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Learn the Japanese principles of 5S as it relates to workplace organization -how to apply to one s workplace. Understand and use the tools needed to systemize the workplace -and make it work. 2. 4. Sustain and make it a way of life. Advocate 5S as a means in attaining" Total Customer Satisfaction . 3.Training Objectives 1. .

5S in Three Languages  Japanese Seiri Shitsuke Seiton Seiso Seiketsu  Filipino Suriin Sinupin Simutin ang dumi Siguraduhin ang kalinisan Sariling disiplina  English Sort Systemize Standardize Self-discipline Sweep .

this is the most   Separating things in terms of what is necessary from those that are not. .SEIRI .SORT  Take out unnecessary items. Dispose them important step.

 4.Sort -( SEIRI ) Purpose :  1.  3. . To make the work easy by eliminating obstacles. To eliminate the need to take care of  unnecessary items. To provide no chance of being disturbed by unnecessary items.  2. To prevent misoperation and fault caused by unnecessary items.

Flow of Sorting Process Identify the Workplace to be sorted.  Make a list of all items found within the Workplace  Verify to ensure the list  Classify the needed and not needed  .

responsible Inexpensive disposal .SEIRI No Potential use Immediate Disposal Things not Needed Potentially useful or Valuable Requiring Special disposal Consider Where useful & Move Arrange.

SEITON Systematize  Arranging necessary items in good order for use. Eliminating time wasted in searching for things we need. Functional storage Organizing    .

Creating a spotless work place Removing everything from the work that should not be there   .SEISO SWEEP  Cleaning your workplace and eliminating the root cause.

To keep environment condition as the level  necessary for the products.  3. To keep workplace safe & easy. .  2. To keep machinery & equipment so as to check abnormality & to prevent them from deterioration.Sweep -( SEISO ) Purpose  1.

Are light bulbs dirty?  .SEISO Checkpoints for the workplace 1. Are any part of your equipment dirty with oil and grime?  3. How much dirt and dust can you find when you look around your workplace?  2.

 .SEIKETSU STANDARDIZE Maintaining high standard of housekeeping  It involves the development of a clear system for maintaining cleanliness and orderliness  Standardization can be achieved through visual control system.

codes) to detect abnormalities in the workplace ?  3. Do you use visual control (signs. Does everyone understand the system you have implemented?  .SEIKETSU Checkpoints for the workplace : 1. symbols. Do you have a standard filing system ?  2.

SHITSUKE -SELF DISCIPLINE Doing things spontaneously without being told or ordered   Developing habits you won t forget .

Ways to Reinforce the 5S habit Training Develop visual control Document Checking / audits 5S Team .


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