDonald’s leadership position 09/02/10 18 TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT .

Certification standard is the assurance and commitment: Continuously monitor. Correct and Improve processes TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT    19 .09/02/10  McDonald Modular has certified all the operations of the company to the ISO 9001:2000 standards for Quality Management Systems as outlined by the International Organization for Standardization.

Every customer has a set of requirements. It is a measure of customer satisfaction that is near perfection.SIX SIGMA AT MCDONALD’S Six Sigma. and the time it took for your order to be filled. If you are meeting their requirements. the crispness and freshness of your French fries. you are being effective. The accuracy of your order. is attempting to improve both effectiveness and efficiency at the same time. at its basic level. 09/02/10 20 TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT .

mcdonaldsindia.REFERENCES & JOURNALS  12815/ http://media.asp m/2004/no_2/PolishMcDonaldsISO14001certified.html 09/02/10  TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT   21 .wiley.pdf http://www.mesomorphosis.


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