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Nokia’s Rural

Marketing Strategies

..  Opportunities in rural market in India.  All about the Case.  Whether Nokia Life tool was successful of not.Topics to be covered.  Needs of Farmers.  Analyze the need for customizing according to rural market.  Dynamics of rural market in India.  Nokia Service mantra for rural market with Nokia Life Tools.

Since 2000. companies. the rural market has emerged into a gold mine for MNCs wanting to expand their market share. set in 2008. accounting for nearly 50% of the sales of many product categories like FMCG and consumer durables. how far does the Nokia Life Tools service. the rural consumer market has been growing at twice the rate than the urban market. However. despite the booming opportunities. by customizing its phones according to market needs. an SMS-based service that would provide information on agriculture. attempts to analyse strategies to succeed at the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) through the example of ‘Nokia Life Tools’. However.. The case delves into the factors that make succeeding at the BOP a challenge for marketers. literacy rate and disposable income. a service launched by Nokia to tap the unmet information needs of rural farmers. Due to rising income level. with exception to a few have not succeeded in the rural market. Nokia has been flourishing in rural India. This case. .All about the case. education and entertainment to farmers in return for a monthly subscription fit with the rural needs and challenges? The case delves into the challenges Nokia would face in making its new service successful in rural India.

in next 10 years another 30% targeted.Opportunities in Rural market in India  Infrastructure is improving rapidly.  Social indicators have improved a lot between 1981 to 2008.  Rural telephone density has gone up by 300% in the last 10 yrs.  In 50 years only 40% villages connected by road.  No.000+ population is connected by STD.  Low penetration rates in rural so there are many marketing opportunities. of “Pucca” houses doubled from 22% to 41% and “Kuccha” houses have halved.  Percentage of BPL families declined from 46% to 27%. . every 1.  More then 90% villages electrified. though only 44% rural homes have electric connections.  Rural literacy rate level improved from 36% to 59%.

 Reaching Out to the BOP  The lucrative potential of India’s rural market has lured many companies.  The rural market is growing twice as fast as the urban market. . Which makes rural India the biggest market for any companies who wants to do business in India. more businesses are retooling their marketing strategies to rural untouched market. conventional strategies like print and television ads are not sufficient.Dynamics of Rural market in India  Most of the Indian population i. to reach out to the consumers at the BOP.  However.e.  Rural Indians are giving more importance to value then price.  Reasons: Urban market became saturated.84% are still in rural areas. 68.

ACCEPTABILITY.e. in rural market the companies faces challenges of AVAILABILITY. . Analyze the need for customizing according to rural markets  Unlike 4 P’s in marketing.  ACCEPTABILITY: The third challenge is to gain acceptability for the product and service. 4 A’s.  AWARENESS: The fourth challenge is to aware the mass of the rural population about the company’s product or service. AWARENESS i.  AFFORDABILITY: The second challenge is to ensure affordability of the product or service.  AVAILABILITY: The first challenge is to ensure availability of the product or service. AFFORDABILITY.

exam preparation. quizzes and access to exam results. national and international general knowledge. the Education service will also come with information on higher education and career guidance and tips.  In future. . it will require a collaborative effort between Nokia.  The information is customized to the farmer's location and selection of crops.  Empower  The Education service of Nokia Life Tools aims to give students a decisive advantage by boosting their English language and local. and will be delivered directly to his Nokia mobile phone.  More importantly.Nokia's service mantra for rural markets with Nokia Life Tools  Inform  Nokia Life Tools was developed to help bridge the digital divide in the rural market. our operator partners.  Involve  Nokia Life Tools was developed in collaboration with the target users and the industry. industry participants and information providers across the agriculture and education sectors as we connect the next billion mobile phone subscribers.

Analysis the fit of Nokia Life Tools in rural India .

pdf . Inputs Harvest & -Seeds Trasporation -Fertilizers Needs of a Farmer Market Information Irrigation and Linkage Financing and Risk Insurance of Farmer Knowledge and Extension Storage.tenant.res.

etc.Jawahar Kanjilal. and international general knowledge. .  The students benefited by learning the English language and gaining local.  The farmers could access the latest information on crops. had benefited through this service. in particular. and pesticides.  The rural India only has about 13% penetration so far so the real growth potential lies in the rural belt. fertilizers.  The results of the test phase showed that farmers and students. global head of Emerging Market Services at Nokia Corporation (Nokia). weather.  Nokia Life Tools was developed to help bridge the Digital Divide in the emerging markets. national." .Whether Nokia Life tool was successful or not. in November 2008. market prices of seeds.

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