Shang Civilization

Chinese Civilization developed along the Huang Ho river
As long ago as 4500 BC, Chinese farmers were growing millet. A thousand years later, soybeans were cultivated and pigs were raised for food and farmwork.

By 3500 BC, Chinese women were raising silkworms, steaming the unraveled cocoons into fine silk threads, and weaving silk cloth.

Shang Dynasty
The first Chinese dynasty Shang kings were also high priests Priests interpreted spirits¶ answers on bones and shells, and guided everyday life

Oracle bone inquiry as to whether it will rain today

Replica of ancient Chinese script on an oracle turtle shell

Picture of a bronze tiger

Bronze casting and pottery advanced in Shang culture. Bronze was commonly used for art rather than weapons.

Shang tomb excavated

Shang tombs, thousands of which have been excavated, provide rich evidence of Shang material culture and ritual practices. Important finds in Fu Hao¶s tomb:  468 bronze objects with 130 weapons, 23 bells, 27 knives, 4 mirrors, 4 tigers/tiger heads 755 jade objects, 63 stone objects  5 ivory objects, 11 pottery objects  6900 pieces of cowry shells

Shang Dynasty Bronze Axe

It was used in hand-to hand combat and handwas also a ritual object, symbolizing power and military authority.

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