Written by the sociologist and futurologist Alvin Toffler in 1980 Sequel to the Future Shock2, published in 1970, Second in a trilogy that was completed with Power shift

community produced most of its own necessities A simple division of labor prevailed and a few clearly defined castes and classes: a nobility. and family structure The economy was decentralized . a priesthood . warriors . . slaves. life. Extent of spread:µit has virtually subsidedµ Land was the basis of economy.Š Š Š Š Š It was dominant until around 1650-1750.

and placed it in a tall tower for visibility) permitted the coordination of activities to a degree not possible before. the quest for farm implements led to new developments in metallurgy. Secondly.Š Š Š Accurate clocks (usually each town could afford one. notably iron and . the printing press permitted large-scale. Literacy became a new skill. accurate duplication and transmission of information across space and time . Thirdly.

distribution .Š Š Š It brought with it a redefinition of god. love . justice . of natural selection µ social Darwinism µ It is based on mass production . entertainment and weapons of mass destruction . 2 deep intertwined beliefs : nature is an object waiting to be exploited.power . they are the pinnacles of a long process of evolution . and beauty. human are not merely in charge of nature.

concentration. its unique hidden design became visible. Growing naturally out of the divorce of production and consumption .µ ´Every civilization has a hidden code--a set of rules or principles that run through all its activities.. these principles affected every aspect of life from sex and sports to work and war . As industrialism pushed across the planet. It consisted of a set of interrelated principles that programmed the behaviour of millions. maximization wind up with a style of organization we call bureaucracy.. and synchronization .Š Š Š Š Introduction of standardization. centralization.

It is based on muscle and not in mind Manufacturing era gave birth to information age It deals with where are the funds and products used or being applied These tools amplified our senses and memories . Ex: Tata sky plus . rather our strengths.Š Š Š Š Š Š It is post ² industrial society which is thundering the globe.CD. .ROMs to store accumulated knowledge.

oceanic ecology space sciences etc Space industries The gene industry De²massification of the media A new social memory .Š Š Š Š Š New technology : give rise to dynamic new industries with quantum electronics . information theory .

de-centralization and consumerism Talks about the change Just like the third wave . strive for new .Š Š Š Š The key concepts of Third Wave are demassification. we also need to bring change in the way we do business Don·t follow the past.



Reporting on Agribusiness in the 21st Century .

21st century capitalism needs a revolution. .

Innovating Our Way to the Next Industrial Revolution Š Š Š Š .

Š Š Find video by Sunil Mittal Article from Nandan Nilakani book : Imaging in India .

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