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Healthcare Performance Group

Lean Process Improvement

Value Stream Mapping

Clayton State University

Kelley Hundt
Paul Todd
What is Lean Enterprise? Healthcare Performance Group

• Defining, identifying, and eliminating

waste of time and resources
• Using the scientific method to make
• A strategy for decreasing the time
from concept to implementation
• 10% Tools, 90% People
Definitions Healthcare Performance Group

• Value Added Activities (MAXIMIZE)

– Activities that transform a product or service into the end-

• Non Value Added Activities (MINIMIZE OR

– Activities that DO NOT transform the product or service
into the end-state.
– Regulatory activities that take time away from completing
student focused tasks.
– Your headaches!!
Muda = 8 Wastes Healthcare Performance Group

• Defects – Errors and Rework

• Overproduction – Making more than needed; duplication
of services/software/solutions owned by the University
• Waiting – Deciding, Inadequate Information, Interruptions
• Non Using Ideas – Unshared Knowledge
• Transportation – Moving Information, Equipment
• Inventory – Supplies or Students
• Motion – Searching and Traveling
• Extra Processing – Variation, Repetition, Ineffective
What is a Value Stream Map? Healthcare Performance Group

• All activities related to efforts to identify

and integrate technologies into courses.
• The team is made up of faculty and staff
that deal with the process and
“headaches” every day.

“Win small, Win early, Win often”

Value Stream Map Agenda Healthcare Performance Group

• Training on Lean Principles

• Develop the “Before” Picture of Process
• Observe the Process: Go to the “Gemba”
• Data Analysis of the Process: Lead-time vs. Process
• Brainstorm on Improvement Idea
• Develop the “Ideal” Process
• Prioritize Ideas
• Define Projects
• Develop an “Action” List
• Presentation to Leadership
Goals & Objectives Healthcare Performance Group

1. Develop a standard approach to:
– Create a transparent process providing reliable access to data, decisions, and performance measures
regarding IT budgets, policies, and services to support IT project requests made by the Academic IT
– Provide clear direction and communication regarding policies and procedures to implement IT projects at
Clayton State.
– Identify training, support, and budget (one-time and ongoing) to successfully implement the technology.

2. Create a reusable method to apply to other process problems

• Map the current processes involved from idea conception to full
implementation noting the values added, subtracted for each process and
group involved.
• Develop a vision of the most optimal processes to include in the Information
Technology Council and the newly formed Academic IT committee.
• Develop a measured approach to transition to that vision.
• Implement the plan.
VA, NVA & ENVA Healthcare Performance Group

Emergency Dept. Example

Current State Map Healthcare Performance Group

Process Lead-times:
New to Resume Submitted 4 days avg. (range 0-36 days)
Resume Submitted to Interview 7 days avg. (range 0-59 days)
Interview to Offer 5 days avg. (range 0-21 days)
Offer to Background Complete 6 days avg. (range: 0-34 days)
Background to Orientation Complete 16 days avg. (range: -7- 43
New to Orientation Complete 37 days avg. (range 9-80 days)
New to “Hired” 28 days avg. (range 2-59 days)
Team Observations Healthcare Performance Group

• Process varies greatly on a

location by location basis
• Multiple phone calls (asking the
same questions) to candidates
prior to the interview
• Applicants get “lost” in the
• Incorrect submission of New
Hire paperwork
• Difficult to get Employee ID for
Mosby training – some
locations get it early, others
• Some locations “un-hire” 25%
of new hires during the
Brainstorming Healthcare Performance Group
Future State Healthcare Performance Group

Projected Total Lead-time

17 days avg.

Projected Process Lead-times:

New to Resume Submitted 1 day avg.
Resume Submitted to Phone Screen 2 days avg.
Phone Screen to Assessment Center 4 days avg.
Assessment Center to Cont. Offer 1 days avg.
Cont. Offer to Orientation Start 7 days avg.
Orientation Start to Orientation Complete 2 days avg.