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Make IT Simple

Make Business Agile

——Huawei IT Overview
Trend & Strategy
Embrace the Future

Huawei Confidential 2
ICT is transforming traditional industries

2nd Apps + Big Data Analytics

Everything is
Mechanization 3rd

Huawei Confidential 3
IT is changing with the waves of data

Mobile Internet of Things Big Data Cloud

Data ConsumptionData Generation Data Analysis Data Sharing

Huawei Confidential 4
Huawei IT Strategy: The enabler of information age

↗ Leader of Global ICT Solution ↗ Leading IT Company

Huawei Confidential 5
Make IT Simple, Make Business Agile
Current Goal

TCO of Data Center Infrastructure

Opex TTM
Server O&M
Storage Cloud

Capex Server
Storage Capex
Facilities Network

Huawei Confidential 6
Opportunities of compound advantages
Traditional Innovative Public Cloud
Enterprise IT Cloud IT Open Source

Enterprise Ready
IT Innovation
Forward looking

Huawei Confidential 7
Huawei IT Overview
The best way to predict the future is to invent it

Huawei Confidential 8
Footprints of Huawei IT

Serve for Carriers Innovation New Era

•Start Server & Storage R&D •Converged
•1st-gen blade server T8000 •Open Cloud
•Cloud OS
•Big Data Platform
•First FC SAN F800 launched •Enterprise Storage
•4Gb SAN product launched •Big Data storage
•Converged infrastructure
•Full series NAS/SAN/VIS Product •Huawei Acquires Symantec Stake in
Huawei Symantec Joint Venture
•Joint Venture from Huawei and Symantec •New T series SAN & Full SSD SAN
•First SSD PCIe cards in the industry
•High-density X servers for datacenters
•Start Cloud Computing R&D •Cloud Operation System FusionSphere
•RH1285 and RH2285 rack servers •E6000 blade servers, iNIC, and 2nd-generation SSD

Huawei Confidential 9
Fast growth - Storage

No.1 No.1
Revenues in China Market, 2015 H1 Growth in Global Market,
62.5% 2015 H1

Huawei EMC HP IBM Dell HDS

Huawei Fujitsu HP HDS EMC

Gartner – Global Storage Market Share, 2015 Q2

Huawei Confidential 10
Fast growth - Server

No.4 No.1
Shipments in Global Market Quarterly Growth Rate of
Global Server

HP Dell Lenovo Huawei Cisco Inspur

Huawei HP Lenovo Cisco Dell

Gartner – Global Server Market Share, 2015 Q2

Huawei Confidential 11
DCD Award
Widely recognized
Gartner Vendor Rating

Magic Quadrant Data Center:“Positive”

 Disk Arrays
DCD Award
 Solid-State Arrays • DC Blueprint Award

 Modular Server Oscar • “Green" Data Center

in DC industry • Innovation in the
Medium-Data Center
 Integrated Systems
 x86 Server Virtualization
Special Award in the
Data Center and Storage

Huawei Confidential 12
Huawei storage Leaps into Challenger Leader
2010 2013 2015
Enter the Gartner MQ lists Top of niche players Listed in the challengers

Huawei Confidential 13
Leverage worldwide top talents
Global R&D Center Institute Cooperation
US R&D Center America
• Architecture team • UC Berkeley AMP Lab:
• Open Stack R&D Spark, Parallel Computing
• BD &PM • Stanford ONRC Lab: SDN

Europe R&D Center
• CMU New memory
• Security capability
• UCSC Cold Storage
• Cloud Architecture
• UK Imperial College London:
India R&D Center
Big data
• Hadoop
• Swiss EPFL: Big data
• ManageOne
• German CASED Institute:

Cloud Security
China (4 R&D Center)
• Beijing
• Singapore DSI: NVM
• Shenzhen
• HKUST: RAM Computing
• Xian
• Beijing THU: Cloud
• Chengdu
• Zhejiang University: VDI

• 10000+ R&D Engineers • 5 Operation Center

• 3000+ Patents • 3 Global Technical Center

Huawei Confidential 14
Build standard-based open ecosystem

OS …
Virtualization …
Server …
Network …
Storage …

10,000+ 1,000,000+ 500+ 350+

compatible products compatible scenarios vendor certifications Huawei Ready

Huawei Confidential 15
Joint innovation with open and collaboration
More than 500
business partners

100+ standard &

Technology organizations

Huawei Confidential 16
Products & Solutions
Make IT Simple, Make Business Agile

Huawei Confidential 17
Next wave of IT evolution: Cloud & Big data
IT Value

Big data

Cloud Service Driven

Virtualization Data Innovation

Data Center Silos

Centralization Software Define (SDS, SDN)
Mainframe Client/Server Web
Hardware Restructure (chips, medias)

X86 architecture goes mainstream

1970 1990 2000 2009 2014 2015+ Timeline

Huawei Confidential 18
Vision on Future-oriented IT Infrastructure

IaaS SaaS Service Driven

Big Data

Data Innovation
Computing Storage Network Computing Storage Network
Software Define
FusionSphere ManageOne FusionSphere

SDN Hardware Restructure

SD-DC2: Service Driven-Distributed Cloud
Data Center

Huawei Confidential 19
Huawei Servers accelerate your business
RH8100 16-socket+
RH5885 computer

Enterprise key services X8000

FusionCube New
Converged Scale-out NÜWA
RH1288 RH2288
FusionCube FusionCube
9000 6000
Integration of IT New Large-scale
infrastructure PCIe SSD card SSD disk
in datacenter
Huawei Confidential 20
FusionCube: Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
Enterprise Critical Business
DataCenter Business Intelligence

• High-performance database platform

Fastest switching network, 56 Gbps InfiniBand
All SSD distributed storage
• Highly integrated platform
Converging computing, storage, networking, and virtualization
Pre-integration, pre-installation, and entire-cabinet delivery
FusionCube 9000 FusionCube 6000

10 times 11 minutes 192 GB/s 240 million

Application acceleration Fast deployment I/O throughput IOPS

Huawei Confidential 21
E9000: Converged Architecture Blade Server
Enterprise Critical
Database HPC
DataCenter Business
Converged architecture: convergence of computing,
storage, and network deployment
Excellent performance: four industry-leading
performance features
High scalability: supporting network development in
the next decade, compatible with three generations of
Simplified management: rapid service deployment, fast
fault recovery

64PCS 15.6 T 416 TB 40℃

Max. CPU per Chassis Midplane Bandwidth Max. Storage Capacity Stable Running
Leading Computing Density Leading Switch Performance Leading Storage Capacity Leading Reliability

Huawei Confidential 22
FusionServer X6800 High-Density Server
Big Data Server SAN Web cache HPC

• Unified architecture, multiple services

• Flexible configuration with Various nodes
• High density and leading storage density
• Leading Performance with key technology

296 TB 12 TFLOPS 40℃ Leading

Storage capacity Floating-point performance Long running Performance

Huawei Confidential 23
KunLun: Mission Critical Environment Openness
KunLun 9016/9032 Data Base OLTP In-memory computing HPC

• 8 to 32-socket scalability,unparalleled
computing resource in a single system
• RAS 2.0 technology,unique hot-swappable
CPU and Memory modules
• x86 open ecosystem,TCO 30% less than that of
UNIX servers

32CPUs 576cores 18M tpmC 1.97x 85%

Leading specification OLTP performance Scalability factor Less Down-time

Huawei Confidential 24
ES3000 Series PCIe SSD: Application Acceleration
Database Cloud VDI Big Data HPC
ES3000 V2 ES3000 V3
• NVMControl technologies guarantee high-
performance (IOControl) and high-reliability
• Atomic write protect data integrity, SR-IOV
600GB ~ 3.2TB capacities NVMe, hot-swappable
• •
allow VMs access SSD physical space directly.
• Up to 770K IOPS • 1.2TB ~ 3.2TB capacities
• Up to 800K IOPS • Intelligent Web interview management.

#1 800K IOPS 3.2 TB 2 million hours

Bandwidth & IOPS 100% Random 4KB Maximum Capacity MTBF

Huawei Confidential 25
OceanStor Storage Portfolio
Converged Storage Solutions Big Data Storage Solutions Flash Acceleration Solution

Video Storage Analysis

File Sharing Virtualization DR & Backup Active-Active HPC Retrieval Media Database Acceleration
Surveillance Integration

DeviceManager eSight eBackup OceanStor DJ

(Device Management) (Unified Management) (Virtualization Backup) (Software-defined Storage)

Smart Series Hyper Series Info Series

(Intelligent Resource Management Software) (Data Protection Software) (Big Data Storage Value-Added Software )

SmartTier SmartMotion SmartQoS HyperCopy HyperSnap HyperClone InfoEqualizer InfoAllocator InfoTier

SmartThin SmartPartition SmartVirtualization HyperReplication InfoExplorer InfoProtector

Unified Storage Massive Storage

S2200T/S2600T 5300 V3/5500 V3 5600 V3/5800 V3 6800 V3 18500/18800 V3 Dorado2100 G2 Dorado5100 9000 UDS

 2-16 controllers  Amazon S3

 2 controllers  2-8 controllers  2-8 controllers  2-8 controllers  All-flash array  3-288 nodes
 16 TB cache  EB-level scalability
 8 GB cache  512 GB cache  1 TB cache  4TB cache  2 controllers  60 PB capacity
 9600 disks  2 PB+ capacity per
 276 disks  750 disks  1250 disks  3200 disks  500 s latency  400GB/s throughput
 SPC-1: 3,000,000 IOPS cabinet

Huawei Confidential 26
OceanStor V3 Unified Storage
5300/ 5500/5600/5800/6800 V3 Storage
Virtualization Virtualization DR

 SAN&NAS Convergence
 SSD&HDD Convergence
 All-level Convergence
 3rd-party Storage Convergence
 Converged Backup

8 Controller 3x 3x 60%
Scale-out Resource utilization Performance up TCO reduced

Huawei Confidential 27
OceanStor 9000 Scale-out NAS
OceanStor 9000 Media Oil exploration Life Science

• Convergence:File&Object;Hadoop,
OpenStack interface
• Efficiency :Single node bandwidth 1.6GB/s;
Industry only 4K 6 Streaming editing NAS
• Simple:60PB single name space

288节点 60 PB 400GB/s
Scale-out Capacity, Single Name Space 2X Industry Performance

Huawei Confidential 28
Dorado Full SSD Array: Extreme Performance
Dorado5100 Database Digital Media HPC

Dorado2100 G2
• Full SSD Flash Array with Low latency
and high performance
• Active-active dual-controller, No SPOF
• IOPS:600,000 IOPS: 1,000,000 • Hot-swappable FRUs
• Latency: 500 µs Latency: 500 µs
• 4 enclosures x 25 disks 10 enclosures x 24 disks • 130+ core technology patents

82% 24x 72% 90%

Less latency On-Line users Less DB query time Less power consumption

Huawei Confidential 29
Huawei FusionCloud Portfolio
Win7 APP Hadoop Spark Storm MPP APP APP APP

FusionAccess VDI FusionInsight Big Data FusionStage PaaS



FusionCompute FusionStorage FusionNetwork

Server Storage Network

Huawei Confidential 30
FusionSphere:Enterprise-class Open Cloud OS

Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud Public Cloud

100% 2000+
Cloud Management -ments

Computing SDS SDN

Data Center Infrastructure TOP 6

60 Founders
2 0
Huawei Confidential 31
FusionInsight, Bridge to Value

Open architecture, linear performance expansion
Diversified tools, highly efficient development and
Finance Telecom Government maintenance
Strong SQL capability, agile service migration

Detail (Image) Credit Proof Data Services Recommendation Fraud Detection Deep insight based on full-amount data modeling
Efficient and accurate algorithms developed by Huawei

Data Collection Data Integration Data Insight Data Mining Result Display

ᅳHA components & remote DR
ᅳTrustworthy and win-win with partners
Off-line/ Iterative Memory Real-time
Processing Processing MPP Database
Batch Processing

Huawei Confidential 32
ManageOne: Unified DC management
Simplified Management

• Multiple data Center

Cloud Legacy • Virtual and physical resources
• Diverse virtualization platform

Facilities Infrastructure • Operation and Maintenance

Agile Operation

• Supports the self-service mode

Physically distributed, logically centralized • Flexibly defines products

• Fast service delivery

Huawei Confidential 33
Scalable and Reliable IT Coverage
FusionInsight Infrastructure
FusionCube FusionCube
FusionAccess 9000 6000
APP OceanStor
FusionStage 18000 V3 Series

FusionStorage X6800
OceanStor ManageOne
Enterprise 4U 4S Dorado5100 DC Management
FusionSphere 2U 2S OceanStor
RH5885 Dorado2100 G2
1U 2S Cloud
RH2288 Datacenter
5800 V3
RH1288 OceanStor
5600 V3 Container DC
ES3000 5300 V3
SME/Branch SSD Card OceanStor
S2600T Modular DC
S2200T Micro DC


Huawei Confidential 34
Success Stories
Join the Transformation with Huawei

Global 660+DC, 225+ Cloud DC

Huawei Confidential 35
Illumination Mac Guff Creates Animation Magic with Huawei IT

Blade servers saved over 50% of equipment floorspace and

reduced 10-hour deployment period to 30 minutes. OceanStor
converged storage shortened animation production time by 20%.

Huawei Confidential 36
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Protects National Data Center with Huawei IT

Mission-critical servers and OceanStor storage deliver 15% lower

fault rate than industry average to ensure long-term, reliable
operation at HQ and branch offices.

Huawei Confidential 37
Spanish CEPSR Improves SAP HANA Database Performance with FusionServer

FusionServer improves efficiency of SAP HANA database

for Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) by 2x.

Huawei Confidential 38
Sinopec Builds Enterprise Data Warehouse with FusionServer

FusionServer reduces data upload time from 4 hours to 30 minutes,

and improves average monthly settlement efficiency by 3x to
5x. Hyper-converged infrastructure simplifies O&M and reduces
equipment footprint.

Huawei Confidential 39
French Criteo Builds Europe's Largest Hadoop Cluster with FusionServer

Largest Hadoop cluster in Europe, performance improved 100%,

power consumption reduced 20%.

Huawei Confidential 40
VIVACOM Billing Service Optimized with OceanStor Storage

Time to settle monthly accounts reduced from 60 min to 20 min

— 3x efficiency improvement.

Huawei Confidential 41
Shenzhen Media Group Builds Converged News Center on OceanStor Media Cloud

Production efficiency improved by 50%, and IT resource utilization

improved by 30% — New benchmarks for cloud transformation in the
media industry.

Huawei Confidential 42
French SFR Deploys New Services with Huawei Cloud

Hardware virtualization and cloud-enabled scheduling runs on

OpenStack cloud platform; hardware utilization improved by 40%
and enabled shorter service rollouts — from 3 months to 1 day.

Huawei Confidential 43
Ethiopia SchoolNet Shares Education Resources with Desktop Cloud

5,200 virtual desktops deployed in 65 schools, allowing students easy

access to education resources at any time and from any location.

Huawei Confidential 44
China Merchants Bank Unleashes Big Data Benefits with FusionInsight

FusionInsight implements real-time transaction queries dating back

over 7 years ago rather than 13 months, and reduces the time for
credit proof from 1 to 2 weeks to 2 to 5 seconds.

Huawei Confidential 45
Zhejiang Telecom Corporation (China Telecom) Speeds Services with FusionStorage

2 PB storage resource pools deliver up to 1.3 million IOPS, 120 Gbit/s

bandwidth, and support linear capacity expansion on-demand.

Huawei Confidential 46
South African Municipal Authority Protects Mission Critical Services with Huawei

The "three-centers-at-two-sites" solution deploys a dual-active data

center in one city with a redundant data center in a second city, to
enhance service continuity.

Huawei Confidential 47
Whitestar Safeguards Their Portugal Data Centers with Huawei

Huawei remote backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) system

ensures automatic switchover in case of any server or storage
faults to ensure no lost data.

Huawei Confidential 48
Saudi Arabia Power Deploys Disaster Recovery (DR) Solution

Huawei VTL6900 hardware + Simpana tape backup software for

centralized backup system designed to provide data security
insurance for 3 to 5 years.

Huawei Confidential 49
Why Huawei ?
Comprehensive portfolios of IT cloud infrastructure

Over 10 years innovation in IT technologies

Vendor-neutral, no platform lock in

Continuous pursuits best performance & cost efficiency

Huawei Confidential 50
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