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Volunteerism… • Works for Social Development • Self aware • Interested in current affairs • Ready to help anytime • Believe in Bonding • Dedicated to Help • Ready for Social Action .

Volunteer for Bangladesh • Founded in 2011 • Volunteer Platform for more than 32 Districts • More than 25000 Volunteers • Serving our Nation through volunteerism .

Vision and Mission Vision: Developing an interdependent Bangladesh through volunteerism to achieve the nation's highest potential. . Mission: Empowering and facilitating volunteerism in Bangladesh to develop the nation by reallocating skills and resources to foster self-reliance and growth in every citizen.

Current Status of JAAGO Foundation • Civil Society Organization • Free School • 13 Schools in 11 District • Underprivileged children • 2500 Students Counting more… .

Base of VBD Projects… .

How Does VBD Works? Core Volunteer VBD National Board 6 Division 20 District Boards Boards VBD Division District Committee VBD District Board Board Members Upto 40 5 Members 7 Members Members General Volunteers .

• Manage and Deal with Local Supporters/Sponsors .District Board Positions Board Responsibilities • President • Manage District End Volunteerism • Vice President • Communicate with Management Team • General Secretary • Convey Social Message to • Treasurer Committee Members and General Volunteer • Human Resource Officer • Coordinate And Conduct Campaign • Public Relation Officer • Think Of Innovative Projects For • Project Officer Concern Districts • Guide Volunteers in Social Couse.

. • Preside over all Board and Committee meetings.Board Responsibilities… President: • Manage District Committee Board team. • Ensure democratic practice in the respective board/committee • Ensure that VBD activities are carried out in accordance with the bylaws. Approve budget and new projects for the district. • Ensure cost-effectiveness and sustainability while approving projects • Develop project execution plans and strategy • Represent VBD in different level. Serve as the spokesperson of VBD district to media and stakeholders. Fundraising and advocacy.

• Assist the president in program planning and strategy development • Absence or resignation of President .Board Responsibilities… Vice President: • Perform the duties of president in case of temporary absence or resignation of President • Develop strategy for fundraising and advocacy.

Board Responsibilities… General Secretary: • Develop strategy for fundraising and advocacy • Design and Manage Programs • Prepare and set meeting agenda • Act as authorized correspondent on behalf of the Board. • Ensure smooth internal communication within the board and among the members • Send meeting minutes to VBD Management. .

• Pay the dues of the board/committee and disburse money as per instructions received from the Board or organization. projects and any expense related to Volunteer for Bangladesh .Board Responsibilities… Treasurer: • Prepare Budget and develop financial plans • Maintain financial records • Approve financial transactions • Prepare and present monthly financial reports at Board meeting • Ensure funds are deposited in respective bank accounts. • Submit/send all the bills after every campaign.

• Collect and document all volunteers Name and Contact after every campaign.Board Responsibilities… Human Resources Officer: • Keep records of membership statistics and maintain volunteer contact database of respective district/division • Recruit and engage volunteers • Give orientation/briefing to new volunteers about VBD and volunteers’ responsibility • Ensure necessary volunteer support for particular program/events. project or any activities. .

• Manage and send photos of every campaign. . partner organization and sponsors • Prepare and circulate PR materials for Social media as per guidance from National Board • Keep Meeting minutes during all Board/Committee meetings/discussion. projects or activities as soon as possible. • Circulate VBD Announcement or News with Volunteers • Manage Concern VBD District Group Regularly.Board Responsibilities… Public Relations Officer: • Prepare and circulate press release/Newsletter • Maintain relation with media. • Check VBD Page and Groups regularly.

• Maintain participant lists of different program/events.Board Responsibilities… Project Officer: • Prepare project proposal and budget • Approve and oversee district projects. • Maintain project documents and records. • Write and send Event Report after every campaign and projects to VBD Management Team with the help of District Board and Committee. • Coordinate the project execution team • Coordinate registration of volunteers in different programs/events. .

Other Monthly Responsibilities • Conducting Monthly Meeting – One General Meeting @ 1st Week of the Month – One General Meeting @ 3rd Week of the month .