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The Real Story Behind the Russia Collusion Narrative

From the research of Q, Dr. Jerome Corsi, Charles Ortel and other patriots

Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of

Alphabet, resignation announced on
12/21/17, after Trump signs Executive
Order on confiscating assets of
international human rights abusers –
implements capital seizure for offenders
of Magnitsky Act earlier that day.

Eric Schmidt and Google play a major

role in Hillary Clinton’s 2016 election
computer technology, with Eric Schmidt
asking to be Hillary’s “main outside
Fusion GPS launched a campaign to repeal
Magnitsky Act.

Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson met

with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya in a
Manhattan federal courtroom hours before
she met with Donald J. Trump Jr. in Trump
Tower on June 9, 2016.

Simpson and Fusion GPS were hired by

BakerHostetler, which represented Russian
firm Prevezon through Veselnitskaya.
Russian lawyer and whistleblower
Sergei Magnitsky did the research
that led U.S. authorities to sanction
Prevezon Holdings from doing
business in the USA for its alleged
role in laundering more than $230
million, according to records
obtained from the U.S. Court of
Appeals for the Second Circuit.

Eric Schmidt and Perkins Coie

attorney Marc Elias were two of 10
members of a DNC Task Force
appointed by DNC Chair Debbie
Wasserman Schultz to conduct a
post-mortem of the 2014 mid-term
elections. The Clinton campaign
and the DNC laundered payments
to Fusion GPS through Perkins

DNC and Podesta emails stolen, The Fusion

GPS Dossier – setting up the two FAKE
intel docs used by Clinton
coconspirators to create “Russian
Collusion” narrative. The goal was to get
FISA court approval to conduct electronic
surveillance on Donald Trump and his top
campaign officials

At the center of both the Clinton campaign

computer technology and the funding of
Clinton’s campaign was Eric Schmidt, The
Clinton campaign made 37 payments to
Perkins Coie during the campaign, totaling
$5.6 million; the DNC made 345 payments
to Perkins Coie, totaling $6.7 million, mostly
for “legal services.”
The Clinton campaign [SR]>
used CrowdStrike and
Fusion GPS to develop Seth Rich was a Bernie
the Russia Collusion Sanders loyalist upset at
narrative in an attempt Debbie Wasserman
to blame Trump for the Schultz and Hillary
breach of DNC Clinton for rigging
computers that led to primaries. Seth Rich
the WikiLeaks drip-drip worked in IT at DNC.
publication of emails Seth Rich had access to
involving DNC officials download and steal
and Clinton campaign emails from DNC, using
chair John Podesta in nothing more
closing weeks of 2016 complicated than a USB
election. removable thumb drive.
Studies of the DNC hack
[DNC] metadata undertaken by
former NSA experts
Key DNC emails, establish evidence the
including a cache of theft of DNC and
John Podesta emails, Podesta emails was not
resided on DNC hard- a hack, but a leak, an
drives vulnerable to inside job, undertaken
disgruntled DNC by someone with access
employees with IT to the DNC IT system
[WL]> CLAS: 1 -12>

WikiLeaks. Seth Rich delivers USB Clapper organizes classified intel agency co -
device to WikiLeaks. conspirator operatives in range of USA intel agencies #1
through #12 as witnessed by DNI Clapper’s “Background
HUSSEIN> to ‘Assessing Russia Collusion in U.S. Elections.”

Barack Hussein Obama, Co - In producing the background assessment, Clapper relied

Conspirator in Chief on CrowdStrike FAKE intel in an attempt to claim there
was a consensus among U.S. intelligence agencies to
DNI DIR> conclude Russia interfered in the 2016 U.S. presidential
Director of National Intelligence
James Clapper – headed intel
operation responsible for creating
FAKE intel as the basis for
systematic leaking to MSM of
Russian collusion narrative to
destroy Trump.


CIA Director John Brennan – the CIA

“handler” of Barry Soetoro, aka
Soebarka h, aka Barack Hussein
Clapper needed the CrowdStrike CROWDSTRIKE>
documents in his attempt to
legitimate the otherwise “no CrowdStrike, the cybersecurity firm called in by the
evidence” Russia collusion narrative. DNC to evaluate breach of DNC computers.
The 12 classified intel agency co - CrowdStrike creates a fake report concluding DNC
conspirator operatives went beyond computers were hacked by Russia, Fancy Bear
DNI and CIA to include House and and Cozy Bear – WikiLeaks subsequently releases
Senate Democratic Party operatives intel that CIA have developed cyber-attack
in Congress including Nancy Pelosi hacking tools that leave behind metadata
and Chuck Schumer, as well as suggesting Russia was the culprit.
ranking members of House and
Senate Intel and Judiciary


Google. Eric Schmidt advising

Clinton campaign on computer
technology assists CrowdStrike in
developing the narrative blaming
Trump for WikiLeaks publication of
DNC and Podesta emails (damaging
to HRC because of content that
reveals HRC as NWO hack politician
that no one likes).
Google Capital closed $100 million
financing for CrowdStrike, July 13,

The conspiracy moved away from

relying on the CrowdStrike analysis
after WikiLeaks published Vault 7 on
March 7, 2017, demonstrating that the
CIA had developed hacking tools
capable of making a CIA cyberattack
appear as if the Russians were the


DNC re-enters to prevent future leaks

and to eliminate possibility Seth Rich
might talk.

(SR 187)(MS 12 (2) 187)>

187 = Murdered. Seth Rich murdered

by Two MS13 Hispanic gang
members who were subsequently
murdered to tie up loose ends by
silencing them permanently.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz ordered the

hit on Seth Rich.


FBI and DOJ Assist DNC by forcing

Washington Police Department to
suppress investigative information on
Seth Rich murder that would point to
MS-13 hit job.


Reference to Peter Strzok instant

message with Lisa Page, referencing
Lisa Page suggestion in Andrew
McCabe’s FBI office that CrowdStrike
and Fusion GPS Dossier were the
evidence of Trump “Russia Collusion”
that could be used now not to block
Trump’s campaign but as “insurance,” to
impeach Trump should he win the 2016
presidential election.
/_\> HRC>

After McCabe communicates Hillary Rodham Clinton, the candidate coconspirator,

the Lisa Page “insurance” idea and the anticipated “winner” regardless how the
to Loretta Lynch, the HRC conspiracy played out – either in a Clinton win or in a
conspiracy develops as a successful effort to block Trump from the presidency.
pyramid structure, with Obama
at the top calling the shots LL>
needed to use the Fusion GPS
Dossier to get FISA court- Loretta Lynch, DOJ co-conspirator.
ordered approval to conduct
electronic surveillance on
Donald Trump and principals in
Trump campaign. Other two
legs of pyramid connect to the
Clinton campaign through John
Podesta and to the intel
community via Clapper and


Barack Hussein Obama takes

over as head of the pyramid

James Comey, FBI co-conspirator. British Intel willingly joined the DNC also pays for Fusion
conspiracy in an effort to keep GPS Dossier, laundering
AM> Donald Trump, a strong and vocal money payments through
supporter of Brexit, from the Perkins Coie, just as Hillary’s
Andrew McCabe, FBI co-conspirator. White House. Christopher Steele, campaign did.
British Intel who ran the Russia
PS> Desk for MI6 in London in 2006, Be aware also that Perkins
was recruited by Fusion GPS to Coie is the law firm
Peter Strzok, FBI co-conspirator. author the fake Dossier against representing GOOGLE
Trump. before the Federal Trade
(SUPPORT: CS, NP, AS, CLAS-1, Commission (FTC).
CLAS-6)> Perkins Coie partnered with
Hillary Clinton Campaign pays for Google to develop Get Out
Co-conspirators get support in Fusion GPS Dossier, laundering the Vote Technology. This
Congress from Charles Schumer, money payments through Perkins constituted an important Eric
Nancy Pelosi, and Adam Schiff. Co- Coie. Recall that Perkins Coie is Schmidt link to both the
conspirators focus on reliable agencies the law firm that handled Obama Clinton campaign and to the
capable of handling classified birth certificate forgery, as well as Clinton campaign IT
information. Recruited into conspiracy the law firm representing Hillary technology.
are CLAS-1 DNI, CLAS-2 CIA, CLAS-3 Clinton’s 2016 presidential
DOJ, CLAS-4 FBI, CLAS-5 Ranking campaign).
Member Senate Intel, CLAS-6 Ranking
Member Senate Judiciary.
CLAS: 1-4 PAY>

Four entities involved in paying Perkins Coie –

CLAS 1-4 = DNC, Podesta at Clinton Campaign,


Christopher Steele, head of Orbis Business

Intelligence in London, England, paid by Fusion
GPS to compile fake dossier attacking Trump.


John Podesta takes over management of

Christopher Steele to advance Russian collusion
narrative. Podesta orchestrates
contact between Andrew McCabe and Peter
Strzok at FBI with Christopher Steele. Nellie Ohr
(wife of FBI Bruce Ohr) recruited to communicate
in Russian with sources Steele develops to plant
fake intel against Trump. Bruce Ohr met with
Christopher Steele during the campaign, and
Glenn Simpson, cofounder of Fusion GPS, after
the election.

Eric Holder advances Russian collusion narrative

by “relaying” Steele info as developing to Barack
Obama in White House.

CLAS: 1-9>

Obama narrows classified intel operatives

involved in the conspiracy. Congressional intel
sources are separated from top intel operatives
in DNI, CIA, DOJ, and FBI. Group of 12 narrows
to a group of 9.


Sen. John McCain delivers Fusion GPS Dossier

to FBI – McCain tries to hide his role serving as
go-between to deliver Fusion GPS Steele from
UK to FBI, later McCain also hides role he played
trying to peddle Fusion GPS Dossier to
mainstream media (who were initially not buying
an opposition research piece that could not be
corroborated– at least not buying until Buzz Feed
published the document)

Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Lynch briefs Obama about Fusion GPS Dossier.
Schumer who sits on Senate
Judiciary Committee [FISA 2]

US SEN-CLAS-2> In October 2016, FBI and DOJ use Fusion GPS Dossier
as the evidence to get FISA court-ordered approval on
Sen Mark Warner, ranking the second try, authorized to begin electronic
member, House Intel Committee – surveillance of Trump campaign officials (FISA court
positioned to fend off GOP efforts turned down first try by Obama DOJ)
at a Congressional inquiry.


Sen John McCain takes Fusion

GPS Dossier to FBI Director
James Comey.


Comey takes Fusion GPS Dossier

to Loretta Lynch.

Obama mentions to the Buzz Feed publishes Fusion GPS

mainstream media the evidence Dossier on Jan. 10, 2017.
Trump in collusion with Russia.
Obama makes a statement on PUBLIC NARRATIVE
Russia collusion Dec. 9, 2016,
and Dec. 16, 2016 – telegraphs MSM and Clinton loyalists develop
alleged Russian intervention in narrative that Trump is colluding with
U.S. presidential election. Russia to win election


McCain begins shopping Fusion

GPS Dossier to press.


Obama administration work with

CLAS 1-9 intel operatives and
McCain to make concerted effort
to shop Fusion GPS to
mainstream media
PUBLIC NARRATIVE ETC> Trump had nothing to do with
WikiLeaks publication of
MSM and Clinton loyalists DNC/Podesta emails.
develop narrative that Trump That’s the story – Obama and
is colluding with Russia to win Hillary developed a plan to place Seth Rich downloaded
election Trump campaign DNC/Podesta emails and got
under electronic surveillance them to Julian Assange. Debbie
STAGE SET FUTURE and/or to impeach Trump if he Wasserman Schultz (on behalf
PREVENT/REMOVAL OP. won. All based on CrowdStrike of Hillary Clinton) ordered MS-13
and Fusion GPS Dossier fake Hispanic gang members to
Stage is set to impeach intel. Hillary’s campaign & DNC murder Seth Rich to prevent
Trump now that conspiracy paid Perkins Coie to pay for further theft of emails, and to set
has achieved public Fusion GPS lying Dossier to be the stage for blaming Russians
dissemination of Fusion GPS written as opposition research – and Trump.
Dossier and MSM promoting no corroborating documentation.
Russia collusion narrative,
the stage is set for an At the center of the entire plan
operation to remove Trump was Eric Schmidt, the Google
from the presidency, if he top official who both helped
wins the election. finance Clinton’s 2016
presidential campaign and was
RAMIF: US INTEL LEGAL key to the development of her