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Applying Systems Engineering SYSE 511

Module 9: Systems Engineering Management Plan


Understand the concept, function, and contents of a SEMP Learn how to develop a SEMP Review different suggested and tried SEMPS  

Applying SE SYSE 511


Where are We in the SE Process?
Systems Engineering Planning
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Tradeoff Studies

Applying SE SYSE 511


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Objectives:  Plan the engineering effort on a project  Integrate with project management activities


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Baseline Management 

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AA Key Terminology SEMP Integrated Product Teams Cross Product Teams Illities System Products System Processes       4 Applying SE SYSE 511 .

5 Applying SE SYSE 511 .AA Origin of this material ‡ This lecture material was taken from the SEMP Lecture given in SYSE 510 ‡ Still good. there are 46 slides so we will rush through     6 Applying SE SYSE 511 . this is effectively the evolution of 499B and related Mil-STDs iew Slides from http://dod5000.AA Recent Development DAU = Defense Ac uisition System Since SE is all about controlling ac uisition.

All over the place . Schedule.Plan the management of a program Scope . and Organization Contents .different schools of thought    7 Applying SE SYSE 511 . Scope.AA Program Management Plan (also Project Management Plan) Function .Cost.

and Schedule Source of funding. Conflict of Interest. Audit       8 Applying SE SYSE 511 . QA. means of funds controls Responsibility Assignment Matrix Reporting and Communication Contracts.AA PMP Contents .Ideal Organization Top-level Cost. Scope.

PMP Checklist AA from http://www. and project issue management 12. 5.what is the life-cycle.. Business case: the product or service description. Plans for managing product requirements. life-cycle phases. start dates. Roster of required team members and their functional expertise 6. 9. Organizational and management strategy . what major activities. 8. Project justification. scope 3. Open issues and pending decisions. Cost estimates. etc. 7. schedule management. a punch list 9 Applying SE SYSE 511 . Major milestone descriptions and dates 10.projectconnections. constraints. Work Breakdown Structure. deliverables and objectives i. assumptions and planned responses 11. the project charter 2. and responsibility assignments of the work breakdown. tests. reviews. Name of the project manager 4. Performance level baselines for schedule and cost.e. Key 1.

AA Kerzner·s PMP Kerzner is the main Project Management Text Objective Strategy Schedule Budget Organization Policy (guides for decision making and individual actions) Procedures (for carrying out Policy) Standards WBS. 10  Applying SE SYSE 511 .

Kerzner Alternative AA  A Program Mgt Plan could consist of Scope and Organizational Description plus individual plans for: Budgeting Configuration management Facilities Logistics Support Management Manufacturing Procurement Quality Assurance R&D Scheduling Tooling Training Transportation 11 Applying SE SYSE 511 .

functional analysis. model-based design. Also. note above that Human factors.AA So what can a SEMP provide? In project management courses and guidelines. operability are not mentioned. and measures of effectiveness. synthesis. one rarely finds re uirements management. 12   Applying SE SYSE 511 . integrated modeling and design. integrated issues-risk-decision. document hierarchy. integration. maintainability. systems analysis. reliability. interface control. cyclic processes. safety.

Scope.different schools of thought    13 Applying SE SYSE 511 .AA System Engineering Management Plan Function . Schedule. and Organization of engineering and product Contents .Cost.Plan the engineering of a product Scope .

AA SEMP Contents INCOSE Handbook DSMC IEEE EIA Textbook Martin Marietta BWIP MWFA P-9 14          Applying SE SYSE 511 .

´            Applying SE SYSE 511 Cover Title Page Table of Contents Scope Applicable Documents Systems Engineering Process Transitioning Critical Technologies Integration of the Systems Engineering Effort Additional Systems Engineering Activities Notes Appendices 15 .SEMP. from INCOSE Handbook AA ´A comprehensive document that describes how the fully integrated engineering effort will be managed and conducted.

AA INCOSE Details Processes Systems Engineering Process Planning Requirements Analysis Functional Analysis/Allocation Synthesis Systems Analysis and Control  16 Applying SE SYSE 511 .

AA INCOSE SEMP Process inputs Decision database (deliverables and results) Technical objectives Contract work breakdown structure (WBS) Training Standards and procedures Resource allocation Constraints Work authorization erification planning 17           Applying SE SYSE 511 .

AA INCOSE SEMP The SEMP should list what technical reviews will be conducted. consider TIM Technical Interchange Meeting SRR System Re uirements Review SDR System Design Review SFR System Functional Review IPDR Internal Preliminary Design Review PDR Preliminary Design Review CDR Critical Design Review SWDR Software Design Reviews QPRQuarterly Progress Review FCA Functional Configuration Audit PCA Physical Configuration Audit 18             Applying SE SYSE 511 .

An organization plan that describes the organizational structure that will achieve the engineering objectives. A resource plan that identifies the estimated funding and schedule necessary to achieve the strategy. A description of how the systems engineering process will be tailored and structured to complete the objectives stated in the strategy.AA DSMC Ch.      19 Applying SE SYSE 511 . A technical strategy description that ties the engineering effort to the higher-level management planning. Plus Details for each of these. 16 An introduction that states the purpose of the engineering effort and a description of the system being developed.

AA IEEE Functional Orientation Identify the SE Functions and define how they will be done   20 Applying SE SYSE 511 .

AA EIA Similar to IEEE  21 Applying SE SYSE 511 .

AA Textbook Strangely Silent Chapter 7 and 8 and 13 address it but never suggest that a SEMP exists.   22 Applying SE SYSE 511 .

AA From Andrew Sage See following page 23 Applying SE SYSE 511 .

Charter. Program Management Approach 3.1. Project Procedures and Support Functions 5. Tools.5. Program Performance Schedule Additional Contents 24 Applying SE SYSE 511 Reference Materials Definitions and Acronyms . Resource Requirements 6.1. CM Organization. The Systems Engineering Management Plan Components 2.1. Procedures 5.6.4. Program Integration Approach 4.2. System Security Plan 6.3. Configuration Auditing 5. Program Organization and Responsibilities 2.3.3. Systems Management Assumptions.3.3. CM Methods 5. Needs. Configuration Control 5. Configuration Management Plan 55.3.4. Budget 5. Project Methods.1.1.4. Program Overview 2.5. Introduction 2. Program Technology 4.5. Budget and Resource Management Plan 6.4.5. Program Scope 2. Technical Description of System Development Projects 4. CM Implementation Plan Baselines 5.4.3. and Techni ues 4. Documentation Plan 5. Program Deliverables 2.3. Systems Management Objectives 3. Work Breakdown Structure 6. CM Objectives and Overview 5.4.5. Duties 5.52. Configuration Status Accounting 5. Executive summary Program Objectives 2.4. Operational Deployment Plan 5.5. Cost Breakdown Structure 6.6.5.From Andrew Sage ² SEMP Outline Title Page Preface AA Table of Contents List of Figures List of Tables 1. Constraints 3. Members.2. Program Milestones 3.4. Program Monitoring and Control 3. Quality Assurance Plan Personnel 5. Program Staffing 3. Budget and Resource Allocation 6. Maintenance Plan 5. Configuration Identification 5.5.4. Program Risk Management 3.5. Implementation milestones Program Quality Assurance Program Description 2.

Blanchard.2. 10.7) Design Management (6. 5. 11. 19. 7. 22. 21. 2.2. 18.5) Risk Management (6.AA Chapter 6.6) Performance Measurement Factors (6. 15. or discuss as below) Mission Definition and Analysis Functional Analysis and Re uirements Allocation Alternative Analysis and Selection alidation and erification Technical Management Work Integration and Control (6. 23.6) Reporting (6. 4.2. 13.8) 14.2. 6.4) Technical Performance Management (6. 26. 16.29) The Work Breakdown Structure (6. 12. 20. 8.9) Specialty Plans and Program Interfaces (6.2. 9.2. B.1) Roles and Responsibilities Systems Engineering Process (6. 3.2.4) Technical Management Tools and Methods (6. 25. Systems Engineering Management 1.5) Schedule Management (6. 24.2.3) Cost Management (6. 17.S. Specifications and Standards Listing (6. Introduction Scope (6.2 is task oriented.2.7) Specialty Disciplines Integration (3.23 ± 6.3 and 6.3) Additional Systems Engineering Activities (catch all) Acronyms/Glossary References Appendices 25 Applying SE SYSE 511 .

AA Martin Marietta Wiring Diagram Emphasis on Flow of Information Organizational Interfaces    26 Applying SE SYSE 511 .

 27 Applying SE SYSE 511 . Test and verify crucial components of design with Prototype repository Emphasis on Document Hierarchy  Also included Technical Scope and SE Processes.BWIP AA High Level Waste Repository Project circa 1985  Issues Driven Program Issues ± How to get a License Demonstrate issue resolution with computer model Identify parameters required to run models Collect Data Verify and validate models Resolve cost estimate with detailed conceptual design.

AA MWFA Identify SE Functions: Re uirements. Integration and Test Define Program specific documents to accomplish those functions MWFA was at the development phase. Analysis. and to define the program product. Synthesis.    28 Applying SE SYSE 511 . Functions. but the problem was to tie problems to re uirements to development programs.

AA P9 IPT oriented Plus a bit of Text Book Plus plus some IEEE Primary thrust was to establish IPT.     29 Applying SE SYSE 511 .

WBS. specified a Risk Mgt Plan.AA SEMP Errors One size fits all ± Just write a SEMP and put it on the shelf ± The Rick Harwell/INEEL SEMP Generic. IPT. how to plan. and a SEMP. or the old EG&G approach where the SEMP was Chapter 13 of the PMP. Review cycle and process. not Project specific ± The 1992 ER/Bechtel SEMP We need one of those too ± The old DOEOrder 4700 Guidelines ± Told how to engineer. 30    Applying SE SYSE 511 .

AA Class work shop Select a general approach for MRS Develop an outline for MRS SEMP   31 Applying SE SYSE 511 .