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3G CDR CS Fast Analyze

2017 –
Classification of Call Drops Based on KPIs
 RNCs collect statistics by type based on different causes of call drops, which facilitates identification of dropped
call types and problem locating.

 The causes of call drops can be divided into radio frequency (RF) causes and non-RF causes. For the practice of
commercial networks, RF causes are the main causes of call drops and the key point of optimization. call drops
resulting from non-RF causes account for a small percentage (less than 5%).

 The following table lists related information about CS call drops.

Call Drop
Counter Trigger Cause
VS.RAB.AbnormRel.CS.RF.SRBReset Signaling transmission failure and SRB RLC reset
Timeout of the timers for the SHO, HHO, and RB RECFG air-
interface processes
RF problems VS.RAB.AbnormRel.CS.RF.ULSync Failure of all radio links of the active set
VS.RAB.AbnormRel.CS.RF - (VS.RAB.AbnormRel.CS.RF.SRBReset
+ VS.RAB.AbnormRel.CS.RF.ULSync Process overlapping and non-support of processes
+ VS.RAB.AbnormRel.CS.RF.ULSync)
VS.RAB.AbnormRel.CS.IuAAL2 AAL2 setup failure due to transmission on the Iu interface
VS.RAB.AbnormRel.CS.OLC Cell overload
Cell unavailability caused by digital signal processing (DSP) faults or
Non-RF VS.RAB.AbnormRel.CS.UTRANgen
packet loss due to high CPU load
VS.RAB.AbnormRel.CS.OM OM forced release (cell blocking)
VS.RAB.AbnormRel.CS.Preempt Release caused by preemption
VS.RAB.AbnormRel.CS-all the preceding counters Abnormal call drops resulting from other causes

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Classification of Call Drops Based on KPIs
 The RNC performs statistics based on channels carrying PS services, which helps identify
call drop types and locate call drop causes.
 According to the channel types, there are two channels: DCH and CCH. For details, see
the following table.
Channel Type of Call
Related Formula

DCH VS.RAB.AbnormRel.PS - VS.RAB.AbnormRel.PS.CCH- VS.RAB.AbnormRel.PS.D2P

CCH VS.RAB.AbnormRel.PS.CCH - VS.RAB.AbnormRel.PS.PCH- VS.RAB.AbnormRel.PS.F2P

 PS call drops on the DCH may be caused by incremental HSPA call drops. Related
counters are as follows: VS.HSDPA.RAB.AbnormRel and VS.HSUPA.RAB.AbnormRel

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Identifying Call Drop Causes Based on CHRs
 You can determine an increase in the call drop rate based on the percentages of various types of call drops,
and perform troubleshooting based on different causes of call drops. For details about the causes of call
drops, see Classification of Call Drop Causes Based on CHRs.

Note: This color indicates

Classification of the causes of CS dropped calls related to
dropped calls based on CHRs composite services.

Dropped calls related to a single service/composite services


Dropped calls resulting from

Dropped calls resulting from

Dropped calls resulting from

Dropped calls resulting from

Related to abnormal

Non-configuration of

timeout of PS waiting for IU

the RB_SET UP process of

Related to NodeBs
Related to the Iub

Related to the Iur

neighboring cells
Related to RANs
Related to the Iu

SRB reset in safe mode

the RB_REL process of

Weak coverage
Radio resource

Related to CNs

Pilot pollution

Large RTWP
Delayed soft

composite services

composite services







Interface class Equipment class Basic RF class Networking



Dropped calls resulting from the

RB_RECFG process

Dropped calls resulting from the

PH_CH_RECFG process
(serving cell change)


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