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Excellence is not an Act but a Habit

The Aditya Birla Group
- The Aditya Birla Group is a multinational business
house comprising of some of the best-known and most respected companies in India. - Traces its origins back to the tiny village of Pilani in the Rajasthan desert, where Seth Shiv Narayan Birla started cotton trading operations in 1857. - Today, the Group's footprint extends to 18 countries - It has 66 state-of-the-art manufacturing units and sectoral services that span India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Egypt, Canada, Australia and China.

The Aditya Birla Group
- A tradition of growth & excellence for over a hundred years. - Global in vision, rooted in Indian values, the Group is driven by a performance ethic pegged on value creation for its multiple stakeholders.

- It has a market capitalization of US $ 5 billion and revenues in excess of over US $ 6 billion.

- A family of 80,000 employees at offices around the globe.

The remarkable journey
Of The Aditya Birla Group

- Indal wins FICCI Award 2002-2003 for 'Corporate Initiative in Rural Development'. -Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman of the Group, is selected as Business India's Businessman of the year 2003 Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla is selected as µThe Economic Times' Business Leader of the year 2003 - The Group is ranked 16th in India's first ever survey of 'Great places to work in', published in Business World magazine.The Group's joint venture, Birla Sun Life Insurance, is ranked 9th in the same study.

the Group's first carbon black company in China.Liaoning Birla Carbon.Indian Rayon acquires TransWorks. . is incorporated. .Hindalco receives the Asian CSR Award for its "Rural Poverty Alleviation Programme". .The remarkable journey Of The Aditya Birla Group . another strategic step in becoming a globally competitive copper player.The Group acquires the Mount Gordon Copper mines in Australia. The Asian CSR Awards are Asia's premier awards programme on Corporate Social Responsibility. a leading Indian BPO company. .

Birla Copper. Gujarat. & source raw material for its smelter at Dahej. . . Its copper cathodes are approved as 'Grade A' copper brand by LME. as part of a strategic plan to make the company an integrated copper producer. .Indian Rayon formally launches its insulators joint venture with NGK Insulators Ltd. is accorded London Metal Exchange (LME) registration.. a strategic business unit of Hindalco. christening it as "Birla NGK Insulators Private Limited. Japan.Birla Copper acquires the Nifty Copper Mines in Australia.The remarkable journey Of The Aditya Birla Group .

The fertiliser business of Indo Gulf to be demerged into a separate company called Indo Gulf Fertilisers.Grasim divests its Gwalior unit to Melodeon Exports Limited.Indian Rayon acquires Madura Garments and selected overseas brand rights. creating a nonferrous metals powerhouse. taking the Group to the top of the league in the branded apparels sector . . Indo Gulf's copper business to be merged with Hindalco.Landmark corporate restructuring of Hindalco and Indo Gulf. which will manufacture both 'Grasim' and 'Graviera' brands. and consolidates textile operations at a single location in Bhiwani. MP.The remarkable journey Of The Aditya Birla Group . . .

.The Group receives The Economic Times' "Corporate Citizen" of the year award 2002 .The remarkable journey Of The Aditya Birla Group . Subsequently AFL is merged with Indal.Indal acquires a controlling stake in Anapurna Foils Ltd (AFL). . to augment its position in the foil and packaging sectors.Indian Rayon acquires major world rights for international apparel brands Louis Philippe. Allen Solly and Peter England.

The Group forays into e-business through a strategic alliance of its software arm.Indian Rayon acquires a stake in PSI Data Systems. bringing the Group IT services business under one umbrella . . in one of the largest cash transactions in the Indian technology sector.PSI Data Systems acquires Birla Technologies Ltd.The merger of Birla AT&T and Tata Cellular- . Birla Software and Consultancy Services (BCSS). with Lawson Software (USA). .The remarkable journey Of The Aditya Birla Group .

World leader in viscose staple fibre .The Aditya Birla Group ² Fact File .Fastest growing copper company in Asia .World's largest single-location palm oil refinery .Among Asia's largest integrated aluminium producers .The 8th largest cement producer in the world .Fifth largest producer of carbon black .World's third largest producer of insulators .



Sun Life Financial International Strategy  Financial Services Significant Player in Selective Markets Multiple Distribution Product / Service Leadership Partnership / Strategic Alliance     .

Tracing its roots back to 1865. Sun Life Financial and its partners today have operations in key markets worldwide. Hong Kong. Indonesia.Sun Life Financial It is a leading international financial services organization providing a diverse range of wealth accumulation and protection products and services to individuals and corporate customers. including Canada. One of the largest protection and wealth management organizations . China and Bermuda. the United Kingdom. Japan. India. the United States. the Philippines.

New York (NYSE) .Sun Life Financial Synonymous with life insurance in Canada since 1871.4 billion.800 people plus an extensive global distribution network of career sales forces. investment dealers and financial planners. the Sun Life Financial group of companies has total assets under management of CDN $ 355. Sun Life Financial has an employee base of approx. 13. Sun Life Financial Inc. As of September 30. trades on the Toronto (TSX). independent agents. 2004. while MFS created the first US mutual fund in 1924.

Sun Life Financial Excellent ratings: Standard & Poor¶s AA+(Financial Strength) A. Best A++ (Financial Strength) Moody¶s Aa21 (Financial Strength) Duff & Phelps AAA (Claims Paying Ability) .M.

Earnings * UK 12% MFS 10% Total US = 32% Asia 2% Canada 54% Canada 54% US 22 % 12 Months Ending 2003 .Sun Life Financial Geographic Mix .

Sun Life Financial Geographic Mix ± New Individual Life Premiums Asia* 24% Canada 28% US** 48% 12 Months Ending 2003 .

Sun Life Financial Product Mix ± Earnings* Protection 51% Wealth Management 49% 12 Months Ending 2003 .

Sun Life Financial in India     May 23. exits India 1999 Sun Life Financial re-enters India through Joint Venture 2001 Sun Life Financial re-enters Indian insurance market . 1892 ± Sun Life Financial appoints first agent 1956 .Sun Life Financial largest foreign insurer.

Partners with the same philosophy ‡ Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund ‡ Birla Sun Life Distribution and ««« .


Gary M. Donald A. B. Comerford ‡Mr. Douglas C. S.Aditya Birla Group ‡Chairman ± BSLI ‡Mr. Stewart ‡CEO ± Sun Life Financial ‡Mr.Gian Prakash Gupta . N. Puranmalka ‡His Highness Maharaja Gaj Singh ‡Mr.Birla Sun Life Insurance Company Board ‡Mr. N. Kumar Mangalam Birla : ‡Chairman .K. S.Mitra ‡Mr. Henck ‡Mr. Talwar ‡Mr.

Our Vision  To be a world class provider of financial security to individuals and corporates and to be amongst the top three private sector life insurance companies in India. .

Our Values        Integrity Transparency Customer Focus Excellence Innovation Meritocracy Respect for the Individual .

& Control ( Mr. E. Anjana Grewal ) Vice President. R. Javeri ) Chief Financial Officer (Mr. Vice President Alt. Goveia ) Sr. Assistant Vice President. Peter J.05 business plan Company Secretary and Compliance Officer ( Ms. Mario Braganza ) * As per 2004 . Nandgopal ) Vice President± Mktg.K. C. N.Gopalakrishnan) Head . ( Mr. Akers) Chief Manager Finance & Planning ( Mr. Shirin Patel ) Country Heads (Corporate Agents & Bank Assurance) Regional Manager Branch Heads Agency Managers Insurance Advisors Regional Sales Managers Relationship Managers (Corporate Agents & Bank Assurance) Insurance Officers Chief Manager ± Product Development ( Mr. ( Mr. Anil Jhala) Chief Operating Officer (Mr. Nani B.H. Raisinghani ) Head± Group Ins. Channel & Group Ins.Client Services & Underwriting ( Mr.I. ( Ms. Mayank Bathwal) Sr. ( Mr. & Comm. Admin.S. P. Sanjay Parikh ) . Snehal Shah ) Vice President . Vice President Direct Sales Force ( Mr.Structure of the Organisation Chief Executive Officer & Manager ( Mr. Venkatachalam ) 44 BRANCHES* Appointed Actuary Vice President (Mr. M.T.

Our Key Strategies  Focus on Investments Linked Insurance Products duly supported by protection products and leadership in product innovation   Multi distribution channels Focus on the top 3 income segments (Annual Income > Rs.000/.50.or USD 1040)  Web-enabled IT systems for superior client services .

Impeccable Performance in pursuit of Leadership .

Performance  Completed a successful four year of operations with exponential growth  Strongly cemented its No. The highest average premium and sum assured per policy in the industry  . 2 position among private life insurance players.

outstation agency manager in another 25 locations.000   Have one of the highest premium persistency levels at 96% as against industry range of 75% .85% .Performance  Increased penetration through expansion of DSF and Alternate Channels 55 Branches in 44 cities. Total Insurance Advisors ± 9.

1 TOT Year 2003 ± 80 MDRT¶s .6 MDRT¶s Year 2002 . 2 COT¶S . 10 COT¶S. 38 COT¶S . 1 TOT Year 2004 ± 186 MDRT¶s .Performance Year 2001 . 18 TOT¶s  Asian Insurance Industry Awards rates us amongst the Top 5 in all of Asia Only Insurance Company to feature in Top 25 in Hewitt Best Employer in India ± 2004 Survey Two consecutive years in Top 20 of Great Places to Work  3rd most trusted brand amongst private life insurance companies in a survey done by The Economic Times and in the Cirrus & ORG Media survey .36 MDRT¶s .

Performance Tie Ups with 84 Corporate Agents and Bancassurance partners Present in over 500 locations  Strong operations and systems support in place for increased business volumes  Strong financial and expense control has helped manage expenses .

38 1.31 * Estimated based on cumulative sales divided by capital as on 31¶Mar¶04.04 1.94 1.87 0.53 1.71 0. .cr .67 0.) C apit al Ef f icien cy * 675 290 255 125 231 346 250 203 763 1.09 0.Capital Efficiency Par t icu lar s IC IC I Pr u den t ial Bir la Su n Lif e H D FC St an dar d Lif e SBI Lif e Tat a-A IG Lif e Max New Y or k Lif e A llian z Bajaj Lif e O M K ot ak Mah in dr a O t h er s C apit al (R s.

Base Plans 2001-02 Flexi Save Plus Flexi Life Line Flexi Cash Flow Young Scholar Term Plan Bima Kavach Yojana 2002-03 Flexi Save Plus Flexi Life Line Flexi Cash Flow Young Scholar Term Plan Bima Kavach Yojana Single Premium Bond Premium Back Term Plan Flexi Secure Life Retirement Plan 2003-04 Flexi Save Plus Flexi Life Line Flexi Cash Flow My Child Term Plan Bima Kavach Yojana Single Premium Bond Premium Back Term Plan Flexi Secure Life Retirement Plan Classic Life Medicare Plan .Our Product Portfolio Individual Life .

Our Product Portfolio Individual Life .Riders 2001-02 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Term Rider Critical Illness Rider 2002-03 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Term Rider Critical Illness Rider 2003-04 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Term Rider Critical Illness Rider Waiver of Premium rider Critical Illness Plus Rider .

Our Product Portfolio Group Life .Base Plans 2001-02 One Year Renewable Group Term Insurance 2002-03 One Year Renewable Group Term Insurance Group Gratuity Group Superannuation 2003-04 One Year Renewable Group Term Insurance Group Gratuity Group Superannuation Employee Deposit Linked Insurance Group Life .Riders Accidental Death Term Rider Critical Illness Accidental Death Term Rider Critical Illness Accidental Death Term Rider Critical Illness Accidental Death & Dismemberment Critical Illness Plus Total and Permanent Disability .

9%   .1% LIC 88.04 Other Pvt Insurers 9.0% LIC 77.2% B LI 2.03 Other Pvt Insurers 5.5% B LI 1.9% 2003 .5% LIC 92.Industry Market Share 2002 .0% B LI 3.9% 2004-05 Other Pvt Insurers 19.

0% 25.2% 0.9 41.7% 1.2 1.537.6 51.954.4 308.2 ICICI Prudential Birla Sun Life Allianz Bajaj HDFC Standard Tata AIG ING Vysya Max New York OM Kotak Aviva SBI Life Met Life AMP Sanmar Sahara Life Total Private Players LIC Total .463.572.1% 0.1 2.2% 0.2 2.1 59.162.3% 0.2% 0.2004-05 Competition Figures of Insurance Players April .8 2.615.9 4.1% 1.8 1.479.502.807.3% 2.2% 1.3 4.958.7 2.5 1.9 16.7 48.1% 0.0 156.2 2.5 5.3 64.226.1 5.859.9 452.2% 0.8 2.2 116.0 150.854.098.1 153.8% 0.7% 100.626.1% 0.4% 1.0 0.7% 0.Competitor Information.9% 2.802.5 39.667.7% 3.1% 0.7 3.9 16.924.3 294.0% 9.3% 1.812.2 3.4 2.486.9 1.0% 1 2 7 5 4 9 8 6 10 3 11 12 13 14.March 2005 First Year Premium Details .670.7 43.6 73.7% 90.9 197.930.047.3% 74.8% 1.2 1.663.1 39.053.3% 100.5 2.6% 1.960.2 3.101.9 488.4% 0.7% 2.9 37.722.5 333.4 753.0% 1 2 3 4 6 5 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 1.6 536.0 Insurers Individual Life 13.With 10% single premium credit Market Group Market Total Share Business Share Business Rank Rank 8.4 859.

3% 20% 14.4% 34.1% 26.9% 10% 0% ICICI BSLI HDFC TATA AIG 5.9% 11.1% 6.6% 9.0% Others 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 21.1% 12.6% 50% 40% 30% 35.8% 15.3% 5.Market Share Trend ² Individual Life Market Share of Private Players (10% SP) 39.1% 6.2% .6% 26.8% Allianz Bajaj 8.2% 13.9% 7.

7% 60% 50% 21.0% 35.7% 30.7% 19.0% 30% 20% 3.8% 10.2% 15.1% 16.8% 11.8% 10% 3.2% Others 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 3.3% .Market Share Trend ² Group Life Market Share of Private Players (10% SP) 56.1% 2.2% 40% 19.8% 18.5% 27.6% 0% ICICI BSLI SBI TATA AIG OM Kotak 1.4% 3.

FIRST   First to introduce unit linked products First to launch Group Insurance business among private life insurance companies         First to offer detailed sales illustration First to offer Free Look to customers First to launch web site sales of insurance products First to launch a exclusive Critical illness rider for women First insurer to be featured as ³Great Places to work´ First in premium persistency First in average premium size and sum assured per policy First TOT among private life insurance companies .

59 % of GDP* rica GDP in Life Insurance 2 0 20 2 20 S itzerla o g o g Si gapore ala ia C i a * Source Sigma Report 2002 .Market Size Lif r r ium as a per entage of GDP Countr remium Sout Life Insurance Premium 2.

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