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The global leader in Polymer

Technology to contain and
control hydrocarbons
You Bring us the
We’ll create the
C.I.Agent Solutions® has a goal to
provide working solutions based on 21st
Century Technology that is cost efficient
and friendly to the environment while
providing superior customer service.

This simple philosophy has allowed us to establish

a benchmark for performance and customer
satisfaction that no competitor has been able to
The Evolution of C.I.Agent Solutions®

Formed in 1984 with a focus on waste minimization

Created in 2000 to provide a focus on the

management of hydrocarbons

Became a separate division in 2007 to provide an

organization with a mission to provide
environmentally friendly solutions

Acquired as a new division in 2010 to

provide solutions for water filtration,
diversion and monitoring
Solutions Provided by C.I.Agent Solutions®
• Secondary containment for hydrocarbon spills
• Water filtration systems

• Automated storm water/event diversion systems

• Tank and bilge cleaning and degreasing

• Vapor suppression

• Fire suppression

• Aquatic water testing

• Emergency response systems

Demo of C.I.Agent® Solidifying
Polymer Technology
C.I. Agent® in a nutshell:
As Seen On
 Meets EPA requirements and listed on EPA’s National
Contingency Plan
 Works instantly upon contact with hydrocarbons (oil, fuel, sheen)
 Can be used on land and water
 Remains buoyant
 Will not leach and passes TCLP and Paint Filter test
 The solidified result is non-toxic and can be reused in various
industrial applications (for example in asphalt) or burned as fuel
 C.I.Agent is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-hazardous
product backed by a $2 million pollution and $2 million
product liability insurance policy
Deepwater Horizon, Gulf of Mexico
May 2010 - Over 4
miles of C.I.Agent
Solutions®’ gabion
baskets were used
on the North Shore
of Dauphin Island
creating the world’s
longest oil-water
C.I.Agent® has been used in over 8,500
applications and facilities
AEP Duke Energy National Grid
Alabama Power Dynegy NOVAC
Allegheny Power E. ON USAEP Nova Scotia Power
Alliant Eagle River Electric OPPD
AltaLink, Canada Enmax, Canada Ottertail Electric
AmpOhio Excel Energy Pennsylvania Power & Light
Arizona Public Power First Energy PEPCO
ATC Georgia Power Philadelphia Water Co.
Austin Electric Georgia Transmission Progress Energy
Baltimore Gas & Electric Golden Valley Coop Rappahannock Electric
BC Hydro, British Columbia Grand Valley Rural Electric Rough River Basin Project
Bureau of Reclamation Hoosier Energy Sam Houston
Chugach Coop IMEA Southern Companies
City of Colorado Springs ITC Tennessee Valley Authority
City of Denton Jet Propulsion Laboratory Veterans Admin. Hospitals
City of Indianapolis KAMO WE Energies
City of San Antonio Kansas City Power & Light WEPA
Commonwealth Edison Kansas Electric Power Co-Op WESTAR
Corp of Engineers Knoxville Utility Board Western Power, Australia
Detroit Edison Kodiak Electric Wolverine Power
Dominion Virginia Lower Colorado River Authority

Just a partial listing of clients who have used

C.I.Agent Solutions®’ products.
Secondary Containment
C.I.Agent Solutions® is the global leader in
Polymer Technology for Secondary Containment.

Over 8,500 installations.

SPCC Secondary Containment and
Diversion Solutions

C.I.Agent® is
ideal for new
or retrofitting
and other
Traditional SPCC Secondary Containment
and Diversion Solutions
Earthen Berm Wall Corrugated Wall
Is it backed by a $2M
dollar environmental
insurance policy?

Composite Walls Concrete Wall

How is water discharged?
• Engineered Plumbing System
• Manual release
• Pumps
• Evaporation
Cross Section of
C.I.Agent® Barrier Boom
The front of the Barrier Boom C.I.Agent Agent-X makes up the
is a black geo-textile made back wall. Agent-X is made of
from a patented blend of two layers of geo-textile with
recycled synthetic materials. C.I.Agent ® Oil Solidifying
It is both hydrophobic and Polymers laminated between the
oleophilic. layers. The gray geo-textile
material wicks the oil
throughout its fibers and has a
C.I.Agent® Oil
tremendous load capability.
Solidifying Polymers fill
the center between the A unique quilting pattern keeps
black geo-textile and the C.I.Agent ® Polymers
Agent-X. from shifting.
C.I.Agent® Barrier Boom
Provides shut off protection
in the event of a spill or leak

• Easy to install
• Equipment is kept fully energized
during installation
• Typically reduces containment
costs by 50-80%
Secondary Containment without the
Secondary Maintenance
All exceed 40 CFR 112 SPCC requirements
C.I.Agent ® C.I.Agent®
Barrier Boom Polyvinyl System
Barrier Boom
with Liner with Barrier Boom
Staked upright in trench and clean
rock build up on both sides of Boom
C.I.Agent® Barrier Boom
Simple dike installation

“We were impressed with the product because it is a relatively low-cost

alternative to other products. C.I.Agent was estimated to provide a 50-75%
cost savings over equivalent solid concrete containment. We have been
very pleased with the product and the supplier.”
Jude Beyerle, Group Leader, Substation Engineering, E.On U.S.
A typical C.I.Agent® Barrier Boom
install may look like this
Benefits of the Polyvinyl
Containment System
• Polyvinyl Systems are a bury and forget application
• The Polyvinyl System meets requirements of SPCC
40CFR112.7 and U.S.D.A.
• Bulletin 1724E-302, Chapter 3-3.2.2 and 3.2.3

• The Polyvinyl System is custom built to your specifications

• The Polyvinyl System is pre-fabricated at the factory in
Louisville, KY and must pass rigid quality control standards
• Polyvinyl System has fitted corners
• Barrier Boom side walls allow water to flow through

Water will drain but Hydrocarbons will not

A typical C.I.Agent® Polyvinyl
Containment System may look like this
Polyvinyl Systems - Before and After

Click to see Polyvinyl &

Barrier Boom
Containment System
installation manual

Click to see T&D World

Article regarding secondary
containment needs in the
ITC grid network
Polyvinyl Systems - Installation is simple
 Lay panels in place

 Fit around obstacles

 Seam joints

 Stand upright

 Fill with clean rock

Link to installation
picture folder
Spills on Land
Wind Tower
Secondary Containment
For Wind Farms
By using proven technology from
C.I.Agent Solutions®, you will protect:

 The environment

 Your equipment

 The property

 Your bottom line

C.I.Agent® Hydrocarbon Flow Filter
Provides shut off protection in the event of a leak

The C.I.Agent® HFF uses

the C.I.Agent ® Solidifying
Polymer technology to
allow water to flow
through as it removes and
captures hydrocarbons.
C.I.Agent® Hydrocarbon Flow Filters

Custom made for site specific applications.

Benefits of the
C.I.Agent® Hydrocarbon Flow Filter
• Vertical or Horizontal mount
• Removes sheen
• Gasoline
• Diesel
• Oils
Vertical Installation
• Will not drip or leach out
• Can be disposed of in most landfills
• eliminating fees associated with
disposal of waste
C.I.Agent® Hydrocarbon Flow Filter
• Storm drains
• Electrical substations
• Secondary containment vaults
• Retention pond out-flows
• Storm water run-off
• Oil-water separator out-falls
• Contaminated cooling tower
• Bulk storage tank farms rain
water out-falls
C.I.Agent® ECO Pump
An automatic sump pump for chronic water intrusion

• Ensures compliance with discharge

• Same proven Barrier Boom and
HFF technology
• Saves crew time from frequent
manual dewatering
• Allows safe, unattended discharges

• Keeps equipment in vaults in

working order
• Robust pump and switch tested to
millions of cycles
Vault Pumping with ECO Pump
C.I.Agent® ECO Pump
Recent Installations
C.I.Agent® Automated
Stormwater/Event Diversion System
Our Solution…
An electro-mechanical system to automatically
channel, direct or pump, liquid from one path to
another based on a variety of potential inputs.


STORMDiverter STORMController
C.I.Agent® Automated
Stormwater/Event Diversion System
Current solutions include partial or full covering of the site.
Diversion System Examples
• Uncovered truck/equipment wash pad
• Truck loading dock
• Sanitation truck parking lots
• Fire stations
• Rain harvesting
• Airports
• Beaches (Shower area)
• Wineries
• Z00s/Amusement Parks

What comes with the System?
 Control Panel
• The heart of the system
• Pre-configured
• Pre-tested
 Event Device
• Trigger that signals the diversion
• Pre-configured
• Pre-wired
• Pre-tested
 Diverter Device
• Full Port Ball valve
• Pre-configured
• Pre-wired
• Pre-tested
 Full System
How can I divert?

• Rain switch

• Flow switch

• Level switch

• Photoelectric eye switch

• ESD Emergency Shut Down switch

• Oil or water switch

Examples of Diverse Applications
• San Diego Zoo
• Disney World
• Universal Studios trash can area
• Gallo Winery crush pad area
• San Diego Airport tarmac trash collection area
• Miramar Marine Air Station wash pad
• Fort Campbell boat wash area
• Purdue University golf cart wash area
• UCLA Fleet management yard
• Dr. Pepper tanker delivery dock
• Waste Management truck parking lot
• UPS Puente Gorda truck wash area
• Vernon Meats yard drainage area
C.I.Agent® Automated Event
Diversion System
An electro-mechanical system to automatically channel, direct or pump
liquid from one path to another based on a variety of potential inputs

 Keep Contaminates out of

 Keep Stormwater out of
Sanitary Sewer
 Emergency containment of a
spilled liquid
 Recharging ground water

 Augment landscape watering

EPA CFR 40 Part II Industrial Sites - does not allow storm

water to flow unchecked to the sanitary sewer
Unique Challenges Require Unique Solutions
Temporary secondary containment for storage tank in Afghanistan

Vapor vent filter at power plant

Soak well filters for power plant in Australia

Water Filtration Solutions
Water Filtration Solutions
Prevent petroleum contaminated waters from entering the
waters of the United States pursuant to Federal Statues 33CFR
Parts 155-157, CWA Section 311 and 40CFR 110.3.

• C.I.Agent® Scupper Filters

Patent pending

• C.I.Agent® EVAC Filter

• C.I.Agent® Bilge Bags

• Curb Screens
C.I.Agent® EVAC Filtration System

An Evacuation Filter
System for Vaults,
Manholes, Structures,
Bilges, Tanks, Oil-Water
Separators and more

The EVAC Filtration System filters

hydrocarbons and suspended
solids as fine as rust
The C.I.Agent® EVAC Filtration System
Single or Multi-Use

EPA discharging contaminated water Multiple EVACs connected to a

collected from a gas line leak manifold
The Complete C.I.Agent® BMP
EVAC Filtration System

C.I.Agent® Granules or
Dissolvable Packs to
remove hydrocarbons prior
to processing water

The Pump-It Tube Silt Sack for

C.I.Agent® EVAC Filtration System removing gross sediment
for processing light sheen from
water and fine sediments
How the C.I.Agent®
EVAC Filtration System Works
Vault water is pumped
through the EVAC
Filtration System. The
water passes through
the four layer system
where hydrocarbons
and fine sediments
are captured. Clean,
filtered water is
released through the
skin of the filter bag
and flows into the
storm drain

*Ask for Southern California EVAC Training Video

What makes the EVAC
Filtration System Unique?
• Consistent Fabrics – MARV (Min Avg Roll Value*) 97.7%
• Serging/locking stitching keeps filter bag from blowing out
in high flows
• Inner Layer Separation fills each layer before starting onto
the next layer
• Extended filter fitting keeps the inside of the filter open to
evenly distribute the flow, sediment, and hydrocarbon loads
• C.I.Agent® Hydrocarbon Solidifier Pillow Oil Test Paper
• EVAC Filtration System is reusable
Storm•Water Solutions Curb Screens

Storm•Water Solutions Curb Screens

• Interior model for permanent

“Inside Flush with Curb Line

• Standard 4 or 6” heights
creates overflow protection
in most storm drains.

• Custom height sizes available

• Made from post-consumer

recycled plastic
Erosion Control Products
EZ-Inlet Guard – Above Grate
Keeps dirt, sand, sediment, trash and
debris out of drains
• Above or below grate models
• Quick and EZ installation
• 192 gal/ft2/min. to flow through drains
• EZ maintenance and Reusable; clean by shaking
off or spraying out sediment
• Available in several sizes for street drains and
combination drains. Custom sizes also available
Supplied by
Erosion Control Products
EZ-Inlet Guard – Under Grate
Installs easily into the frame of catch
• Installs easily into the frame of catch basins
• The patented frame fits multiple frames
• High flow material allows 192 gal/min/ft²
• Reusable; clean by spraying out sediment
• Separate back dam for curb installations
Supplied by
Erosion Control Products
Clip Guard
Protects concrete storm drain
openings as well as metal frames
with curb openings from silt and
• Installs easily; just clip into place
• Constructed of a high flow material that allows 192
• A debris model is also offered that is constructed of
mesh material which offers high flow rates but only
catches debris and trash
Supplied by
• Reusable; clean by spraying out sediment
• The Clip Guard is available in all standard sizes and
custom sizes are accepted

On the drawing board is a Clip Guard Hydrocarbon

model that will capture and solidifying hydrocarbons
Erosion Control Products
EZ Concrete Washout System
Manageable and cost effective way to
manage concrete washouts.
• Removes excess water during washout operations
on job site
• No more digging large pits or using straw bales
• Reduces caustic slurry pH and releases clean water
on site thus eliminating the need to haul away
• 42”x42”x14” Washout Stand fits on a pallet
• Constructed of 8 oz. geotextile and a monofilament

Supplied by
Erosion Control Products
Pump-It Tube
Versatile and lightweight dewatering
system that removes 92% sediment.
• Inexpensive to use
• No need to put on a slope or on a bed of hay or
• Pump can run at full speed
• Can be operated by one person
• Includes inside strap for Bio-Star floc pouches
• Available in custom sizes
• Reusable – easy to clean
• Can be disposed of in landfills or by incineration

Supplied by
Emergency Response Systems
Complete Spill Response and Retrieval
Systems for Land and Water w/ C.I.Agent®
Different solutions for different needs

• Booms
• Pillows
• Pads
• Loose granules
• Dissolvable film packs

The technology of C.I.Agent® not only

helps to clean up a spill but more
importantly can contain a spill and
completely remove sheen
Complete Spill Response and Retrieval
Systems for Land and Water w/ C.I.Agent®
Complete Spill Response and Retrieval
Systems for Land and Water w/ C.I.Agent®
Contain the spill and eliminate the urgency

• C.I.Agent® is listed on EPA NCP Product Schedule

• All C.I.Agent® products will solidify sheen,

gasoline, diesel, and oils including crude

• No special tools required for recovery

• C.I.Agent® products will not drip

or leach out
Encapsulating Technology
• Rapid vapor mitigation in confined
• Reduces flash point by neutralizing
and suppressing flammability of vapors
• Non-combustible, Non-flammable,
Non-toxic, Non-corrosive, and
Non- hazardous
• 100% Biodegradable
Lower LEL and VOC levels reduce the duration of
cleaning projects and provides safer and cheaper
transportation of waste
Encapsulating Technology with
• Above or below ground storage tank Above Ground Tanks

degreasing, decontamination and

• Over-the-Road tank degassing,
decontamination and cleaning Underground Tanks

• 100% Biodegradable
• Fuel spill clean-ups

Lower LEL and VOC levels reduce the duration of

Over-the-Road Tanks
cleaning projects and provides safer and cheaper
transportation of waste
Complete Spill Response and Retrieval
Systems for Land and Water w/ C.I.Agent®

Ohio River spill Power plant cooling tower

Complete Spill Response and Retrieval
Systems for Land and Water w/C.I.Agent®

Broken pipe at McAlpine Dam Storage tank leak at US Sugar

Complete Spill Response and Retrieval
Systems for Land and Water w/C.I.Agent®

Enbridge Oil Spill – 2010

Complete Spill Response and Retrieval
Systems for Land and Water w/C.I.Agent®

Diesel Fuel removed from creek Kentucky River shoreline clean up

Complete Spill Response and Retrieval
Systems for Land and Water w/C.I.Agent®
4 tons of C.I.Agent® Granules used off coast of Sweden Sept. 2011

Deployed with water cannons Collected with brush skimmers

C.I.Agent® Storm•Water Solutions
Water Monitoring
C.I.Agent® Storm•Water Solutions
Water Monitoring
C.L.A.M. - Continuous Low-Level Aquatic Monitoring

A Continuous Time
Patent Pending

Integrated Submersible
Extraction Sampler
Uses US EPA methodology to
sequester Pesticides, Herbicides,
PAHs, TPH and other trace organics
from water
What Makes the C.L.A.M. Unique?
• Micro pumps deliver continuous low flow
rates to draw 10-100 liters through media
in 24-48 hours
• Lowers detection limits 10-100 times
that of 1 liter grab sample
• Calibrations yield accurate total volumes
through media for Quantitative results
• Water drawn through media before - Small 8.5”x2.5” diameter footprint
any contact with tubing or pump – no - Runs on 4 AA lithium batteries
loss of analytes - Weighs just over 1 pound

• No water volumes or coolers to ship

Media and Detection Limits

Uses same approved media used in labs everyday

• SPE (Solid Phase Extraction) disks
are used in EPA method 3535A for
the extraction of trace organics
• Reporting Limits of the lab are
determined by the amount of
sample volume

Quite simply, if an EPA method was run on a 1

liter sample with a given detection limit, the
C.L.A.M. can provide up to 100 liters of sample
lowering the detection limit 100 fold.
C.I.Agent Solutions®
products are backed
by $2 million dollar
Product Liability and
Pollution Insurance

No other company
offers this protection
Tom Downs
Environmental Consultant
C.I.Agent Solutions®

C.I.Agent Solutions®
11760 Commonwealth Drive
Louisville, KY 40299
Polyvinyl Systems
Before and After
Polyvinyl Systems
Installation is simple
Agent-Q (Our newest filtration media)
A non-woven composite fabric structure embedded with C.I.Agent® Solidifying
Polymers in a quilted diamond pattern to encapsulate and solidify hydrocarbons on
contact without absorbing water.

 Averages 350 grams/m2 of C.I.Agent®
 One layer of Agent-Q flows 400
 Average grab strength of a nominal 60 lbs.
ASTM D5034 testing

 Burst strength of a nominal 70 psi

ASTM D3786 testing
 C.I.Agent® is effective in temperatures Patent Pending

ranging from -30° F to +130° F

The versatile, lightweight fabric allows C.I.Agent® to be more effective in the distribution
process while allowing less C.I.Agent product to be used to accomplish the same clean up.

• High hydrocarbon binding and filtration capability
• Creates minimal flow restriction allowing high water flow rates
• Not dependent on water pressure
• Multiple layers can be used to provide the desired balance
between water flow rate and hydrocarbon filtration efficiency
• Floats on water even when completely solidified
• Solidifies all organic hydrocarbons
• Environmentally friendly
New products utilizing Agent-Q for hydrocarbon removal

 Scupper filters
 Pleaded filters
 Increase the efficiency of emergency spill response
 booms, pillows, and blankets
 Stormwater drainage systems
 Secondary containment products
 Drip pads