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Perception & Attitudes of the Characters

Seema Rohit

A chance for job in spite of past prison record A chance for job in spite of past prison record Theft of wallet of an employee Revelation of his past record to the clerk and employees

Hemant Seema

Attitude of perceiver
Non-judgmental, open minded Understanding, honest, hard-working, nonjudgemental Enquiring, concerned




Employees/ workers

Suspicious, judgmental, enquiring

The Problems y Seema s own past record y Employees trust and suspicion y Rohit s past record y Questioning about her motives .

Should she fire him? y No y Consult Hemant y Enquiry into the situation y Explain the employees.not to judge on the basis of past y Highlight Rohit s performance in the organisation .

Motivation s Role Yes. y Applying motivational theories. . y Explaination of rohit performance to employees. Motivation can help to improve the situation. y Motivating employees by Hemant verma.