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I would like to see Himalaya as a trusted brand in every household,symbolizing global leadership in herbal health care « - Meeraj Manal
Chairman, Himalaya Drug Company,2002

becomes one of the highest selling drugs. 1934 .world s first anti hypertensive drug. 1950 .Launches LIV-52. Roshan M Captain joins HDC as R & D Head. 1955 .HDC launches SERPENIA .Group s founder M Manal visits Burma. highly impressed to see the soothing effects of a herb . .HDC 1930 .Establishes HDC as a partnership concern.Brief History . 1930 .Rauwolfia Serpentina on restless elephants.. a hepatoprotective medicine.Dr.

1980 Established strongly in the area of Research Ayurveda Decides to enter personal care segment. Directs HDC s attention to allopathic medical practitioners. Develops an experimental herb firm. but due to some findings puts plan on hold. 1995 Company s R & D center shifted to Bangalore..1960 Karstein. Introduces popular drugs like Bonnisan. 1975 Establishes modern manufacturing facility at Bangalore. . Company increases its product portfolio .Geriforte.later becomes it s headquarters.first of it s kind. a German pharmaceutical consultant joins.

Animal health products. Pure herbs.1996 US Food and Drug Administration permits herbal products.Texas. Opens offices in Houston .HDC seizes oppurtunity and launches a range of personal care products in the market under name Himalaya . Personal care products. 2002 HDC offers products in four segments :medicinal supplements. . 1998 Company launches its animal health product range for commercial livestock. 1999 Launches personal care products under the name Ayurvedic Concepts .

Weigh the chances of HDC flourishing in the market after the entry of players like HLL and specialists like Shahnaz Hussain ? .Evaluate the company s Dadima advertising campaign? .Comment on the HDC s strategy of branding the ayurveda and diversified product portfolio? .Questions to be discussed .

Comment on the HDC s strategy of branding the Ayurveda and a diversified product portfolio? .Q:.

THE CHALLENGE FOR HDC According to the marketing research conducted by HDC. the two major tasks for HDC in India were  to establish an image for itself and  promote the message that Ayurveda was as modern and vibrant a science as any other. . which was revered but not accepted as being reliable for treating ailments. most consumers perceived Ayurveda as an age-old branch of medicine. Thus.

So the concept of Dadima emerged.APPROACH OF THE COMPANY A three-pronged strategy was adopted by HDC It tried to create a perception that products under the Ayurvedic Concepts range addressed the complete body.  The brand was promoted with a tagline. `Get on with your life  The product's positioning had to be conveyed strongly by a protagonist. .

 Due to this the company was able to open its stores..THE RESULTS .  The strategy used by HDC responded very well  The advertisement campaign proved to be a great success as because the company was able to link the product directly with the customers. .  The campaign became a great success and and the name AYURVEDA became a household name.

250 mn in 2000 and Rs. 400 mn in 2001. Ayurvedic Concepts was able to garner business worth Rs. Rs. product development and marketing efforts. 150 mn in 1999. .And finally  Due to its strong R&D.

 Medical practitioners as well as consumers were reportedly unaware about Himalaya being the mother brand of Ayurvedic Concepts. So the brand name was changed to HIMALAYA .BUT  Immense popularity of Ayurvedic Concepts' as a brand was posing a threat to the company's identity.

60. oral and health care products and company decided to focus on shampoos and skin care products. skin. . classified under the `Fast Moving Health Goods' (FMHG) category.  The portfolio comprised a range of 12 pure herbs. with therapeutic claims sold as over-the-counter (OTC) products in packs of 60 capsules each and priced between Rs. HDC launched a new product portfolio under the `Pure Herbs' brand. as `soft health' products. 49 and Rs. BUT  In April 2001. HDC decided to consolidate its existing portfolio which included 39 products under hair.The case of diversified portfolio Rather than introducing new products.

pure herbs and animal health products. 2. HDC was offering products in four segments medicinal supplements. personal care products. the company's revenues amounted to Rs. 3 bn by 2002 and to Rs.  Company sources expected revenues to reach Rs.5 bn and its operations were spread over 55 countries around the world . .  In the financial year 2000-01.ALSO  By 2002. 5 bn by 2004.

So according to our group  The decision of diversified portfolio proved to be beneficial for the company.  Also HDC was facing competition from companies like HLL. SHAHNAZ HUSSAIN. .. So a diversified portfolio was a complete necessity. AYUR. DABUR. P&G. And this proved to be successful .  As the company had to change its brand name from AYURVEDA TO HIMALAYA introduction of new products under the new name was necessary.

Evaluate the company s Dadima advertising campaign? .Q:.

. -HDC required a campaign which would be able to destroy the commonly accepted notion of Ayurveda as something developed by sadhus. .most consumers perceived Ayurveda as an age-old branch of medicine. According to marketing research conducted by HDC.Our Answer ..which was revered but not accepted as being reliable for treating ailments.Promote the message that Ayurveda was as modern and vibrant a science as any other. Two major tasks for HDC :.Establish an image for itself.

Indians. .In 1999. .HDC launches an advertising campaign for its range of personal care products branded Ayurvedic Concepts. good looking models watched in amusement an old Grandmotherly lady promoting the brand.Plan of Action . young .The Television Commercials for the brand featured an unusual brand ambassador. who were used to advertisements featuring celebrities. .

.In our constitution. Executive vice president.trusted & resepected figureµ Soumitro Banerji. ..It was decided that the protagonist would be Dadima( played by model Ava Mukherjee). . Consumer products .. loved . . she was aware of the latest trends & happenings.Dadima the brand ambassador broke the stereotype image associated with grandmothers.Unlike the typical grandmothers.Continued . .the Grandmother is still a very warm.HDC .

she conveyed her knowledge of age old health tips and HDC s products in fluent English.Continued .Moreover . .Thus. . successful in presenting a contemporary image of Ayurveda.