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Bill of Duties of an Engineer to the Clients

• Duty to refrain • Duty to act with • Duty to guard • Duty to refrain from
from fairness and against conditions having pecuniary
“moonlighting” justice. that are dangerous to interest in the bids.
• Engineers shall act • The engineer life, limb or property.
should conduct • It is unprofessional for
in professional himself before • If not his an engineer to have
matters for each his client, responsibility, the financial interest in
employer/client as employer or engineer will the bids as a
faithful agents or contractor with promptly call such contractor on
trustees, and shall candor and conditions to the
competitive work for
avoid conflicts of fairness attention of those
who are responsible which he is employed
interests as an engineer.
Implied Code of Ethics for Clients

Select Should pay Accept the Accept the

engineers on adequate and consulting responsibility for
the basis of equitable fees engineer as a the
merit in to the professional consequences to
accordance consulting adviser be expected
with accepted engineer for from variations
practices his/her services of ideas made
Implied Code of Ethics for Clients

Promptly Give credit to Respect the

provide the consulting consulting
consulting engineer for his engineer’s
engineer with engineering position
the information work
and data that
he requires

The client should request any
information that is lacking to
him for complete
understanding of the work, at
any stage of the
implementation of a project.

• When the purpose for which the relationship
was created has already been accomplished
• When both parties voluntarily agree to
terminate contract of employment

When the client discharges

and engineer for want of skill When the engineer dies
and ability or becomes insane When the client dies

Based on the principle that the Except: Except:

client should not be unduly
prejudiced by the technical
deficiency of the engineer Where an engineer is an It is agreed upon in a contract
associate of a partnership of that the purpose for which the
engineers organized as a legal relationship was created has to
The discharge of the engineer entity be accomplished up to its
must not be malicious; must be termination
substantial and just