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Henry’s Freedom Box

by Ellen Levine

Created by Kelli Stouffer

Hello! Today you are going to get the chance to take a deeper
look into the life of one very brave slave, Henry Brown. In
America today, most of us take our freedom for granted.
Unfortunately, things have not always been the way they are
today. Through reading Henry’s Freedom Box and
completing a series of activities, hopefully you will have a
greater appreciation for your freedom. Click to the next slide
to begin!
Overview Of Your Tasks
Read the story & answer some guided reading questions
Research Henry Brown & complete a graphic organizer
Write 2 Journal Entries
Plan Your Own Escape Route
With a partner, write an obituary for Henry Brown

Be prepared to turn your work into the teacher.

When you have completed this Webquest you
will have:
1.) Expressed your opinion about slavery and
2.) Acquired new knowledge about Henry
Brown through reading Henry’s Freedom Box
and research.
3.) Acquired knowledge about journal writing
and obituaries.
4.) Designed and drew your own escape
Task #1
Read the story to yourself.
As you are reading, try to put yourself in Henry’s shoes. How
does the story make you feel?
Click here and print out the following guided reading questions.
Next, answer the questions on the worksheet. At the end of this
Webquest, you will turn all of your assignments into your
Task #2
Using the following As you are researching,
websites, conduct research print out the following
on Henry Brown. graphic organizer. Fill it
out with the information
that you are learning from
your research.

Click here for the graphic

Task #3

Go to and read

about journal writing.
Write a journal entry as if you were Henry Brown. You
can write as if it were any time in his life. For example,
you could write about being a slave, his journey to the
North, or about his life in freedom.
Your journal entry should be one full page. If you are typing it, it
should be one page, double-spaced, and 14 pt. font.
Turn this into you teacher once you have completed this Webquest
Task #4

Now you are to write another journal entry from your own
 You can write about your opinion of Henry Brown, slavery,
freedom, The Civil War, or something else that you have strong
feelings for that pertain to the book.
 As you are writing, try to remember that a journal entry is how you
honestly feel. Don’t worry about what others will think.
Your journal entry should be one full page. If you are typing it, it
should be one page, double-spaced, and 14 pt. font.
Turn this into you teacher once you have completed this Webquest.
Task #5 Plan an Escape Route
You are to pretend that you are a slave in the South and are looking for a way to
reach freedom. Plan an escape route for yourself. You should write a paragraph
about your escape route and draw a picture of it. The following needs to be
 A starting and ending point.
 An exact route
 Some form of transportation
 The length of time it will take you.
 Any known obstacles that you may encounter.
 Your teacher will have a poster board, markers, and rulers on a table in the
classroom that you should use to create this. You are to write your paragraph
about the escape route anywhere on the poster board using a marker. Use the
markers and rulers to draw your escape route on the poster board. You should
use the entire poster board for this assignment.
You can make it as creative as you want. Remember that you are a slave, and you
are desperate for freedom.
Culminating Activity
For your final activity, you need to work with your partner that has
been assigned to you. (Your teacher has the paper that has the all of
the partners).
Together, you are to write an obituary of Henry Brown. If you are
unfamiliar with what an obituary is click on the link below to find out
more information.
Use Henry’s Freedom Box, your research, and your opinions about
slavery and Henry Brown to write one obituary together.
The obituary should be at least a couple paragraphs. It can be typed
and printed, or handwritten. You only need to turn in one per group.
Make sure that both of your names are on it. It will be graded based
on accuracy, completion, mechanics, and neatness.
You have finished this WebQuest. Be sure to look at the grading rubric on
the next slide. Once you have checked all of your work, hand it into the

You need to turn in the following to the teacher:

- Guided Reading Questions worksheet
- Research graphic organizer
- Two journal entries
- Escape Route
- Obituary (only need to turn in 1 per group)
Assignment Exemplary Proficient Developing
Guided Reading Questions All of the questions are All of the questions are Not all of the questions are
answered and are in answered. Little time has answered. There are more
complete sentences. Little to been given to write without than 4 grammar and
no error exist. Easy to read errors. The writing is not spelling errors. It is hard to
very easy to read. read.

Research Questions All of the questions are Only a couple answers are More than three answers are
answered and they are incorrect. incorrect or not answered.

Journals Both journals are 1 page, Both journals are complete. One or both of the journals are
double spaced and 14 pt. font, They stay on topic for the incomplete. They stray away
or are 1 page handwritten. most part. A few grammar and from the main topic and/or
They stay on topic and little spelling errors exist. more than 5 grammar/spelling
grammar and spelling errors errors exist.
Escape Route All of the components are One of the components is More than one of the
present. It is neat. The missing. It is somewhat neat. components is missing. It is
description is a paragraph and The description has a couple not neat. The description has
is on the poster board. Little grammar/spelling errors. more than 4 grammar/spelling
grammar errors exist. errors.

Culminating Activity The obituary is at least 2 The obituary is at least 2 The obituary is less than 2
paragraphs. It describes paragraphs. It stays on paragraphs. It strays away
Henry Brown’s life. Little to topic. A couple from the topic. More than 4
no grammar/spelling errors grammar/spelling errors grammar/spelling errors
exist. exist. exist.