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The Poultry Industry


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y Balram y Rohit Balhara y Tejasvi Tiwari y Kuldeep Jain y Vijay Mahawar y Varun Singh y Dushyant Jindal

Poultry yGenerally accepted in most cultures .

Growth Of Poultry Farming In NCR .

y To know the various marketing strategies that influences the customer behaviour. y To understand the concept of Poultry and its importance in the present scenario.OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY y To understand market segmentation. pricing and product promotion and positioning. .

y The United Nations writes that intensification of animal production was seen as a way of providing food security. y The discovery of antibiotics and vaccines. y Developments in shipping networks and technology. .Factors behind the success of poultry farming y The discovery of vitamins and their role in animal nutrition.

ducks. y Poultry comes from the Latin word. turkeys. for both their meat and their eggs. . for the purpose of farming meat or eggs for food. and geese. Chickens farmed for meat are called broilers. as a subcategory of animal husbandry. whilst those farmed for eggs are called egg-laying hens. such as chickens.WHAT IS POULTRY FARMING?? y Poultry farming is the practice of raising poultry. which means to hang. y More than 50 billion chickens are reared annually as a source of food. poule.



POULTRY FARMING IN NCR y Poultry farming in NCR is conducted and centralized from Ghazipur (Gaziabad) which is also the wholesale market for poultry and is one of the largest poultry market in Asia. Apart from broiler chicken that is available in the market. etc. . Suguna Groups . SKM. there is also some big brands that have entered into this un-organised sector like Reliance.

TECHNIQUES IMPLEMENTED: y Indoor with higher welfare y Free-range y Yarding y Intensive chicken farming .

Aspects of factory farming y Low monetary cost y Standardization y Efficiency y Economic contribution y Food safety y Animal health y Diseases y Pollution y Ethics y Destruction of biodiversity .

Poultry Broiler Farming A broiler is a type of chicken raised specifically for meat production. y y white feathers and yellowish skin very fast growth rates. . Broilers often reach a harvest weight of 4-5 pounds dressed in only eight weeks.

. equipments and medicines are available.Advantages y Initial investment is a little lower than layer farming y Rearing period is 6-7 weeks only y More number of flocks can be taken in the same shed y Faster return from the investment y Demand for poultry meat is more compared to sheep/Goat meat y High quality chicks. y Technically and professionally competent guidance is available y The management practices have improved and disease and mortality incidences are much reduced.

Poultry Equipment y Cocks y Feeding y Watering of Birds y Disease y Prevention/Control .

8 UK 28.0 Australia 32.67 .8 France 26.2 China 9.0 UAE 40.4 Canada 34.7 Taiwan 34.4 India 1.FINANCE OF POULTRY FARM y Per capita consumption in select countries Eggs USA 300 Europe 280 Taiwan 358 Japan 346 Mexico 304 India 42 Poultry Meat (kg) USA 49.

9 kg Contribution to GNP Rs 60.Projected scenario by 2010 Egg production 77.000 crore Employment 5 million .7 billion Poultry meat production 5.98 million tons  Per capita consumption Eggs 65 & Poultry meat 4.

World class production infrastructure  Genetic research and Breeding  Vaccines and Animal Health Products  Specific Pathogen Free eggs  Farm & Hatchery automation systems  Pellet feed  Egg & Chicken processing  Well network Disease Diagnostic Laboratories  Entrepreneurial development and training  Unique Disease Surveillance & Monitoring Model .

13 1.Top 10 egg producing countries ± 2003 Country USA China Brazil Mexico India UK Thailand Japan France Russian Federation Production (in million) 14.21 1.03 .29 1.15 1.22 1.92 1.52 7.85 9.76 2.

Poultry products exported from India y Table eggs y Hatching eggs y SPF eggs y Egg powder y Parent breeding stock y Chicken Meat y Value added chicken Meat products .

Marketing strategies in poultry y Strategy required to boost exports  Step up production  Transport assistance @ 25% of freight on export of poultry meat  Exert pressure on developed countries for reduction in subsidies as per WTO agreement  Industry focused approach towards potential markets .

3% of MRP y To boost growth. .Exemption of processed poultry from Excise Duty y Less than 3% of broiler production is processed y High incidence of duties & taxes ± major obstacle for growth y Cumulative impact of Excise Duty & local taxes 25% to 35. processed poultry product should be exempted from excise duty.

. y Credit facility to poultry farmers as per agriculture norms y Encouragement in quality maize & Soyabean production y Induction of minimum support price system to protect small farmer.Strategy required to boost production y Quarantine measures for imported products y Exemption of poultry products from VAT y Include eggs in the Mid Day Meal program y Exemption of processed poultry products from Excise Duty and other taxes.

Quality control  Standards / GMP for manufacture of Veterinary drugs & Biological  Establish independent Veterinary Drugs Authority  Establishment of quarantine infrastructure for live chicks to strengthen disease control system .

Consistent disease surveillance & monitoring system y National Reference Laboratory for y Testing of domestic / imported Veterinary Biological products y Sanitary and Phyto-sanitary certification y Pesticide / insecticide / residual determination .