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Solar PV Module


Noble Energy Solar Technologies Ltd

YES/NEST Ltd/Dec'04
Why Solar?
 Oil, coal and other fossil fuels are
coming to end, very shortly
 Environmental Degradation

 Plenty of Solar: both- silicon on earth

and sunlight from the sky
 Solar is versatile

 Solar is independent

 Solar is eternal, renewable

 Solar is divine too

YES/NEST Ltd/Dec'04
Solar PV is the Smart Technology
Choice of 21st Century

Solar is
Solar is

YES/NEST Ltd/Dec'04
Kerosene is Dangerous to the
people & the Planet Earth
A student studying
using smoky and
kerosene wick

He’s one among the 2 billion

people world over who
have no access to
electricity even at the
dawn of 21st century!!

YES/NEST Ltd/Dec'04
The Solar Modules:
…..From What?

YES/NEST Ltd/Dec'04
Quartz to Module
Silicon grains Ingots Wafers Solar Cells Solar Modules

YES/NEST Ltd/Dec'04
The Process of Module Line

1. Glass Preparation
2. Cell Testing
3. Cell Tabbing
4. Stringing &Circuit Formation
5. Module Lay Up Preparation
6. Module Lamination
7. Curing
8. Framing & Assembly
9. Performance Test

YES/NEST Ltd/Dec'04
 Solar cells
 Low-iron content, toughened glass

 Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)

 Tedlar back cover (PVF)

 Tinned copper interconnects & bus bars

 Anodized Aluminium frame

 RTV silicone

 Terminal Box

YES/NEST Ltd/Dec'04
Solar Cell:
The Basic Building Block for Making Solar Module

YES/NEST Ltd/Dec'04
Solar Cell Tester

YES/NEST Ltd/Dec'04
Solar Cells for Tabbing and Stringing

YES/NEST Ltd/Dec'04
Tabbed Solar Cells & Stringing

YES/NEST Ltd/Dec'04
The VOLTAGE of a solar cell is
0.5Volts, no matter what is its size!

YES/NEST Ltd/Dec'04
The CURRENT of a solar cell is directly
proportional to its size.

The current produced by a solar cell is directly

proportional to the intensity shines on it

YES/NEST Ltd/Dec'04

is the
of a

YES/NEST Ltd/Dec'04
Curing Oven

YES/NEST Ltd/Dec'04
The Array Tester

YES/NEST Ltd/Dec'04
For a typical 3MW Line per annum 3 Shifts/Day

Engineers 2
Foremen (Diploma) 4
Artisans(ITI) 25
Semi/Un-Skilled 5

*The above manpower requirement varies from company to

company depending on the kind of equipments used, whether
manual or automated

YES/NEST Ltd/Dec'04
The Indian Solar Companies
Sl.No. Company Products
1 Tata Bp Solar, B’lre Cells, Mod 26MW
2 BHEL, B’lore Cells, Mod 2
3 CEL, Ghaziabad, UP Cells, Mod 2
4 WEBEL-SL, Kolkata Cells, Mod 5
5 REIL, Jaipur Mod -
6 RES, Hyd Cells, Mod -
7 Microsol, Hyd Cells, Mod 1
8 BEL, B’lore Cells 1
9 Titan Energy, Hyd Mod 2
10 Photon Energy, Hyd Mod 1
11 Udhaya, Coimbatore Cells, Mod 1
12 Maharishi Solar, Kalahasti Cells, Mod 2
13 XL Telecom, Hyd Mod -
14 Ammini, Cochin Mod -
15 Noble Energy Solar, Hyd Mod -
16 Sunwatt, Hyd Mod -

Note: Almost all companies are engaged in manufacturing solar

systems, but in varying applications and capacity. -MW figures
are either new or negligible and are approx.

YES/NEST Ltd/Dec'04
Small is Big!

YES/NEST Ltd/Dec'04
Let There be Light, Everywhere

YES/NEST Ltd/Dec'04
Thank You
YES/NEST Ltd/Dec'04