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Reading : table
Group of Number of age
age Men Women
0-4 10.120.400 10.766.200
5-9 11.289.800 11.790.800
10-14 10.438.300 10.998.200
15-19 9.367.700 9.552.500
20-24 8.468.100 7.661.900
25-29 8.152.000 7.388.800
30-34 6.617.800 6.573.200
Group of age Number of age
Men Women
35-39 5.436.400 5.816.100
40-44 4.038.300 3.962.000
45-49 3.886.500 3.737.300
50-54 3.397.800 2.344.000
55-59 2.568.700 2.270.800
60-64 2.318.600 365.600
65-69 1.495.800 957.000
70-74 1.103.000 890.200
75+ 1.150.700 890.200
Not answered 4.900 2.800
Indonesia 89.375.700 89.872.100
1. What is the number of men
between thirty-five and thirty-

a. 5.436.400 b. 5.816.100
c. 6.573.200 d. 7.388.800
2. Based on the table above ,
the number of women is …men
a. more than b. less than
c. as many as d. the same
3. Which of the following statements is
true about the population of Indonesia.

a. All the women in Indonesia is younger

than the men
b. The table above describes the number of
the old generation
c. The table tells us about the composition
of Indonesian population
d. There are more men between five and
nine than women for the same group of age.
No Contingent Gold Silver Bronze

1 Russia 26 16 23
2 China 21 16 12
3 Japan 18 18 20
4 Ukraine 18 16 18
5 US 17 12 14
6 Korea 11 14 9
7 Turkey 10 11 6
8 Indonesia 1 1 1
1. Who is the champion of
the Univerziade 2005?
a. Russia b. China
c. Japan d. Ukraine
2. What countries got the same
number of silver medals?
a. Russia, China, Turkey
b. Japan, Ukraine, Korea
c. Korea, Japan, China
d. Russia, China, Ukraine
3. What country got the most
bronze medals?

a. Ukraine b. Japan
c. China d. Russia
Look at the table below!

No Name Going to library

Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri Sat

1 Ayu V V V

2 Anita V V V V V V

3 Esti V V V V
4 Yani V
5 Sendy V V
6 Nanan V V V V V V
1. How often does Sendy go to
the library during the week?

a. once in a week
b. twice in a week
c. three times in a week
d. four times in a week
2. From the table above we
know that Yani …. goes to the
a. Always b. usually
c. Seldom d. often
3. How many persons always go to the
library from Monday to Saturday?
a. One b. two
c. Three d. four

Quantifier : Kata penunjuk jumlah.

NO Quantifier Senten meaning Coun Uncoun
ce table table
1 A lot of + Banyak V V
2 Plenty + Banyak V V
3 A great amount + Banyak - V
4 A great number of + Banyak V -
5 Many - Banyak V -
6 much - Banyak - V
7 Some + Beberapa V V
NO Quantifier Sentence meaning Coun Uncounta
table ble

8 Any -? Beberapa V V
9 several + Beberapa V -
10 A little + idea Sedikit - V
11 A few +idea Sedikit V -
12 Little -idea Sedikit - V
13 few -idea sedikit V -
1. A: Wow, your house looks beautiful!
B: Yes. It cost me … money to
finish this house.

a. Several b. much
c. a lot of d. many
2. A: I heard you want to sell this car?
B: Yes, that’s right. This car is
expensive to run. It uses …
a. Much b. a lot of
c. Little d. few
3. A: What time the trains leave?
B : at 9.30
A: We still have … time. Let’s
have a cup of coffee at the
a. Several b. little
c. Few d. many
4.A: It’s very different to talk with
B: Yes. She is very quiet person.
She doesn’t say …
a. Many b. much
c. a lot of d. few
5.A: Please tell me about your vacation.
B: It’s great. The scenery is very
wonderful. Unfortunately we can’t
take … pictures because my
camera was broken.

a. many b. much
c. a lot of d. few
6. A: Are there still a lot of people in
the room?
B: No. It’s almost empty. It is only
… people there.
a. little b. few
c. a lot of d. plenty of
7. The traditional house in front of his house
is so expensive. It means that the owner
must spend …money to built it.
a. some
b. a lot of
c. any
d. little
Language function;
>Ucapan terima Kasih

•Thank you
•That’s very kind of you
•Thank you a very much
•Many thanks for …
•Thanks a million for …
•I am very grateful to you for …
•I do appreciate for …
•Thank you very much for …
•Not at all
•It’s a pleasure
•My pleasure
•That’s all right
•I was glad to do it
•Delighted I was able to help
1. Nena : You must be in a hurry! I
will give you a ride.
Ari : … for the lift
a. you must give me
b. Can you give me?
c. What a nice man you are
d. Thank you very much
2. Shopkeeper : I am sorry Madam,
but I think it’s your
wallet. You
left it on my table.
Woman : Oh … reminding me.

a. You have my deepest sympathy

b. I am certain that you will…
c. I am really grateful to you for …
d. You don’t have to …
3. Secretary : here is the paper you
are looking for, sir!
Boss : Thank you very much
Secretary : …

a. of course b. you are welcome

c. let’s forget it d. poor you
4. A: Here is the book which I
borrowed yesterday
…….. It is really good story.
B: I am happy you like it.
a.I am very grateful for lending me
the book.
b.Bring it back to you
c.I am sorry to hear that
d.I hope it is okay
6. Ani: It is going to rain. Use my
umbrella so you won’t be wet.
Lisa: …………….
Ani: don’t mention it

a. I hope you are ok

b. Don’t say that
c. You don’t mind
d. Thanks a million
7. Sita : May I go to the cinema with
Andy, Dad?
Father : OK. But don’t be too late
Sita : oh……

a. Many thanks for giving me permission

b. What amazing moment it is
c. Do you think so
d. I’m certain about