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Online Voting System

By TRK Developers Team

 Group No : 23
 Team Members : Tora Bhadra
Ritwik Mukhopadhyay
Kaushik Mitra
 Faculty Guide : Moumita Majumder
 College Name : IEM
 Department : BCA(3rd year)
 Introduction
 Why OVS
 Objective
 Scope
 Technology
 Design
 Conclusion

 We are seeing and using lot

of voting systems everywhere
in internet.
 Mostly all social bookmarking
sites (Digg and Reddit) are
promoting the links based on
their vote count only.

 Always we want to see greater participation

of people in our democracy.
 Internet voting may help to increase the number
of voters.
 Thousands of people serving in the military or
staying abroad can cast their vote using internet
without going to the booths.
 OVS minimizes human efforts providing all
required information online.
 Main concept of this project is to build a website for a
college to elect students for several posts like Class

 Here Users (students) will have the facility to register

themselves as voter.

 Registered students can nominate themselves for different

events created by the Administrator.

 Nomination will be done on the basis of some specific

criteria like marks, attendance percentage etc.
 Secured log in procedure
 Information available quickly
 Profiles can be modified
 Nominees can post their vision
 Instant poll result
 Allow the users to change their vote
 Easy to keep track of voters and
 Front End : HTML, CSS, JavaScript

 Back End : Oracle Database

 Server Side Scripting Language :


Context Diagram
Data Flow Diagram Level-1
Entity Relationship Diagram
Table Schema
Field Name Data type Description
Stud_id Varchar Primary key
Stud_username Varchar
Stud_password varchar
Stud_name Varchar
Stud_picture OLE object
Stud_dob Date
Stud_department Varchar
Stud_address Varchar
Stud_phno Number
Stud_marks Number
Stud_attendence Number
Stud_type varchar
Student Table
Field Name Data type Description
Event_id Varchar Primary key
Start_date Date
End_date Date
Event_description Varchar

Event Table
Field Name Data type Description
Nominee_id Varchar Primary key
Stud_id Varchar Foreign key
Event_id Varchar Foreign key
Stud_name Varchar
Stud_department varchar
Vision Varchar
Score number

Nominee Table

 OVS is already successfully implemented in

several countries even in some part of India.
 We understand that there are possibilities of
hacker attacks, identity fraud and vote count
manipulation. But, we know how banks and
payment processors gained the trust from
people for their online transactions system.