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Humans generally do not live alone, isolated from each
other. Instead, individuals tend to live in communities with
other people related by ethnicity, nationality, religion, or
some other cultural element. A human society is a group of
people who share a common lifestyle and organization.
A society, or a human society, is a group of people
involved with each other through persistent relations, or a
large social grouping sharing the same geographical or social
territory, typically subject to the same political authority
and dominant cultural expectations.
Poverty is about not having
enough money to meet basic needs
including food, clothing and
shelter. However, poverty is
more, much more than just not
having enough money.
Drug/Alcohol Abuse:

Substance abuse, also known as drug

abuse, is a patterned use of a drug in
which the user consumes the substance
in amounts or with methods which are
harmful to themselves or others,
Widely differing definitions of drug
abuse are used in public health, medical
and criminal justice contexts. In
addition to possible physical, social, and
psychological harm, use of some drugs
may also lead to criminal penalties,
Behavior involving physical force intended to hurt,
damage, or kill someone or something.

There are nine distinct forms of violence and abuse:

Physical violence;
Sexual violence;
Emotional violence;
Verbal Abuse;
In simpler terms, unemployment is the state of not having a job. A
country is said to have a high rate of unemployment when many of its
citizens do not have jobs. When many people are without work in a
nation, levels of poverty are also high due to lack of income sources.

Crime refers to the category of the most serious offenses, more or less broad
according to country and legal system.
A belief or doctrine that inherent differences
among the various human racial groups, determine
cultural or individual achievement, such as: religion,
skin color, culture, language, habits and traditions,
beliefs, social class. Usually involving the idea,
that one's own race is superior and has the right
to dominate others or that a particular racial group
is inferior to the others.
Homelessness means people who do not have a place to stay. The word
"homelessness" also includes people who sleep in warming centers,
homeless shelters, or in abandoned buildings, parking garages, or other
places not meant for humans to live in.
is an impairment that may be cognitive, developmental, intellectual,
mental, physical, sensory, or some combination of these. It substantially
affects a person's life activities and may be present from birth or occur
during a person's lifetime.
Superstition & taboos:
Is any belief or practice that is irrational - i.e., it arises from
ignorance, a misunderstanding of science or causality, a positive belief
in fate or magic, or fear of that which is unknown. "Superstition" also
refers to religious beliefs or actions arising from irrationality.

 Some cultures consider black cats to signify good or
bad luck,
 Horseshoe is part, in some cultures, of lucky objects.
 A fear of the number 13 is one of the most common
superstitions around;
 it’s so widespread that many tall apartment
buildings and hotels simply omit labeling their
13th floor.
 Opening umbrellas indoors is bad luck.
 Breaking a mirror is 7 years bad luck.
 4 leaf clover is good luck.
 Walking under ladders is bad luck.
Is not an ideology like communism or capitalism?

Rather, terrorism is a tactic – a strategy used to achieve a specific end.

This strategy is often used in asymmetric power struggles when a weaker person,
or group, is fighting against a powerful nation-state. The violence is aimed at
creating fear in the targeted population and often provokes prompt and violent
response from the state.
Divorce is the official breakdown of a civil or religious marriage
previously binding two persons. In law it is distinguished from de
facto separation, without legal consequences, and from legal
separation which is legally recognized but which allows marriage to
continue. ...
Lack of education:
Lack of education is one of the causes of
social problems. People without good
education are at risk from a lifetime of
poor diet, long manual working and
worsening mental health. Lack of education
can have serious effects on children and
adults and can affect health, living
conditions and social situations.
Lack of guidance to youngsters:
Many of the younger generation fall easily to bad
habits. In the absence of proper guidance and counseling they
are involved in various anti- social behavior like stealing,
robbery, murder, kidnapping etc. . Parents, teachers and
educated members of the society should give proper guidance
and advise them.
not only money have a possibility to stop all these problems. Education
surely does, most of our society's problem can be addressed by imparting
social knowledge to commoners and giving proper education.
Education does address many of these problems mentioned about, but not
alone, but with money , they will work the best
Making easy mobility for the disabled and
construct educational and health centers to not
feel inferior:
Providing employment opportunities especially for
young people:
try to make Shelter for the homeless people and also for the
Take care of everyone especially the helpless like :the old
people -orphans homeless -refugees -poor
stop being Racist , and always remembering the
quote of our prophet Mohammed “all People
are as equal as the teeth of a comb,”
The existence of man is possible by society. It is
necessary to develop the feeling of self because with the
help of this the person learn the characteristics of
society and work accordingly and becomes asocial animal.
The life of a man depends on social relations. Without
society we can not hope the security of his life. Society
controls his activities and secures his life through various
relations. Society not only provides security to the man
but it is the main basis of hisprogress and development.