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English for children

• imagini
• sarcini
• poezii
• cantece
• glumele
• exercitiile de pronuntie
• jocurile
• activitati obisnuite de zi cu zi
• sa initieze un dialog si sa poarte
conversatii scurte in situatii obisnuite.
Alfabetul [The alphabet]
• A [ei:]
• B [bi:]
• C [si:]
• D [di:]
• E [ i:]
• F [ef]
• G [dgi:]
• H [eith]
• I [ai]
• J [dgei]
• K [kei]
• L [el]
• M [em]
• N [en]
• O [au]
• P [pi:]
• Q [kju:]
• R [a:] sau [ar]
• S [es]
• T [ti:]
• U [ju:]
• V [vi:]
• W [d^blju:]
• X [eks]
• Y [uai]
• Z [zed] sau [zi :] US
Culorile [The colours]
Zilele saptamanii Lunile anului [The
[The day of the month of the year]

Anotimpurile []
Ora, ceasul []
Numeralul []
Membrii familiei
[The members of familie]
• nume de familie= name,
surname, last name (US); • cumnat= brother-in-law;
• prenume= first name; • cumnata= sister-in-law;
• parinti= parents; • ginere= son-in-law;
• rude= relatives ['relativz]; • nora= daughter-in-law;
• bunici= grandparents; • matusa= aunt [o:nt];
• tata= father; • unchi= uncle;
• mama= mother; • nepot (de unchi)= nephew;
• sot= husband; • nepoata (de unchi)= niece [ni:s];
• sotie= wife [waif]; • var (vara)= cousin;
• fiu= son; • naş = god-father
• fiica= daughter; • naşă = god-mother
• frate= brother;
• sora = sister;
• bunic= grand-father;
• bunica= grand-mother;
• nepot= grand-son;
• nepoata= grand-daughter;
Zodiacul []
• Berbec - Aries
• Taur - Taurus
• Gemeni - Gemini
• Rac - Cancer
• Leu - Leo
• Fecioara - Virgo
• Balanta - Libra
• Scorpion - Scorpio
• Sagetator - Sagittarius
• Capricorn - Capricorn
• Varsator - Aquarius
• Pesti - Pisces
Fructe [Fruits]
Legume [Vegetables]
Corpul omenesc [The
Imbracaminte [Clothes]
Animalele de companie
Animalele de Animalele
ferma salbatice
Animalele exotice
Casa si gradina
Bucataria [The chitchen]
Stadiile scolare
Vremea [The wether]
Sport [Sports]
Orasul [The town]
1, 1, 1, Please, Cat, Run!

One, one, one
Please, cat, run!
Two, two, two,
The dog is after you!
Three, three, three,
Three birds on a tree!
Four, four, four,
Four cats on the floor!
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Once I Caught
A Fish Alive
One, two, three, four, five,
Once I caught a fish alive,
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
Then I let it go again.
- Why did you let it go?
- Because it bit my finger, so.
- Which finger did it bite?
- The little finger on the right.
1, 2, 3, 4, Come in, please,
and shut the door!
One, two, three, four,
Come in, please, and shut the door.

Five, six, seven, eight,
It is time for school; you are very

Nine, ten, nine, ten,
Do not be late for school again.
1, 2, 3, I love coffee
One, two, three,
I love coffee
And Billy loves tea.

How good it can be:
One, two, three,
I love coffee
And Billy loves tea.
1, 2, Button my shoe!
One, Two, Button my shoe,
Three, Four, Knock on the door,
Five, Six, Pick up the sticks,
Seven, Eight, Lay them straight,
Nine, Ten, Good fat hen!
A cure for a little cat
A: - Who is ringing at the front door bell?
B: - Meow, meow, meow,
I am a little cat and
I am not very well!
Meow, meow, meow!

A: - Then put your nose in this
Dish of mutton fat,
Because this is the way
To cure a little cat!
Apple pie
What a huge apple pie!
I can not believe my eye.
Ten mice, if they try,
Can not eat such a big pie.
And I wonder why?
A pussycat dream
A: Pussycat, pussycat,
As you sat on the mat,
Did you dream a mouse
Or a big rat?

B: Oh, no! Not so!
I always dream
A bowl full of cream
And a dish full of fish!
Back to school

Puzzles, blocks, and loads of toys,
Circle time for girls and boys.

Crayons, scissors, and new books,
Cubbyholes, cots, and new coat

Paper, pencils, paints, and glue,
It's back to school for all of you

With this big and
Red balloon,
I can travel to the moon.
And when I am there,
I will take care!
Poor bee, can't you see?
You are hurt at your knee.

Let me help you with some tea!
And you will fly over the sea.
Butterfly, where do you fly?

• Butterfly, butterfly,
Where do you fly?

So quick and so high,
In the blue, blue sky?

How I like this little fish!
I can't think of it like dish.
Be it big or be it wee,
I will throw it into the sea.
Little moon

Little moon, little star,
You are so far,
You are so high,
Come to us, sit and sing,
You will get a golden ring.
Little mouse

A: Little mouse, little mouse,
Where is your little house?
B: Here is the door,
Under the floor!
Little puppy

Now I have a little puppy
Who can do some funny tricks:
He jumps to play with me,
He runs after sticks.
My pet
I have a cat.
The cat is red,
Her eyes are blue.
- This is not true.

I have a mouse.
It lives in my house.
It's name is Lis
and it eats cheese.
My poor elephant

My poor elephant,
Is so fat,
He cannot wear
His Sunday hat!
Teddy Bears

• Teddy bears, teddy bears,
Turn around
Touch the ground
Switch off the light
And say 'Good-night!'
Thank you

Children! Try to be polite
in everything you do!
Remember how to "Please"
and don't forget "Thank you!"
The Little Bird

Once I saw a little bird
Hoping: hop, hop, hop
And I cried:
- Little bird,
Will you stop, stop, stop?
I was going to the window
To say: How do you do?
But he shook his little tail
And away he flew.
A toy for me,
A toy for you,
Come and see,
Come, Sue!
A kite so high,
Up in the sky!
A ball for Paul,
Toys for you all!