registered corporation headquartered in Tucheng. Taiwan. Foxconn is the largest manufactures of electronics and computer components worldwide. and mainly manufactures on contract to other companies. .INTRODUCTION The Foxconn Technology Group is a multinational business group. a Taiwanese (ROC) .

Foxconn established additional manufacturing plants in the United Kingdom and the United States. Foxconn purchased development centre in the United States and Japan. Hungary. Brazil. Mexico. India and Vietnam. Beginning in 1994. In 1997 and 1998. with more than 330. a factory in Shenzhen that is now the company¶s largest. .000 employees. the company and its subsidiaries owned plants in the Czech Republic.COMPANY BACKGROUND ‡ The company opened its first manufacturing plant in China in 1988. As of 2007.

Global distribution of Foxconn .

about operating abusive of their employment practices. they use military style with the line standing on attention for long period. Foxconn Company authorizes it¶s workers to work extra 80 hours. .PROBLEM In the year June 2006. while labor law only permits 36 hours. And also pay equal wages to all employees in the company irrespective of worker working over time or normal time. Apple inspection team witnessed that some of the employees were working more hours than Apple¶s acceptable µcode of conduct¶ limit of 60 hours. an allegation was raised towards the company µFoxconn¶. over time per month. 25% of the time workers did not get at least one day off each week.

polices. or organizational structure of an individual company taken as a whole. while labor permits 36 hours per month Ethical or Unethical? ‡ TYPE OF ISSUE Corporate issue: this is a question raised about a particular company. practices.‡ ISSUE Did the action taken by the company µFoxconn¶ to allow its employees to work extra 80 hours over time per month. . These include he question about the morality of the activities.

CONT. the company¶s revenue will increase ‡ The company will be well known for their production strategy and effective production of their goods and services. the action taken by the company µFoxconn¶ is Unethical. . Conclusion: since the cost is more than the benefit. BENEFITS ‡ There is going to be an increase in organization productivity ‡ When productivity increases.

e. since the labor law permits 36 hours for employees to work per month. ‡ There is the act of illegality by the company.UTILITARIALISM COST ‡ There is the sign of employee exploitation. employees are been used in a bad way. . i. ‡ Extra time are been added to the employees work. ‡ Will cause a tough condition put the employees at risk on term of health physically and Psychologically. ‡ It will cause unemployment because. the worker would want to resign and find another job in another company.

Conclusion: Unethical ‡ POSITIVE: it is the company¶s responsibility to take care of the employees. psychologically and physical health by giving them rest so. and 41) stated that an employee in a company is allowed to work 36 hours per month in a company.RIGHT ‡ LEGAL: According to the Chinese labour law. chapter 4. which their employees suffer from. article (36. 38. the action taken by Foxconn of forcing it¶s employees to work extra 80 hours over time per month . But Foxconn Company added extra time on the normal time that was been stated by the labour law.

had brought about a bad effect on the workers mentally and physical health.CONT. Conclusion: Unethical . which in some occasion lead them to commit suicide.

There will be the increase in fixed factors i. Since there is the increase in productivity and good recommendation to the Company. lands and also buildings and other . there will be increase in Employee incentives and conducive environment.branches for the Company. Conclusion: The benefit was distributed evenly. Ethical .JUSTICE ‡ DISTRIBUTIVE: The parties that are involved in these issue COMPANY AND EMPLOYEE (i). (ii). while there will be the promotion of Employees and employment opportunity.e.

when they are been stressed up to an extent. This kind of act can also be said to be an Institutional Intentional. a deliberate discrimination by the company.THEORIES ‡ JOB DESCRIMINATION: There was the wrongful act of the company. . Conclusion: Unethical ‡ CONDITION OF EMPLOYMENT: The condition of the worker was going to be a bad one and unhealthy. The company pays equal wages to employees working normal time and the one¶s working extra time. allowing the employees to work extra hours than their normal time which brought about harmful or negative impact on the interest of the employees by costing them more.

CONT. Conclusion: Ethical . Conclusion: Unethical ‡ ETHICS OF CARE: Emphasizing the concrete caring you have towards your subordinate or those near us. when they put much effort in their various working position. The company has the responsibility to take care of its employees and satisfy them with conducive environment.

Because the modern life and the independence of many level in the country population are depending on the company to develop their life's to live with prosperity but with out loosing their dignity and rights to live as human beings.CONCLUSION The importance of the organizational social role in the country to develop the society on term of social welfare and social mental any psychological health . .

com ‡ www.chinaintolaw.Reference ‡ http://en.

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