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MUFY Mathematics

for In-class Assessments
Preparing for Assessment

It is your responsibility to be prepared for in-class


This may require independent revision of your own notes OR

study of assessments specific materials and resources.

It is up to you to ensure you have all requisite material.

Prior to the Assessment Day
Students should inform the teachers if they expect to be late
for the assessment.

Keep in mind that you will NOT receive additional time to

complete the assessment due to lateness.

If you have questions, consider attending a Maths Help

session available at the college.

On the Day of Assessment
Having entered the room, students should not talk.

All bags and books should be placed at the back/front of the

room, as per teacher instructions.

Mobile phones must be switched off and placed into your

bags. Failure to do so could result in you failing the task.

If you are late…
Stand outside the room and make yourself visible.

Wait for the teacher to call you in.

On entering the room, quietly start your assessment task

using the time remaining.

Stay back at the end of the assessments if you wish to speak

with your teacher.

If you are absent for an assessment…

If you do not sit assessment due to illness or misadventure,

you may be eligible to apply for Consideration of
You will need to collect and complete an Application for
Consideration of Disadvantage form from the Student
Administration at your earliest convenience (as soon as
your are back at school).
To be considered, your application must be accompanied by
relevant documentation explaining your absence.

If you are absent for an assessment…

Your teacher will arrange for you to sit the assessment on the
first day upon your return to school.

However, your assessment result would be counted only if

your absence s approved.

You and your teacher will be informed via email by the Head
of Studies as to whether your appeal is granted.

Assessment Equipment
You should have:
– A blue or black pen for writing (as well as spare).
– Approved graphics calculators with the memory cleared
are required.
– If desired, one scientific calculator is also permitted.
– Ruler, pencil and eraser

Not permitted:
– Laptops, mobile phones and other electronic devices
– Handwritten notes
– Dictionaries

Please note, that you are not allowed to borrow equipment

from other students during the assessment task.