BY: Arun Kumar K M Rajeev Swarup Ghosh .

‡By the time population level reaches two million mark a Metro network is in place.METRO PLANNING ± WORLD FACTS ‡All developed countries start planning for a Metro when the population of the city nears one million marks. .

1 km)  Phase 2North Extension.Byappanahalli to Whitefield  Phase 3Swastik to Yeshwantpur ` Phase 4K R Market to R V Rd .Mysore Rd to Bangalore University South Extension.9 km) East-West.Yeshwantpur to R V Road (14.Mysore to Byappanahalli (18.RV Rd to J P Nagar West Extension.Yeshwantpur to Peenya East Extension.` Phase 1North-South.

` ` ` ` Technical feasibility Marketing feasibility Socio-Economic feasibility Financial feasibility .

bottom current collector system Stainless steel carbody 3 phase AC asynchronous motors with variable voltage and variable frequency. third rail. Microprocessor controlled.`  Metro Train Important Features 3 cars train sets (DMC-TC-DMC) : Capacity 1000 passengers. 750 v.c.d.   .

` ` ` Wide gangway between cars to allow free movement of passengers. . Smooth finish interior panels (graffitis resistant) Non-slip and Non-skid floor structure.


Out of the 33 km. Metro rail best fit for Bangalore. long. will cover a total of 33 km. will be underground near City Railway Station. consisting of two corridors of double line electrified.76 km.. Prospective consumers. The first phase of Bangalore Metro.10 km.` ` Critical needs of Market and Commuters Major commuters need for Metro. Demographic and Geographical Locations The project is based on Standard Gauge. The East-West corridor will be 18. ` . 6.

Scomi has the best technology which it will deliver at the best possible price. . Competition will drive prices and the public will get better value for whatever they invest in.` ` ` ` ` ` ` The competitors in this project is BMTC. India has always been a country of entrepreneurs and there will always be competition which is good. Private bus corporation is also being effected . Bus manufacturers. Local auto rickshaws also affected. whose market is going to hamper by the introduction of BMRC. There is transparency and openness in the bidding process. local BMTC and VOLVO services are major threat.

Because of proper planning in of METRO. ` . Air-Conditioned coaches Fast and comfortable journey Automatic doors with obstruction detection The unique feature of Bangalore Metro is its integration with other modes of public transport. enabling the commuters conveniently inter-change from one mode to another.` ` ` ` ` ` Safe and Reliable Low-Fares to commuters than other transport Advertisements on trains. eg: Sprite adds on doors of trains.

.Private properties are utilized.Public inconvenience to travel during construction period.Economical . . .Safer .Quick .` ` Social Cost: .Comfortable .Demand for Autos and taxi¶s reduces Social benefits: .No Air pollution as the system run electric power .Reduction in the vehicular traffic .Power shutdown will increase as system runs on electric power.

50 (25%) 3.40 (30%) 1223. Sub-total (1+2) 2039.90 (55%) 4. Senior Term debt 3671.10 (45%) Grand Total 8158.8158 crores .Total project outlay: .40 (30%) 4486.70 (15%) 2039.` Capital Budgeting .80 (10%) 1223. Subordinate debt 815.70 (15%) 1223.50 (25%) 2447.70 (15%) 2.Financed in the following way: - Particulars 1.00 (100%) . Equity Gol GoK Total 2447.

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