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Promotion Mix of Jamuna Bank Ltd.: A study on Konabari branch

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Organizational Topic
Introductory Actual task
Overview discussion

Question Recommendation Findings Research


Introduction of the Report

 Promotion is the process of marketing communication involving information,

persuasion, and influence.
 It is no longer enough for a business to have great products. Lots of businesses
have those too. Customers need to know about a great product and be persuaded to
Role Tasks Explanation
Differentiate Attribute To make a product or service stand out
Whole product in the category
Reinforce Remind To consolidate and strengthen previous
Reassure messages and experiences
Inform Make aware To make known and advise of
Educate availability and features
Persuade Purchase To encourage further positive
Further enquiry purchase-related behavior
Introduction of the Report cont.

 Promoting their brand will help in many different ways

1. Increasing brand awareness

2. Increasing customer traffic
3. Filling the gap between producers and consumers
4. Facing intense competition
5. Large scales selling
6. Higher standard of living
7. Effective sales support
8. Increased speed of product acceptance

Broad Objective Specific Objectives

 To study various forms of promotion tools
 The purpose of the study is to understand that affect clients and their behavior.
the implication of promotion in context of  To discover if JBL has employed any forms
banking industry, identify and evaluate of promotion that clients
feel strongly.
promotion mix employed by Jamuna Bank
 To discover how JBL has employed their
Ltd. (Konabari branch). promotion mix.
 To measure what effects have these
promotion methods had on clients
 To provide them recommendations
regarding improving the effectiveness of
their promotion mix.

 The research was conducted only within the Konabari branch of the bank.
 Non voluntary attitude of bank’s clients hindered reporting progress.
 Insufficiency of necessary information was another major problem in preparing this
report. Due to security and other corporate obligations declined to provide some
 Load at the work place was also a barrier to prepare this report.
 Due to time limitation, many of the aspects could not be discussed in the present
report. Learning all the functions and preparing as well within just 90 days is really
 Available data also could not be verified.
History of Jamuna Bank ltd.

 Jamuna Bank Limited (JBL) is a Banking Company registered under the

Companies Act, 1994 of Bangladesh with its Head Office currently at
Hadi Mansion, 2, Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh. The Bank
started its operation from 3rd June 2001.
 The Management of the bank constantly focuses on understanding
customers' needs.
 Jamuna Bank believes in development that meets the need of current
generation without having compromised the future generation to meet
their need. The bank remains conscious to using its resources for
generating assets and doing activities that leave a positive and lasting
impact on the environment.
 The bank believes that its efforts combined with the efforts put on by
others will help the country to transit towards a better and sustainable
place for living in the days to come.

 The Bank is committed to satisfy diverse needs of its

customers through an array of products at a competitive
price by using appropriate technology and providing timely
service so that a sustainable growth, reasonable return and
contribution to the development of the country can be
ensured with a motivated and professional workforce.

 To become a leading banking institution and to play a
significant role in the development of the country.

1. To earn and maintain CAMEL Rating 1. To maintain adequate liquidity to meet

'Strong' maturing obligations and commitments.

2. To establish relationship banking and 2. To maintain a healthy growth of

improve service quality through business with desired image.
development of Strategic Marketing 3. To maintain adequate control systems
Plans. and transparency in procedures.
3. To remain one of the best banks in 4. To develop and retain a quality work-
Bangladesh in terms of profitability and force through an effective human
assets quality. Resources Management System.
4. To introduce fully automated systems 5. To ensure optimum utilization of all
through integration of information available resources.
6. To pursue an effective system of
5. To ensure an adequate rate of return on management by ensuring compliance to
investment. ethical norms, transparency and
6. To keep risk position at an acceptable accountability at all levels.
Values Motto

 Customer Focus  The Bank will be a confluence of the

following three interests:
 Integrity
 Quality  Of the Bank: Profit Maximization and
Sustained Growth.
 Teamwork  Of the Customer: Maximum Benefit and
 Respect for the individual Satisfaction.
 Harmony  Of the Society: Maximization of Welfare.
 Fairness
 Courtesy

Respectable Citizenship
Corporate Slogan
 Business Ethics
 Unique Culture
Strategic Priority

1. Delivering customer’ desired products and services to create true customers’


2. Focusing on export of both traditional and nontraditional items and

remittance to ensure a comfortable position of foreign exchange all the time.

3. Doing businesses that have higher risk adjusted return.

4. Focusing on maintenance of assets quality rather than its aggressive


5. Ensuring all modern alternative delivery channels for easy access to their
services by customers.
Strategic Priority cont.

6. Restructuring existing products and introducing new products to meet the demand of
time and the target group.

7. Bringing unbanked people into their delivery channels.

8. Ensuring organizational efficiency by continuous improvement of human capital and

motivation level, dissemination of information and thereby ensuring a sustainable
growth of the organization.

9. Maximizing shareholders’ value at all times alongside ensuring a sustainable growth of

the organization.

10. Pursuing CSR activities for their continued support to future generation, distressed
people and for advancement of underprivileged people of the country.

State Owned Commercial Banks 6

Conventional Commercial Banks 32
Islamic Shariah based Commercial 9
Foreign Commercial Banks 9
Non-Scheduled Banks 6
Non Bank Financial Institutions 35
Specialized Financial Institutions 2
Corporate information

Registered Name Jamuna Bank Limited

Official Logo

Known As JBL
Category Commercial
Type Public Limited Company
Date of Incorporation April 02 2001
Inauguration of First Branch June 03, 2001
Chairman of the JBL Mr. Md. Ismail Hossain Siraji
Number of Branches 112
Banking Operating System Both Conventional & Foreign Exchange
Registered in Stock Exchange DSE & CSE
Corporate information cont.

Fields of Activity Deposits, Corporate Banking, SME

Banking, Merchant Banking and
Remittance Services.
Head Office Chini Shilpa Bhaban, 3, Dilkusha C/A,
Dhaka-1000, Dhaka Bangladesh.
Number of ATM Booth 215
Number of Employees 2443
Customer Corporate and Individual Customers
Board of Directors

SL No Name Designation
1 Mr. Md. Ismail Hossain Siraji Chairman
2 Engr. A. K. M. Mosharraf Hussain Director
3 Engr. Md. Atiqur Rahman Director
4 Mr. Golam Dastagir Gazi, Bir Director
5 Mr. Fazlur Rahman Director
6 Al-Haj Nur Mohammed Director
7 Mr. Md. Tajul Islam Director
8 Mr. Sakhawat, Director
9 Mr. Md. Belal Hossain Director
10 Mr. Md. Mahmudul Hoque Director
Division-wise Branch Konabari Branch

Location Number of Branches Name Konabari Branch

Established 3rd July, 2010

Dhaka 61
Location BSCIS Shilpa Area,
Chittagong 20
Konanari, Gazipur.

Rajshahi 14 Total Employee 16

Manager Muhammad Nurul

Khulna 9
Sylhet 8 Main Competitors Dutch Bangla Bank,
Eastern Bank, City
Bank, Bank Asia.
Porter’s Five Forces

1. Threat of new entrants Bergaining

power of
 New entrants get a developed supplier
Bargaining Threats of
banking industrial environment. power of buyer substitute

 They offer several types of

Threats of new Porter's five Rivalry among
 New entrants motive customers entrants forces existing firms

to take services from them.

Porter’s Five Forces cont.

2. Buyers’ bargaining power

 There are available bank and they also provide
similar service.
 Buyer switching cost is low.
 Buyer can easily move other bank for getting
better service.

3. Suppliers’ bargaining power

 There are clients with large amount of money but
they are few in number.
 Therefore, clients acquire bargaining power as a
Porter’s Five Forces cont.

4. Threat of Substitutes
 Provide financial service among customers.

 Provide financial substitute service by non banking financial organization.

 Substitute services create threat to banking industry.

 Others financial organization use substitute services to attract customers.

5. Degree of rivalry
 Banking industry more competitive in Bangladesh.

 Profit earning level among all banks not equal.

 Same type of service provided by all bank.

Economic Condition

Field Condition Growth from PY

Profit After Tax (PAT) BDT 1,876.36 million 14.24%

Total Asset BDT 1,68,418.30 million 17.89%

Total Import: BDT 87,479.60 million. 24.44%

Total Export: BDT 74,317.50 million. 10.79%

Loans & Advances: BDT 117,099.61 million. 34.21%

Total Deposit: BDT 141,550.96 million. 19.10%

Total Capital: BDT 15,809.24 million --------

Service marketing mix

1. Product
 Deposit Schemes  Hire Purchase

 Remittance and Collection  Personal Loan for Woman

 Import and Export handling and  24-hours Banking: Q-Cash ATM
 Loan Schemes
 Corporate Banking
 Project Finance
 Consumer Credit Scheme
 Investment Banking
 International Banking
 Lease Finance
Service marketing mix cont.

2. Price
Scheme Duration Interest rate
Lakhpati Deposit Scheme 5 years 6.10%
Millionaire Deposit Scheme 5 years 6.10%
Kotipati Deposit Scheme 5 years 6.10%
Double Growth Deposit Scheme 10 years 7.00%
Triple Growth Deposit Scheme 15 years 7.35%
Pension Deposit Scheme 5 years 6.25%
Mudaraba Hajj Savings Scheme 5 years 6.10%
Rural Deposit Scheme 5 years 6.25%
Service marketing mix cont.

3. Place
 Jamuna bank sale their deposit, loan, various saving scheme and other services
to their customer countrywide by opening banking branches at the suitable and
attractive locations. JBL gave a lot of preference to customer’s convenience and
ease of doing banking across the whole country. Therefore they have:

 112 branches across the nation

 215 ATM booths across the country

 Ease of online banking service

Service marketing mix cont.

4. Promotion
External Marketing Communications: Internal Marketing
 Advertising: Only news paper
advertisements, mini-boards inside of  Personal Selling: It is practiced frequently
the ATM Booth. by the bank, they hire agents for specific
 Sales Promotion: Not much effort given services like they have loan agents who go
by the Bank in the area of sales
promotions in terms of loan and deposit across the different part of the city and
contact with different people who need
 Public Relations: Conducted through
newspapers during any new event loans.
like ATM booth inauguration.
 Direct Marketing: This is done mostly
by any officer when needed, but no
specific department is there for direct
marketing activities.
Service marketing mix cont.

5. People Senior Principle

Chairman Principle Officer
 JBL has a total of 2,443
employees across the nations Assistsnt
Board of General Senior
Directors Manager Officer

Managing Deputy
Director General Officer

Deputy General Junior

Managing Manager Officer Sub-staff
Service marketing mix cont.

 6. Process 2. He/she is 3. An account

1. Applicant fillup required to sign in holder of the bank
application form the specimen should intoduce
 JBL use various new and provided by bank signature card the applicant
innovative technologies to
provide standard and superb
6. After depositing 4. The responsible
services to customers. the cash one 5. Issuance of officer examine
cheque book and diposit must be the intruction and
pay in slip book is made in cash application form.
 In case of JBL, when opening issued.
an account the customer
should follow the following
procedure 7. Account is
Service marketing mix cont.

7 . Physical Evidence
 Physical evidence in Jamuna Bank Ltd. refers to
all the tangible, visible touch points (Staff’s
clothing, logo, sign, symbols, location, annual
reports, images, corporate brochures) that clients
will encounter before they get or purchase the
benefits of service from reception area and in the
service territory.
Promotion Mix

 A company’s total promotion mix—also called its marketing communications

mix—consists of the specific blend of advertising, public relations, personal selling,
sales promotion, and direct-marketing tools that the company uses to persuasively
communicate customer value and build customer relationships.

1. Advertising Advertising

2. Sales promotion
Sales Consistent, Personal
3. Personal selling promotion clear, and selling
4. Public relations and brand

5. Direct marketing
Direct Public
marketing relations
Promotion Mix cont.

 Advertising: Any paid form of no personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or
services by an identified sponsor via print media, broadcast media, network media,
electronic media, and display media.

 Sales promotion: A variety of short-term incentives to encourage trial or purchase of a

product or service including consumer promotions, trade promotions, and business and
sales force promotions.

 Personal selling: Personal presentation by the firm’s sales force for the purpose of
making sales and building customer relationships. Face-to-face interaction with one or
more prospective purchasers for the purpose of making presentations, answering
questions, and procuring orders.
Promotion Mix cont.

 Public relations: Building good relations with the company’s various publics by
obtaining favorable publicity, building up a good corporate image, and handling or
heading off unfavorable rumors, stories, and events.

 Direct marketing: Direct connections with carefully targeted individual consumers to

both obtain an immediate response and cultivate lasting customer relationships.
Marketing communication at present time

 First, consumers are changing. In this digital, wireless age, they are better
informed and more communications empowered.

 Second, marketing strategies are changing. As mass markets have fragmented,

marketers are shifting away from mass marketing.

 Finally, the digital age has generated a host of new information and
communication tools.

 Television, magazines, newspapers, and other mass media dominance is


 Companies are doing less broadcasting and more narrowcasting.

Marketing communication at present time cont.

 Some advertising industry experts even predict that the old mass-media
communications model will soon be obsolete. Mass media costs are rising,
audiences are shrinking.

 The new marketing communications model will consist of a shifting mix of both
traditional mass media and a wide array of exciting, new, more-targeted, and more
personalized media.
Promotion Mix in Jamuna Bank Ltd.

1. Advertisement
Deposit Services
i. Monthly Savings Scheme (MSS)
 Jamuna Bank Ltd has introduced Monthly Savings Scheme (MSS) that allows one to
save on a monthly basis and get a handsome return upon maturity. This MSS is
known to DPS in other banks. For MSS, the main target customers are the housewife
and the lower income group people.

Advertisement analysis
 Through the infrequent advertisement on newspaper JBL promote this scheme.
Information is also accessible from their website. They have mini prospectus
describing the scheme which is available at the branch office.

ii. Marriage Deposit Scheme iii. Education Savings Scheme

 Jamuna Bank Limited has introduced  Today's higher education is becoming
Marriage Deposit Scheme, which offers expensive day by day. Considering this
the customers an opportunity to build matter, JBL has introduced 'Education
up their cherished fund by monthly Savings Scheme' which offers one an
deposit of small amount at their opportunity to build up his hard earned
affordable capacity. fund by monthly deposit of small
amount at affordable capacity deposit to
meet the educational expenses.
Advertisement analysis:
 The parents can know about this Advertisement analysis:
scheme from the bank. They can collect
a rate sheet of marriage deposit  Jamuna Bank Limited sometimes
scheme. The employees sometimes go arranges programs in colleges and
personally to the known people and tell universities regarding describing the
them about the facilities of this scheme. policy. The students can be informed
from those programs and from online.
They can save their money by
depositing money.

iv. Millionaire Deposit Scheme V. Kotipati Deposit Scheme

 Jamuna Bank has introduced  In this regard, JBL has introduced
'Millionaire Deposit Scheme' which "Kotipati Deposit Scheme" offering
has flexibility in respect of period and the savings plan. Savers can take
monthly deposit as per one's advantage of this scheme from JBL
affordable capacity for giving a sum and plan for golden future
of Tk l million i.e. Tk l0 (ten) lac at a accordingly.
Advertisement analysis
Advertisement analysis
 The officers sometimes go for
 The customers can know about the marketing and advertise their
scheme from online advertisement. products. In this case, they try to
There is no any billboard, poster, TV convince the people.
advertisement. The people can visit
Jamuna Bank's web site.

Loan Services
Personal Loan for Women Car Loan
 This product is designed especially  This is given to accelerate the
for the working women and transport facility national wide It's
housewives. The loan can be availed interest rate is 16.00% It is paid to
for the purchase of domestic device, equal monthly installment. The
house renovation etc. JBL sales team customers can easily know about this
goes to some villages and they talk loan facility from the online. There is
with the women who are capable to some advertisement against this
earn money. Loan in Newspaper.

House Building Loan Agricultural Loan

 This loan is given for the construction  The interest rate is 12.00-13.00%.
of dwelling house. At a monthly The poor farmers can get this loan
installment, this loan is given at 13% from outside of Dhaka city, wherever
interest rate. JBL advertise this the branches of Jamuna Bank Ltd.
scheme mainly through newspaper. are located. The branch officials try
to motivate to take this loan.
Evaluation of advertisement

Promotion Evaluation Intensity

Print and broadcast ads Yes Limited

Cinema No -
booklets and leaflets Yes Limited
Directories Yes Medium
Billboards Yes Medium
Social Media No -
Sales Promotion

 JBL Women Entrepreneur Cell, SME Banking has arranged a customer

get together to celebrate the Bengali New Year 1423 on April 15, 2016.
 JBL has sponsored Housing & Remittance Fair at Dubai, UAE from March, 2017.
 Jamuna Bank Ltd. has recently signed an agreement with Malaysian Airlines
under the JBL Customer Benefit Program titled JBL Advantage. JBL
Employees and Selective JBL Credit Card holders will enjoy exclusive
priority service from Malaysian Airlines as per the agreement.
 JBL Credit/Debit/Prepaid Cardholders shall be able to get 5% discount on
lunch and 10% discount on dinner bills at Dhaka's leading restaurant Baton
Rouge. A service agreement in this regard was signed recently at JBL Head
 JBL Credit Card holders, upon showing their cards at Raffles Hospital, will
enjoy special discount on some medical & hospital facilities like, outdoor
consultation fee, standard health screening package, published room rates and
 Banglalink and JBL starts join promotion of SME.
Evaluation of Sales Promotion

Promotion Evaluation Intensity

Contests, games, lotteries No -

Premiums and gifts Yes Limited

Fairs and trade shows Yes Limited

Low-interest financing Yes Strong

Event Sponsorship Yes Medium

Personal selling

Sl. No. Deposit (TK) Number of new Cash Prize

1 1,00,000 10 200 tk.
2 2,00,000 12 300 tk.
3 3,00,000 14 350 tk.
4 4,00,000 16 475 tk.
5 5,00,000 18 600 tk.
6 6,00,000 20 750 tk.
7 7,00,000 23 985 tk.
Evaluation of Personal selling

 Prospecting - trying to find new customers

 Communicating - with existing and potential customers about the product range
 Selling - contact with the customer, answering questions and trying to close the sale
 Servicing - providing support and service to the customer in the period up to delivery and also
 Information gathering - obtaining information about the market to feedback into the marketing
planning process
Promotion Evaluation Intensity

Sales presentations Yes Medium

Sales meetings Yes High

Incentive programs Yes Medium

Fairs and trade shows Yes Medium

Public Relations and Publicity

Corporate Social Responsibility

 Jamuna Bank is committed to discharge its duties for the service of
people of the society.
 Jamuna Bank earned mentionable applause in playing important role in the field of
Corporate Social Responsibilities with the object to contributing for the cause of
underprivileged segment of the society and for socio-economic development of the
 The burdensome task of fulfilling commitment to the society is worthily undertaken by
Jamuna Bank Foundation since inception in the year 2007.
 The Bank made provision for Jamuna Bank Foundation at 3.00% on pretax profit of
Jamuna Bank Limited.
 As Jamuna Bank’s non-profit subsidiary, Jamuna Bank Foundation has a unique role
to play, providing leadership and making a difference for CSR in the Country.
Public Relations and Publicity
With a view to extend its services as a part of corporate social responsibilities, Jamuna Bank
Foundation undertook various CSR activities.

1. Launching Anti‐drug movement by arranging seminar, rally, publishing stickers

2. Blood Donation by the employees of the Bank
3. Free Eye Camp program
4. Scholarship among the underprivileged & disabled but meritorious students
5. Established an Anti‐Drug Care Center at Rokeya Sharani, Mirpur, Dhaka
6. World Querat competitors celebrating with awards every years (1st, 2nd and 3rd position)
7. Distribution of Cloth (Shari) for amount of Tk. 30.00 Lac among the poor people at Eid‐ul‐Fitr.
8. Holding seminar on Holy Ramadan and Querat Competition Program among the Offspring’s of
Jamuna Bank’s Executive/Officers
9. Relief for disaster affected people around the country
10. Jamuna Bank Old Home & Old‐aged Rehabilitation Complex (Under Process)
Public Relations and Publicity

1. Distribution of blankets among the cold prone destitute

2. Life Time Financial Assistance to Mr. Binod Bihari Chowdhury (Tk.25000/‐ every month), is a
valiant freedom fighter & fought against British rule and who was a Co‐fighter of Shaheed
Masterda Surja Sen.
3. Financial support to 03 (Three) Family of BDR Carnage for 10 years (Monthly Tk.40,000/‐ each
4. Donation to Prime Minister Wealfare fund for Nimtoli Fire Tragedy
5. Financial support to poor freedom fighters
6. Tree Plantation Program by Jamuna Bank Foundation
7. Temporary Medical Team at Biswa Ijtema, Tongi, Gazipur
8. Financial support to Government & Non‐Government organization.
9. GPA‐5 scholarship among the Offspring’s of Executive/Officers of Jamuna Bank Ltd.
10. Mobile Medical Team
Public Relations and Publicity

On behalf of Jamuna Jamuna Bank

Bank Foundation a Foundation
cheque valuing organized Free
Tk.50.00 lac was Medical Camp and
handed over to the Blanket distribution
honorable Prime
Minister, Sheikh

Scholarship giving Free Eye Camp,

ceremony 2016 to Medical Team of

unprivileged student Jamuna Bank

and Anti-Drug Foundation in

program by JB Sirajgonj.

Public Relations and Publicity

Jamuna Bank Foundation’s Free Medical

Service Centre at Bishwa Ijtema 2016.

JB Foundation organized Art Competition

on the occasion of Victory Day 2016.
Public Relations and Publicity

Annual report Inauguration

Evaluation of Public Relations and Publicity

According to statistics their spending for CSR in last two years is

Sector BDT (in millions) BDT (in millions)

2015 2016
Education 11.75 17.88
Health 13.7 19.55
Sports 6.5 11.45
Disaster/Relief 11.5 15.55
Art & Culture 10.5 14.55
Other 13.06 16.82
Total 67.10 95.80
Evaluation of Public Relations and Publicity

Promotion Evaluation Intensity

Speeches Yes Medium
Seminars Yes Limited
Annual reports Yes Strong
Charitable donations Yes Strong
Publications Yes Limited
Community relations Yes Strong
Company magazine No -
Direct Marketing

 JBL performs direct marketing in limited number that is concerned with

establishing an individual relationship between their offering a product or
service and the final customer.
 Furthermore, the Internet technology also makes it possible to follow
individual customer usage. With the information gathered in an integrated
database it is possible to read the customers’ needs and satisfy them. This
knowledge can be used for different kinds of direct marketing.
 JBL do their direct marketing through:
 E-mail: JBL sends mail to their clients regarding their accounts status
and new offering that they may prefer.
 Magazine inserts: Infrequently JBL appears in some magazine stating
their activities, features, and specialty.
Evaluation of Direct marketing

Direct marketing in service industry is different from manufacturing industry. Activity in

service industry for direct marketing is naturally less than production oriented company.
Therefore, JBL doesn’t have enough scope to perform direct marketing.

Promotion Evaluation Intensity

Catalogs Yes Limited
Mailings Yes Medium
Telemarketing No -
Fax No -
TV shopping No -
Primary learning

 How to behave with client in corporate world

 Time management
 How to behave with colleagues supervisors, manager and with overall organization
 How to manage different client at the same time and everyone is important for the
 To get an idea about how to make a successful career in the banking sector.
Secondary learning

Relationship desk Accounts Department

 Helping clients with their account  Sorting the voucher and attach them
details to giving advice on a financial
investment. with related supplementary.
 A retail relationship officer would  After attaching them next job was to
primarily deal with individual retail balance. Balancing means doing sum
customer and advice them on various
banking and financial products and and ensuring that debit and credit is
services offered by the bank. equal.
 A wholesale relationship officer would
be providing to the corporate clients like
SME’s or large corporation.
 A relationship is required to interact with
customer for most part of his day and
so good communication and
presentation skills are a perquisite for
the job.
Secondary learning

Cash Department Front Desk

 Make entry of checks and deposit  Give them information about an
slip amounts and number in registers account.
 Give the serial number to the check  Help the clients directly
and deposit slip according the  Providing information, helping to fill
register entry number up account opening, MSS opening,
 Checks were entered in debit register FDR opening forms etc
 Deposit slips are entered in credit  register all the books under current
register account and savings account
Secondary learning

Clearing Department

 In clearing department transactions of check from other banks are dealt.

 Movement of check in which it was deposited to the bank on which it was drawn, and
the movement of its face amount in the opposite direction.
 This process normally results in a credit to the account at the bank of deposit, and an
equivalent debit to the account at the bank on which it was drawn.
 Entry those transactions in a register.
 Sum up the amount and check with the automated amount from computer.
Problem Statement Background of the problem

 Competitors offering the same or  Competition increased in the banking

similar products at the same or sector in Bangladesh as a result of
similar rate. Various means of increasing orientation towards this
promotion are employed to attract industry, which makes it imperative
customers. It is more important now for these banks to improve their
that Banks are able to assume what promotion strategies with the
affect promotional activities have on increase of the competition.
consumer purchasing behavior and
how consumers rank promotions
relative to each other. It is necessary
for Banks to stand out from each
other so that they can maximize
Project Timeline
 For preparing the research part it took 1 months of me. During the time I prepared research
design, questionnaire, collected data, and analyze the findings. The project activities have shown
in the following:
 1st week : Research plan development.
 2nd week : Development of hypothesis.
 3rd week : Conduct survey research.
 4th week : Data analysis and Interpretation
Description of Activities Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4

Research plan development

Development of hypothesis

Conduct survey research

Data analysis and

Budget Information

Particular’s Amount (BDT)

Transportation 600
Printing, Photocopy & Binding 500
Cell phone & Internet Bill 300
Others Expenses 250
Total 1650
Research Methodology
 Sample Size
 Population
 A total of 55 Respondents including clients
 The existing customers and bankers of
and bankers were selected from Konabari
Jamuna Bank Limited, Konabari branch.
 Population size
 Sampling Procedure
 Around 1600 clients and officials at
 Probability Sampling
Konabari branch.
 Simple Random Sampling
 Sampling Plan
 Research Instruments
 Sampling Unit
 Questionnaires with Structure question
 Employees and mainly customers of
Jamuna Bank Ltd. at Konabari branch.  Liker Scale Question
 Sampling Frame  Research Approach
 Customers/Clients who have financial  Survey
transaction with Jamuna Bank Ltd. at  Type of Research
Konabari branch.
 Quantitative Research
Data Source

Primary data Secondary Data

 Survey within the branch to collect  Annual Report of Jamuna Bank Ltd.
the data.  Website of the Jamuna Bank Ltd
 Face-to-face conversation with  Text books: Marketing Management,
clients visited the branch. Marketing Principles, Marketing
Communication, Marketing Research etc.
 Practical experience in the different
desk of the branch.  Various Journals regarding Marketing,
Promotion, Consumer behavior, Promotion
 Relevant field study as provided by goods.
the officer concern.  Thesis paper.
 Published documents as well as
unpublished reports.
 Different publication of Bangladesh bank
and Bangladesh economic reviews.
Question scale Analysis of data

X 
Z test = 
Strongly Disagree 1 n

Disagree 2 µ = mean value

Neutral 3 n = sample size

Agree 4 σ = Standard deviation

X = Average
Strongly agree 5
Independent and Dependent variables


Local dish channel

Television advertisement
Social media advertisement Inform more clients about
(Facebook) bank’s services
Newspaper advertisement
Advertisement on Radio
Hypothesis Development

1. HA: Local cable channel is the appropriate media to inform the local people about
the bank’s services.

2. HA: Frequent TV advertisement will help the bank to inform mass audience about
their various services.

3. HA: Facebook will significantly help the bank to inform the clients with latest

4. HA: Newspaper advertisement helps to inform the people bank services in detailed.

5. HA: Radio advertisement can help the bank to inform the target audience about
their services.
Hypothesis Testing

H1 H2 H3 H4 H5

1= Strongly disagree 1 3 2 3 4

2= Disagree 3 4 4 3 5

3= Neither agree nor disagree 8 7 5 8 9

4= Agree 18 20 25 16 17

5= Strongly Agree 25 21 19 25 20

Total 222 217 220 222 209

Average 4.03 3.95 4 4.04 3.8

Standard Deviation 0.98 1.13 1.02 1.14 1.23

Z-test value 7.79 6.23 7.27 6.76 2.29

Hypothesis: 1
HO: Local cable channel is not the appropriate media to inform the local people about the bank’s
HA: Local cable channel is the appropriate media to inform the local people about the bank’s services.

Hypothesis 1
Ho: μ =3 2% 5%

HA: µ > 3 15% Strongly Disagree

n = 55 Disagree
Here X = 4.03 33% Agree
Standard Deviation σ = 0.98 Strongly Agree

Zcal = ( – μ)/ (σ/√n) = 7.79

At 5% level of significance, follows Z distribution Z0.05= 1.645
Since Zcal > Ztab, the null hypothesis is rejected. Therefore, at 5% level of significance, it can be said
that advertisement through local cable channel will help the bank to inform their products to local
Hypothesis: 2
HO: Frequent TV advertisement will help the bank to inform mass audience about their various
HA: Frequent TV advertisement will help the bank to inform mass audience about their various
Hypothesis 2
Ho: μ =3
6% 7%
HA: µ > 3 38% 13% Strongly Disagree

n = 55 Disagree
= 3.95 36%
Standard Deviation σ = 1.13 Strongly Agree
Z cal = ( -µ)/ (σ/√n) = 6.23

At the 5% significant level, the value of Z in Z- distribution table is Z0.05= 1.645

Since z cal > z tab, we reject null hypothesis. Therefore, we can say that more TV advertisement will
draw the attention of people, more clients will be informed about their services.
Hypothesis: 3

HO: Facebook will not significantly help the bank to inform the clients with latest updates.
HA: Facebook will significantly help the bank to inform the clients with latest updates.
Hypothesis 3
Ho: μ =3
4% 7%
HA: µ > 3 9%
35% Strongly Disagree
n = 55 Disagree

Here X = 4 Neutral
Standard Deviation σ = 1.02 Strongly Agree
Zcal = ( – μ)/ (σ/√n) = 7.27

At 5% level of significance, follows Z distribution Z0.05=1.645

Since Zcal > Ztab, the null hypothesis is rejected. Therefore, at 5% level of significance, it can be said
that use of Facebook will update their clients with their new offers, changes, and so on.
Hypothesis: 4
HO: Newspaper advertisement does not help to inform the people bank services in detail.
HA: Newspaper advertisement helps to inform the people bank services in detail.

Ho: μ =3 Hypothesis 4
HA: µ > 3
6% 5%
n = 55 15% Strongly Disagree
Here X = 4.04 Disagree
Standard Deviation σ = 1.14 29%
Zcal = ( – μ)/ (σ/√n) = 6.76 Strongly Agree

At 5% level of significance, follows Z distribution Z0.05=1.645

Since Zcal > Ztab, the null hypothesis is rejected. Therefore, at 5% level of significance, it
can be said that, advertisement on newspaper provides the people with detailed
information about services, process, conditions, etc. Thus it enhances acceptability.
Hypothesis: 5
HO: Radio advertisement can not help the bank to inform the target audience about their services..
HA: Radio advertisement can help the bank to inform the target audience about their services.
Hypothesis 5
Ho: μ =3
HA: µ > 3 7%
37% Strongly Disagree
n = 55 16% Disagree
Here X = 3.8 Neutral
Standard Deviation σ = 1.23
Strongly Agree
Zcal = ( – μ)/ (σ/√n) = 2.29

At 5% level of significance, follows Z distribution Z0.05=1.645

Since Zcal > Ztab, the null hypothesis is rejected. Therefore, at 5% level of significance, we can say
that, for advertisement choosing radio as a media will enable the bank to manage their
advertisement in economic way.
Analysis and Findings

1. In hypothesis 1 titled “Local cable channel is the appropriate media to inform the
local people about the bank’s services” 2% respondents are strongly disagreed, 5%
respondents are disagreed, 15% respondents are neutral, 33% respondents are agreed
and 45% respondents are strongly agreed.

2. In hypothesis 2 titled “Frequent TV advertisement will help the bank to inform mass
audience about their various services” 6% respondents are strongly disagreed, 7%
respondents are disagreed, 13% respondents are neutral, 36% respondents are agreed
and 38% respondents are strongly agreed.

3. In hypothesis 3 titled “Facebook will significantly help the bank to inform the clients
with latest updates” 4% respondents are strongly disagreed, 7% respondents are
disagreed, 9% respondents are neutral, 45% respondents are agreed and 35%
respondents are strongly agreed.
Analysis and Findings cont.

4. In hypothesis 4 titled “Newspaper advertisement helps to inform the people bank

services in detailed” 6% respondents are strongly disagreed, 5% respondents are
disagreed, 15% respondents are neutral, 29% respondents are agreed and 45%
respondents are strongly agreed.

5. In hypothesis 5 titled “Radio advertisement can help the bank to inform the target
audience about their services” 7% respondents are strongly disagreed, 9%
respondents are disagreed, 16% respondents are neutral, 31% respondents are
agreed and 37% respondents are strongly agreed.

1. Successful advertising involves products or services positively known by that section of the public

most likely to purchase them. Therefore, Jamuna Bank should undertake promotional program to

inform and entice target customer. Local cable channel can meet this demand. Therefore, they should

use it as a media to inform their local clients regarding their services.

2. Television has greater sensory appeal than any other media. It allows businesses to target certain

customers by placing ads on certain shows or during specified time slots. It has the facility of Good

mass-marketing coverage; low cost per exposure; combines sight, sound, and motion; appealing to

the senses. Therefore, it is suggestion to JBL as they appear frequently in television.

3. Social Media e.g. Facebook can be a great mediums to reach the customers at very cheap cost and

quickly. It has the facility of Close communication with clients and prospects, low cost; immediacy;

interactive capabilities. JBL should maintain Facebook profile to keep their clients updated.
Recommendation cont.

4. The details of schemes can be advertised better through Print Media. It has the
facility of detailed information about the services, good local market coverage; broad
acceptability; high believability. Therefore, besides TV advertisement JBL should use
newspaper for advertising.

5. Radio advertisement has the facility of good local acceptance; high geographic and
demographic selectivity; low cost. In such condition Jamuna Bank Ltd. should use
this media as well with their other tolls.

 Jamuna Bank Limited is serving the mass market in the country. It adopts some form
of promotional work which appeals to its peculiar nature.
 Jamuna banks use, in a very small percentage, billboards to promote their products
and services.
 Hence the banks promotion strategies must be dynamic and flexible to meet the
dynamic need of the banking customers by properly modifying promotion mix.
 They should introduce other promotional item these are EID card, happy New Year
card and specialty advertising items for instance name or logo printed t- shirts, mugs
and gifts for the entire customers.