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Objective of Advertising:
To make preference in the consumer¶s mind for your brand and thereby induce trial and continual usage.

Purpose of Advertising:
Advertising is to sell your brand, it should clearly impress the brand name on the consumer¶s mind and associate it with the single selling idea chosen as the platform of the theme . theme.


It should be motivated solely by fundamental consumer needs, attitudes and interests . interests. Good advertising should be based on a single selling idea to maximize impact on the consumer. consumer. The idea selected should be unique and distinctive to the brand . brand. Advertising should be phrased in the consumer¶s language and be credible and comprehensible in the appeal that it makes. makes .




Factors which are essential for the application:
Creative talents of a high order. The proper briefing of the creative team on the right appeals to address to consumer¶s for the purpose of selling your brand. Experience is not sufficient by itself to guide the creative team. Disciplined procedures supported by research in all aspects affecting consumer choice and motivation.

Brand marketing strategy:
The Market The Target Customer Competition Marketing Objectives
a) b) c) d) e) f) g)

the target share, the period of achievement, the target consumer, distribution policy, market research plans product development policy The budget for all aspects of marketing activity in general and advertising in particular, classified by theme and scheme . scheme.

Brand Advertising Strategy

Agency¶s responsibility to prepare an advertising strategy based upon the objectives of the marketing strategy developed by company. company. Agency has to provide help in choosing media partner is a part of advertising strategy which can reduce the unnecessary costs . costs.


Brand Advertising Strategy will cover the following important aspects : aspects:
- The selected basic consumer benefit . benefit. - Supporting evidence . evidence. - The desired brand image . image.

The brand marketing strategy and brand advertising strategy should be written documents approved and agreed at the policy level by both the Company and the Agency.

Changes made should be as a result of market experience confirmed by research and agreed at the policy level.

Product Development

The product should fulfill the consumer promise of the advertising. Emotional attachment and relationship. Increase the market share volume.

Marketing Research:
A regular programme of consumer research, product testing and advertising effectiveness measurement to provide a basis of facts for decision-making Research is needed for the following purposes :a) Guide the decisions determining the brand marketing strategy and brand advertising strategy. b) Pre-test proposed advertising. c) Post-test advertising.

The following questions about every advertisement will provide a useful cross-check of its effectiveness :1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Does it promise a basic consumer benefit? Does it offer a convincing ³reason why´? It is unique? Does it clearly identify the brand? Does it interest the consumer? Is it credible and clear?

Good advertising is the responsibility of both the Company and the Agency. Brand Marketing Strategy and Brand Advertising Strategy should be written documents. The relations between the Company and the Agency ought to be based on trust and respect for each other¶s expertise. Frequent contact is necessary at all levels to assist in mutual understanding of each other¶s problems and philosophies.

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