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GSET Experts Profile

Afaq Muhammad Khan Amr Ibrahim
759036 295838
IT/DC expert of the GSET American Branch IT/DC expert of the GSET American Branch

·Have over 13-year experience in telecom and enterprise market; be ·Have 14-year experience in IT project and solution consultation.
good at communicating with and influencing CXOs, experts, and key ·Have a wide cross-domain experience, including cloud computing, DC,
decision makers. Openstack, and SDN.
·Own four patents and intellectual property rights in the United States ·Have an influence on customer's decision-making through the deep
Patent Office: data center, security, and routing. communication on IT technology and architecture evolution.
·Be good at data center and cloud technologies (computing, storage, ·Be good at designing the IT/IP transformation strategy and architecture
virtualization, cloud orchestration), OpenStack, SDN/NFV, security, solution.
MPLS/IP, and emerging technologies and trends. ·Have the experience in multi-product pre-sales, market, and project
·Be able to lead forums, submit presentation & meetings at all levels. management (including Huawei, Vmware, Alcatel, and Cisco).
Contact persons for requesting for project support from Afaq ·Pass the certification of CCIE (R&S/SP/Voice), CCNP/CCSP/CCNA /MCSE,
Muhammad Khan: Wang Zhaotang/116614, Xue Guofeng/118779 DCN, and UCS, and obtain certificates of Alcatel-Lucent, Microsoft, and
·Be fluent in English and Arabic.
Contact persons for requesting for project support from Amr Ibrahim:
Wang Zhaotang/ 116614, Feng Li/146571
Mohamed Abouahmed
Mumtaz Ashraf
IT/DC expert of the GSET America Branch
IT/DC expert of the GSET European Branch
Have worked in the IT/DC field for over 20 years; worked for Cisco, AT&T,
and Etisalat in Middle East, and served as the network consultant for
many well-known enterprises in US. ·A comprehensive expert with experience in the design and
An IT/DC expert possessing E2E knowledge that covers cloud, DC, implementation of mobile network, IP network, and data center
network architecture, design and maintenance ·The Internet and mobile network expert and data center CCIE expert
Cutting-edge IT/DC technologies: cloud computing, big data, DC qualified by Cisco
consolidation, and SDN/NFV ·Have 17-year experience in IP planning and design and DC design in the
Possess global view and business savvy-based network design and mobile industry.
planning consulting capabilities ·Be good at data center virtualization, DR design, data center network
Certificates: CCIE #12188, CCNP/CCDP, Data Center Design and Support planning and design, and mobile network IP planning and design.
Specialist, E-Council CEH, PMP and Stanford Certified PM ·Have relevant experience in planning and design of M2M, LTE, and
Contact person for requesting project support from Mohamed Smallcell business of mobile carriers.
Abouahmed: Wang Zhaotang 116614/Xue Guofeng 118779 Contact persons for requesting for project support from Mumtaz Ashraf:
Wang Zhaotang/ 116614, Feng Li/146571
Sukento Sukriya John Cupit
00320841 00320843
IT/DC expert of the GSET America Branch IT/DC expert of the GSET America Branch

Have worked in the IT field for 21 years; mainly worked for famous
Have worked in the IT field for over 15 years; mainly worked for Cisco,
companies including Cisco, Fujitsu, IBM, and AT&T.
AT&T, and Nextel. Once served as a regional manager for cloud and IT
An IT/DC expert with abundant experience in cloud computing, DC,
transformation in Cisco US, and successfully operated the cloud migration
network, and telecom business process design and optimization
and implementation projects of companies including Nokia, Coca Cola,
Cutting-edge IT/DC technologies: NFV/SDN, cloud computing, DC
SunTrust Banks, XTO, and Capital One Financial Corp. Took charge of DC
transformation and consolidation, big data and Hadoop database
consolidation and migration projects when working for AT&T and Nextel.
architecture, and ETOM integration strategies
Have over 10-year experience in the DC domain, especially in DC
E2E network design and planning capabilities, including access network
virtualization: applying to patent "scalable resource in a virtualized load
(WAN/LAN/WiFi/Wimax/XDSL/GPON, etc.), bearer network
balancer" in US. Filed other 7 DC virtualization patent applications when
(MPLS/SONET/DWDM, etc.), and core network (converged
working for Cisco.
Have abundant experience in training colleagues, partners, and
Possess strong capabilities to devise ETOM integration strategies for
customers: Took charge of intensive training for Cisco's network
carrier customers, including function analysis, data processing and
engineers specializing in post-sales practices, and acted as a key
analysis, problem definition, and tier-1 business process framework.
participant and contributor in the partner support plan course program.
Possess strong capabilities to leverage consultant-type marketing to
Leading IT/DC technologies Sukento Sukriya is adept in: virtualization,
effectively influence tough customers in the decision chain.
cloud computing, and DC consolidation and migration
Passed the following certifications: ITILv3, BCNE, IT architect Master, IBM
Contact person for requesting project support from Sukento Sukriya:
CITA, and CCIE 1493
Wang Zhaotang 116614/Xue Guofeng 118779
Contact person for requesting project support from John Cupit: Wang
Zhaotang 116614/Xue Guofeng 118779
Pietro Hagmann Fernando Gordo
00753666 312270
重装旅欧洲分部 IT/DC 专家 IT/DC expert of the GSET European Branch

26 years of IT / DC MKT sales and industry experience, has worked at AT & T ·Have served as the IT business director of Telefonica for developing the
Application Sales EMEA and the Asia Pacific Area Director, Verizon senior IT transformation strategy and leading the pan-Europe data center
sales director, Germany, and founded their own mobile payment company integration (including 27 data centers of the European subsidiaries, such
and is also the Chairman and CEO as Spain, Britain, Germany, Czech).
In telecommunication networks, data centers and IT / DC transformation, ·Have served as the carrier IT executive for 16 years and have over 20-
cloud computing and cloud services, big data, ITO and management service year experience of dealing with carriers and enterprise customers, be
has accumulated experience and knowledge behind familiar with customer's IT strategies, IT business processes, and service
IT leading technology: cloud computing, big data, ITO, IT / DC processes.
transformation, data center transformation ·Be fluent in Spanish (native language), English, French, and German.
Telecommunications, cloud, data center hosting services market in EMEA ·Be good at multi-data center (especially cross-country/cross-domain
and Asia-Pacific region have a deep understanding of subdivision data centers) integration, centralization, virtualization, project
Good level to convince operators Huawei as a strategic partner of ITC management, consulting planning design, and organization integration.
icebreaking exchange ·Be good at IT strategy transformation workshop and conversation of
Contact persons for requesting for project support from Pietro Hagmann carrier data centers, and building, management & maintenance, and
: Wang Zhaotang/ 116614, Feng Li/146571 M&S of green data centers.
Contact persons for requesting for project support from Fernando
Gordo: Wang Zhaotang/ 116614, Feng Li/146571
Artur Duszczyk Jevgenijs Vainsteins
307366 753996
IT/DC expert of the GSET European Branch IT/DC expert of the GSET European Branch

·Have 22-year sales experience in the IT industry: started work in 1992, ·Have over 14-year experience of DC/IT/BSS/VAS/Interception solutions.
held positions in DELL, IBM, and Fujitsu, and had successful sales ·Have a deep and all-round understanding of ISP/enterprise/Web2.0
experience for PC, LAN, server, storage, cloud computing, and big data Internet and service market in Europe.
in carrier and enterprise network market. ·Be good at communicating with medium- and high-level customers and
·Be good at dealing with tough technical customers, have an influence have a great influence on decision makers of data center projects.
on CXO-level decision-making, and have rich experience in project ·Have successful experience of data center key projects of top-level
competition. carriers, such as MTS, T-Mobile, Vimpelcom, Luxembourg Telindus,
·Master IT storage, server, virtualization, and cloud computing Germany Telecity.
technologies, especially HPC, UNIX, X86 server, and storage (be familiar ·Be good at private cloud of carriers, such as BSS/OSS/VAS.
with storage vendors such as EMC/HP/NetApp/IBM/HDS/Eternus). ·Be good at data center, specialized server, IAAS, and storage.
·Have successful solution-level sales experience for SAP (FF4SAP, HANA), Contact persons for requesting for project support from Jevgenijs
big data (Terracota), software, and business cloud. Vainsteins: Wang Zhaotang/ 116614, Feng Li/146571
·Have cross-industry sales experience and successful sales experience in
telecom and vertical industries (i.e. media, bank, government, retail).
Contact persons for requesting for project support from Artur Duszczyk:
Wang Zhaotang/ 116614, Feng Li/146571
Dominik Dziarczykowsk Huang Haodong

305479 00320957
IT/DC expert of the GSET HQ
IT/DC expert of the GSET European Branch

Have worked in the IT field for over 12 years; worked for IBM for 8 years
·Have 12-year IT work experience and have served as the solution sales
(responsible for high-end storage product sales in South China in the
representative in DELL and IBM.
first 3 years, and for the sales to the electric power industry in
·Serve as a member of HPC Advisory Council, a certified cloud
southwest China in the following 5 years).
technology expert in Computing Technology Industry Association, and
Have the experience of selling IT products to multiple industries, such as
an IBM cloud computing solution certified architect.
electric power, telecom, education, health, and large enterprise.
·Master the IT/DC cutting-edge technologies, including high-
Leading IT technologies: software defined storage, virtualized & hyper-
performance computing, UNIX/X86 server, virtualization, big data, and
converged system
cloud (IAAS/SAAS).
Abundant experience in competition: IBM, EMC, Oracle, HDS, and HP
·Be good at communicating with CXOs, especially the strategic
Solutions Huang Haodong is adept in: private cloud & hybrid cloud,
conversation with governments, colleges, and other institutions.
disaster recovery, SAP HANA, data lifecycle management, and energy
·Be good at designing enterprise-level solutions for governments,
and public utilities solutions
education institutions, and army.
Have a wealth of experience in enterprise-level IT solution product
Contact persons for requesting for project support from Dominik
sales, especially complex overall solutions for large enterprises.
Dziarczykowsk: Wang Zhaotang/116614, Feng Li/146571
Contact person for requesting project support from Huang Haodong:
Wang Zhaotang 116614
Peter Hou Sadiq Mohammad Iqbal
00305407 00313798
IT/DC expert of the GSET Asia Pacific Branch IT/DC expert of the GSET Asia Pacific Branch

Have over 12-year IT cloud computing and virtualization technologies- Have worked in the IT field for over 15 years; engaged in solution sales when
related work experience. working for Dell and HP; once acting as an engineer and consultant,
Excel in virtualization and cloud computing, conduct deep technological engaging in IT management, and founding a business, have abundant IT
research, and especially be adept at dealing with tough customers work experience.
interested in technologies. Possess strong capabilities to persuade and influence customers at different
Virtualization and cloud computing: VMware/vSphere/XenServer/KVM, levels, ranging from engineers to CIOs/CFOs.
VMware Horizon View/XenDesktop, ThinAPP/XenAPP, and Open IT/DC technologies: virtualization, server, storage, disaster recovery, and
Stack/cloud Stack cloud computing
EUC (device cloud): VDI, BYOD, and server-based computing Server & virtualization: rack, blade, high-performance computing, and
Contact person for requesting project support from Peter Hou: Wang Vmware & Hyper-V
Zhaotang 116614 Storage: products of Dell, HP, IBM, EMC, Pure Storage, and Tinitri
Contact person for requesting project support from Sadiq: Wang Zhaotang
Cheng Yu Wee (Alex) Gus O’Brien
00311536 296369
IT/DC expert of the GSET Asia Pacific Branch IT/DC expert of the GSET Asia-Pacific Branch

Have worked in the IT field for over 15 years; once worked for IBM and ·Have over 16-year IT work experience (mainly in Symantec and HGST).
Dell; have engaged in software development and served as project ·Have a deep understanding of and rich experience in the storage
manager and IT consultant; have E2E data center (DC) solution industry, especially the data protection domain.
knowledge and consulting capabilities covering server, storage, network, ·Master IT/DCtechnologies, including storage, virtualization
and security. (storage/VMware/Hyper-V), and cloud computing.
Possess the capabilities to communicate with and influence customers ·Be good at data security domain, including data protection, DR disaster
at different levels, including engineers, IT managers, and CXOs. tolerance, and security.
IT consulting: business continuity, DR, and IT optimization ·Be good at introducing IT solutions and strategies to CXO-level
Cloud computing: IAAS, PAAS, and SAAS customers and partners.
DC: DC consulting, equipment room facility efficiency improvement, and Contact persons for requesting for project support from Gus O'Brien:
DC consolidation and migration Wang Zhaotang/116614
System integration: system integration of Microsoft products
Contact person for requesting project support from Cheng Yu Wee:
Wang Zhaotang 116614
Tee Chee Kiat
IT/DC expert of the GSET Asia Pacific Branch

Have worked in the IT/DC field for 23 years; mainly worked for IBM and HP; be
adept in enterprise IT infrastructure and cloud computing.
Excel at leveraging proactive listening and consultant-type sales to influence tough
customers in the decision chain.
Passed the following certifications: HP cloud computing solution certification, IBM
infrastructure architect certification, ITIL certification, and IBM elite designer team
Excel at organizing cloud computing strategy and roadmap design workshops and
consulting services, especially cloud computing planning consulting for
Have experience concerning different technologies and products of IBM/HP,
including mainframe server, server, storage, WebSphere, Tivoli, DB2, HP Cloud
System & CSA, and HP 3PAR & OpenStack.
Have extensive experience in practicing enterprise methodology such as ITIL, IBM
Team Solution Design Methodology (TeamSD), and HP IT Strategy & Architecture
Method (ITSA).
Have 5-year post-sales, 7-year pre-sales, and 11-year consulting experience, and
comprehensively consider the requirements of customers at different levels when
designing and implementing solutions.
Be fluent in English, mandarin, and Malay.
Contact person for requesting project support from Tee Chee Kiat: Wang Zhaotang

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