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Huawei FusionCloud Desktop

Solution for Education

1 Background and Objectives

2 Solution Highlights

3 Application Scenarios

4 Success Stories

Cloud Computing Defines the Future of IT
Lab running environment
Education cloud platform
Massive digital Desktop VM Educational
Experiment demonstration Server VM software
education resources
Teaching video e-book

Diverse access
Smartphone Tablet Notebook TC PC

Cloud computing technology features

• Rapid resource deployment or service access • Convenient user participation
• On-demand resource provisioning and dynamic • Reduced terminal load
resource expansion • Reduced user dependency on IT expertise
• Internet-based processing of massive data

Education Cloud Customer Benefits
- Unified hardware resource management
- Unified application system management
- Server resource pool - Unified identity verification
- Storage resource pool Unified management - Unified basic education database
- Resource sharing and - Unified education resource sharing
dynamic scheduling
Unified resource Unified software
platform 2 4 support platform
Agile delivery of virtual desktops 1 5 Cloud access anytime anywhere
and applications
- Centralized management - Cloud access from any terminal anytime
- Automatic patch and software anywhere
push - All courses available in any access mode
- Maintenance-free cloud terminals
and easy access

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Challenges to IT in Education Industry
Information Silos High O&M Costs
 Lack of unified management of class
 Dispersed teaching resources rooms, reading rooms, computer rooms,
 Low IT resource utilization (about and multimedia classrooms.
5% to 20%)  Heavy IT (OSs, application software, and
 Difficulty in evaluating resource PC hardware) maintenance workloads
usage and benefits and long troubleshooting time.
 Different network status in urban  Low ROI due to frequent replacement of
and rural areas PCs

Poor Security Lack of Mobility

 USBs are used to transfer  Conventional teaching modes

materials, which may cause cannot meet the requirements of
viruses. teachers and students in the
 Data is stored on local disks of mobile Internet era.
 Teachers cannot work outside
PCs and can always be
compromised. schools.
 Students cannot learn outside

PCs take the largest share in the education informatization infrastructure, accounting for about 40%.

Huawei Cloud Campus Solution Overview

Virtual desktops
and applications
Multimedia classroom Traditional classroom

School information Cloud computing

center resource pool

Online test room

Cloud computing
training room

Library/Reading room
Mini class
Faculty OA Mobile teaching Secure R&D 3D graphics design and education

Cloud campus: One Campus One Cloud (with a cloud computing platform built at the central equipment
room), and virtual desktops and applications to enable rapid access in various scenarios

IT Development Trends in Education Industry
Increased teaching Teaching Material Sharing
Diverse Teaching Modes Mobile Education
desktop security
 Multimedia courseware  The mobile Internet era  After PCs are replaced with  Eliminates information silos and
 Public lessons drives transition of the TCs, all ports can be implements unified hardware
 Interactive teaching traditional classroom- controlled, and the simplified management, data
 Wireless video lectures dominated teaching model to local OS is more secure, management, and presentation,
 Online tests mobile education. less likely to be infected with and resource consolidation and
 True-PC desktop experience viruses. sharing.
and data are delivered using  Virtual desktops support  Offers high flexibility and
mobile or cloud terminals. centralized rights elasticity to adapt to diversified
 Seamless access anytime, management in the education applications.
anywhere. background and can be  Implements centralized,
restarted and restored to a automated O&M to increase
standard state. efficiency.

1 Background and Objectives

2 Solution Highlights

3 Application Scenarios

4 Success Stories

Cloud Campus Solution Planning Suggestions
Support for rapid expansion to
meet requirements in various
scenarios in the campus
Elastic resources, enhanced
security and reliability, and
reduced total costs

Diskless workstation Rapid expansion

Single server solution

Unified cloud platform

solution pilot

Traditional PC

Requirements of the Education Industry

Teacher: simple and

Student: easy and efficient management
Optimal user Simple
secure operations and management
and various user-
smooth video play friendly teaching
Teacher applications

Leader: cost-
Information center: low High effective, scalable,
High security
and reliability bandwidth consumption scalability and guaranteed
and secure and reliable delivery
Information cloud platform School
center leader

Huawei Cloud Campus Solution Highlights
Next-generation desktop cloud, providing optimal
Scenario user experience
• Key desktop technologies ensure optimal display, audio,
Classroom Faculty OA Secure R&D and video experience.
• Excellent peripheral compatibility ensures rapid adaptation.
Client • The latest full memory desktop technology speeds up
CT series Sunniwell Laptop Intelligent terminal desktop start.

HA architecture, ensuring security and reliability

Virtual design
desktop and
• The field-tested data center-class reliability design improves
desktop availability by 10 times.
teaching Virtual application (vApp)
Virtual desktop • User-friendly self-service GUIs reduce O&M pressure on
• Diversified security control measures are provided, such as
FusionAccess terminal binding and port policy control.
Cloud OS
management Computing/network/storage virtualization
layer Open architecture, supporting high scalability
• The solution is compatible with various servers and
Hardware provides upper-layer teaching software, maximizing the
layer return on investment (ROI).
• The cloud platform is built once and for all and can be
expanded by purchasing TCs in various scenarios.
Universal servers and Cloud class host • TCO decreases as the user scale gets large.
storage devices
Agility and High Solid System
Optimal Experience
Efficiency Reliability

Display Experience: HD Display Quality

HDP display quality VDI display quality

Key technology HDP@Display
 Lossless compression for non-nature pictures: Automatically identifies the non-nature pictures such as text, Windows figures, and lines in
pictures, and implements lossless compression for them. Nature pictures, such as photos and images, are compresses at a proper rate.
 Does not repeatedly transmit same image data: Automatically identifies the unchanged data in an image, and transmits only the changed
image data, which greatly reduces the bandwidth consumption.
 Multiple image compression algorithms: Uses the optimal compression algorithm.

PSNR of non-nature pictures is higher than 50000 dB, and SSIM is 0.999955, which is close to lossless

Agility and High Solid System
Optimal Experience
Efficiency Reliability

Diversified Multimedia Play Models

 Model 1: decoding on VMs  Model 2: decoding on TCs
 After videos are decoded on the  Redirection technology redirects
VM, the videos are displayed on videos to local hardware decoding.
the screen of clients.  A bigger play window does not
 The maximum video resolution is increase bandwidth requirements and
1080p. videos can be played smoothly in full-
 A bigger play window requires Decoding on Desktop cloud screen mode.
faster bandwidth. Videos can be VMs  The maximum video resolution is
played in the original window size. 1080p.
 DirectX video acceleration (DXVA)
redirection is supported. More file
network types and video formats are supported.

Decoding on

The management system automatically

selects the optimal decoding model.

Agility and High Solid System
Optimal Experience
Efficiency Reliability

Full Memory Desktop Solution Provides Optimal User Experience

Computing resources
 Principles
 Memory data deduplication compression and memory

Memory resources
overcommitment technologies are used to store all system disk
VM VM VM data of desktop VMs in memory so that read and write operations
on desktop VM disks are replaced by memory operations. This
Delta disk
provides better user experience than local PCs.
Delta disk Delta disk
 Linked clone VMs do not support personalized data storage on
Base disk (compressed
and deduplicated) the system disk. Full memory desktops are applicable to
Hypervisor stateless desktop scenarios such as electronic classrooms,
school computer rooms, and electronic reading rooms.
 Customer Benefits
 Full memory desktops provide high read/write performance and
fast VM start and restart as well as linked clone desktops.
 System administrators can deploy, update, and restore VM
User disk
User disk

Base disk (shared and

read only)
templates in a unified manner.
 Full memory desktops can be quickly created and VMs can be
created and provisioned in batches.
Storage resources
Agility and High Solid System
Optimal Experience
Efficiency Reliability

GUI Experience: User-friendly Login Page

Network status indicator:

Intuitive virtual desktop status

Visualized startup

Various power management

One-click connection repair tool

Agility and High Solid System
Optimal Experience
Efficiency Reliability

Reserved HA Resources Ensure HA and Reduce Business Downtime

 Technical highlights
 Fault detection for hosts, the virtualization
platform, and VMs
OS OS OS OS OS OS  Reserved HA resources ensure that VMs have
available resources in cased of physical host faults.
This ensures minute-level recovery for the virtual

X Physical server B

Fault recovery time

Physical server A
(multimedia classroom) (multimedia classroom) 2-4 hours

3 minutes

Conventional Cloud OA
PC desktop desktop

Reserved HA resources Shortened fault recovery time, reduced service interruption

Physical server C duration, ensured service continuity, and improved working
(multimedia classroom) efficiency.


Security and
User Experience Open Architecture

Openness, Compatibility, and Cooperation, Leading to a Win-Win

Upper-layer x86 servers, storage devices, and
applications network devices

Comprehensive openness and compatibility with upper-layer education management

software and underlying mainstream hardware, ensuring easy adaptation
Security and
User Experience Open Architecture

Flexible Expansion from Small-Sized Pilots to More Scenarios

Virtual desktops and


Cloud computing
School information resource pool
Cloud class

Library/Reading room Mobile teaching

Faculty OA

 Providing unified cloud platform construction and flexible access in multiple scenarios
 Incorporating independent small-sized cloud classes into the cloud platform for unified management

Security and
User Experience Open Architecture

Huawei and Xunfang Work Together to Launch the Cloud Class Solution

Cloud terminals/Student VMs Scenario

Small-sized classroom PC replacement (< 60 PCs)
• Cloud terminals are energy efficient and easy to
Teacher PC operation.
• One server supports a maximum of 60 Windows
• Cloud class software packages seamlessly integrate
with teaching management software to enable unified
terminal and teaching management.
• Concurrent video play is supported.
• The cloud class solution can be sold independently.
• Sunniwell TCs are used.
• Xunfang teaching software packages are provided.

Cloud class host

Security and
User Experience Open Architecture

Teaching Software Integration Ensures Easy Management and

Operations One piece of teaching management software is enough
for the teacher.
Open standard interfaces are
compatible with industry
Teaching management
software customization
Class mode Black screen
Open API

Desktop VM User


Huawei FusionCloud

Screen display Camera monitoring

Security and
User Experience Open Architecture

Cloud Class Solution Provides Excellent Video Experience

Playback Effect Overview Teacher PC

Video stream

Desktop stream

Cloud class host
terminal/Student VM

Customer Benefits
 Each host supports a maximum of 60 students watching HD videos, offering optimal teaching effect and user experience.
 Teaching software is used to control the out-of-band transmission of video streams and does not affect the host
performance and operations on students' desktops.

Superior user experience High availability
 Lossless display  High TC link reliability
 HD video play FusionAccess  High cloud platform reliability
 Full memory desktop  Huawei-developed core software eliminating
information security risks

Openness and
 Excellent compatibility with various hardware and software and
reuse, protecting customer investments
 High architecture scalability in multiple scenarios
 Open architecture with independent IPRs and in-depth cooperation
with application manufacturers
1 Background and Objectives

2 Solution Highlights

3 Application Scenarios

4 Success Stories

Multimedia Online testing Libraries/reading Graphics Cloud computing
Faculty OA Mobile education Secure R&D Mini cloud class
classrooms facilities rooms design training rooms

Scenario 1: Multimedia Classrooms

Challenges Teachers' machines Students' machines
 The administrator passwords or boot passwords are cracked or
changed illegally.
 Applications are deleted or uninstalled from the system disk or
desktop icons are changed without permission. Fully
 PC chassis are disassembled, and hard disks are damaged. control
 The system responds slowly because personal data is being
stored for a long period time.
Delta disk
 Application software and courseware need to be updated Delta disk Delta disk
System base disk(backup) Full memory
Full-copy desktops
Desktop cloud system
Solution: Unified image; restore standard
(Unified image, restore upon restart)
environment upon restart
 Desktop cloud solution for teachers
Deploy full-copy desktop cloud and clients for teachers
in multimedia classrooms. The desktop cloud allows
sharing of courseware and access from mobile terminals.
 Desktop cloud solution for students Teaching Test Discussion
Implement unified image management, fixed accounts,
and auto login. Deploy clients for students in multimedia
classrooms. VMs restore standard running environment
upon restart. Screen broadcast Periodic tests Remote screen lock
TCs and accounts are bound.
Auto login upon startup.
Multimedia Online testing Libraries/reading Graphics Cloud computing
Faculty OA Mobile education Secure R&D Mini cloud class
classrooms facilities rooms design training rooms

Scenario 2: Online Testing Facilities

Desktop group and domain Desktop group and domain
controller in classroom 1 controller in classroom 2
 PCs can be used by all users, users are not fixed,
PC maintenance is complex, and resources
cannot be reused. AD AD
 The usernames of computer rank examination domain Delta disk Delta disk Delta disk domain Delta disk Delta disk Delta disk
controller controller
software in different classrooms are identical and
Base disk (replicate) Base disk (replicate)
cannot be changed.
Full-memory desktop cloud
High performance, restore upon restart,
maintenance free
 An AD domain controller is deployed for each
classroom. The desktop cloud is deployed with
multiple domains. Full-memory desktops and
unified image are provided. VMs can be rapidly
provisioned and centrally managed. Users do not
have the administrator's rights. TCs and accounts
 Users are assigned with fixed accounts. are bound.
Automatic login is implemented as a TC is Auto login upon
powered on. The desktops are restored to startup.
standard running environment upon restart. Fixed TCs, with
different users

Multimedia Online testing Libraries/reading Graphics Cloud computing
Faculty OA Mobile education Secure R&D Mini cloud class
classrooms facilities rooms design training rooms

Scenario 3: Libraries or Reading Rooms

Online video Online education Online library
 Difficulties in controlling network access, use of
peripherals (such as USB), and software installation
on public machines
 Security risks and network viruses on the Internet
Full-memory desktop cloud
High performance, restore upon restart,
maintenance free

 Implements centralized security control of VMs.
Users do not have the administrator's rights and can
perform only authorized operations. Full-memory
VMs are provisioned to cut down costs.
 Users are assigned with fixed accounts. Automatic TCs and accounts
are bound.
login is implemented as a TC is powered on. The Auto login upon
desktops are restored to standard running startup.

environment upon restart. Fixed TCs, with

different users

Multimedia Online testing Libraries/reading Graphics Cloud computing
Faculty OA Mobile education Secure R&D Mini cloud class
classrooms facilities rooms design training rooms

Scenario 4: Faculty OA

 Teachers cannot access their PCs in the office from
classrooms or labs.
 PCs occupy large space.
Desktop cloud
Full-copy desktops
1: 1 desktop
 Assign a fixed high-performance VM and assign the
administrator's rights for each teacher. A teacher can access
the VM from a networked terminal in the campus.
 The high-performance VMs are created from a unified image
and pre-assigned in 1: 1 mode.
 Allows elastic expansion of VMs for optimal user experience.

Teacher A Teacher B

Multimedia Online testing Libraries/reading Graphics Cloud computing
Faculty OA Mobile education Secure R&D Mini cloud class
classrooms facilities rooms design training rooms

Scenario 5: Mobile Education

 Teachers cannot handle teaching affairs outside
Management Resource cloud Education cloud Cloud library
campus (for example, during school outing or at cloud disk

home). Educational app virtualization

 Students cannot obtain information from school
after class or during vacations.

Access gateway

 Allows teachers to access their VMs from a 3G/4G
mobile terminal anytime anywhere.
 Supports a wide range of mobile terminals, such
as smartphones running Android or iOS and
notebook running Windows.
Lab Office Mobile education Mobile OA

Multimedia Online testing Libraries/reading Graphics Cloud computing
Faculty OA Mobile education Secure R&D Mini cloud class
classrooms facilities rooms design training rooms

Scenario 6: Secure R&D

Challenges R&D application system
Backup storage
 Data is stored on PCs and can always be
 It is difficult to control the use of USB devices
and serial and parallel ports.

Access gateway
 Full-copy desktop cloud and disk-free TCs
Access network
prevent data leakage.
 Easy and strict control of peripherals ensures Preventing
security of R&D data. Encrypted data leak
 Centralized data storage improves security transmission
and reliability. HyperDP VM snapshots are
used to back up data.

Multimedia Online testing Libraries/reading Graphics Cloud computing
Faculty OA Mobile education Secure R&D Mini cloud class
classrooms facilities rooms design training rooms

Scenario 7: 3D Graphics Design for Education

 High-performance display adapters must be configured
for PCs, causing low resource utilization.
 PCs with display adapters cause loud noise.


 Provides GPU hardware virtualization desktops. Each and K2 Server
Physical GPU
GPU VM is bound with a vGPU for 3D graphics
 GPU hardware virtualization implements virtualization virtualization
of hardware display adapters, which offers high

PC SC CT6100
Multimedia Online testing Libraries/reading Graphics Cloud computing
Faculty OA Mobile education Secure R&D Mini cloud class
classrooms facilities rooms design training rooms

Scenario 8: Mini Cloud Class

Cloud terminals/Student VMs

In small-scale teaching scenarios, simplified
management and secure, environmentally-friendly, and
cost-effective solutions are required.
Teacher PC

• Cloud terminals
Sunniwell TCs: energy-efficiency and ease of
• One server + cloud class software packages
• One server supports a maximum of 60 Windows
• Unified template management supports VM
restoration after restart.
• Cloud class software packages are seamlessly
Note: The cloud class solution
integrated with teaching management software
can be sold independently.
to enable unified student desktop and teaching
Cloud class host
Multimedia Online testing Libraries/reading Graphics Cloud computing
Faculty OA Mobile education Secure R&D Mini cloud class
classrooms facilities rooms design training rooms

Scenario 9: Cloud Computing Training Rooms

Cloud computing training classroom
Cloud computing
Solution training platform

 The cutting-edge training and teaching office FusionSphere

Cloud training resources
infrastructure integrates training, teaching, Group 1 Group 2
exhibitions, and skill contests. experiment experiment
 The comprehensive customizable training resources
SAN storage system
(shared storage for teaching
environment in textbooks covers cloud computing and training platforms)
operations such as deployment, operation,
maintenance, fault diagnosis, and DR.
 Cloud-pipe-device training devices are seamlessly
integrated with each other to simulate stable
enterprise cloud computing application scenarios.

teaching platform
Cloud computing

FusionAccess FusionSphere
cloud computing
software platform
College-Enterprise Cooperation Benefits Group 1 Group 2

 Colleges are authorized to use the name and logo of

Huawei Information and Network Technology Academy,
promoting the academy to a wider audience.
 First-class training courses and talent unions improve
the overall employment competitiveness of the

Benefits of Education Cloud
Resource sharing Improved efficiency Simplified O&M Reduced investment

Huawei Education Cloud Solution

 Sharing of hardware and  Unified, rapid deployment of  Unified IT planning and  Greatly reduces OPEX and
software resources teaching resources management TCO
 Elastic and dynamic  High security and optimal  Greatly reduces O&M  Improves resource
scheduling of IT resources application experience workloads and headcount utilization and hardware
 Improved ratio of the number service time, maximizing ROI.
 Easy access to the cloud  Improves O&M efficiency and
of students'/teachers'
anytime, anywhere using a reduces the system failure  Energy efficient
machines to the total number
networked terminal rate and fault recovery time
of machines
 Unified resource management
and monitoring

1 Background and Objectives

2 Solution Highlights

3 Application Scenarios

4 Success Stories

Global Applications of Huawei Cloud Computing Solution
Finance Education
Government Media Telecom

BME Xi'an Jiaotong University African Union Phoenix Television Telefonica


MOI, the Kingdom of Saudi

Bank of China Huazhong University of Hong Kong Airlines Xinhua News Agency Orange
Science and Technology

Orient Securities Dongfeng Motor State Administration of China Central Television Vodafone
Shanghai Maritime University Taxation in China

China Construction Bank State Grid Corporation of Pécs e-government in China National Radio Rostelecom
Zhongguancun No.3
China Hungary
Primary School

Shenzhen Stock Institut National des Commercial Aircraft Guangdong Maritime Safety
Sciences Appliquées China Network Television China Telecom
Exchange (SZSE) Corporation of China Administration

TVTC Builds an Efficient Nationwide Education Cloud with Huawei
Optimal audio and video experience and centralized O&M, serving 140+ colleges in the country.
Centralized deployment and one-click distribution of excellent teaching materials.

Northumberland College Provides Optimal Multimedia
Classroom User Experience with Huawei FusionCloud

Unified multi-campus O&M management greatly reduces O&M costs.

Local resource deployment eliminates the backbone network interference, optimizing user experience.

Addis Ababa University Builds a Desktop System with Huawei

The unified cloud management platform greatly enhances O&M efficiency and shortens the response
time upon faults, improving user satisfaction.
Hardware utilization increases from 10% to more than 60%, while energy consumption is greatly reduced.

Asia Pacific College Implements Tele-Education in the
Philippines with Huawei FusionCloud

TCO down by 32%, electricity consumption down by 70%, maintenance efficiency increased by 90%.
Implemented unified management of teaching software and eliminated client software security issues.
Implemented tele-education, enhancing APC's influence and ensuring it remains competitive.


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