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Permitting request, judge and manage works in the installation Isolation (Lockout Tagout) Determine and manage safety measures in the installation Incident Management recording and managing safety observations and making sure that appropriate steps are taken Production Information managing how production shifts share information about the status of the installation and about tasks that need to get done

€ € € Evacuation tracking the whereabouts of all people in the installation and evacuating them in a crisis Management of Change managing all Changes (installation.HSE PROCESSES Cont. . and making sure they are analyzed on HSE aspects Data Handover managing the integrity of critical installation data Source: www.ibanx-hse. .TOOLS € € € € € € PermitCliq software for Permits to Work. Tasks & Plant Status ChangeCliq software for the management of both minor and major changes EquipmentCliq software for smooth start-ups and Management of Change Source: www.ibanx-hse. Job Safety Analysis and Lockout/Tagout LoToCliq (Lockout Tagout System) software for isolations and lockout/tagout IncidentCliq software for controlled incident follow up ShiftCliq software for Shiftbook/Logbook.

Efficiently and effectively supports the management of both minor and major changes of the installation. production staff and other disciplines.Important Functions Supported € € € € € € Improves the co-operation and safety within manufacturing Ensures all necessary plant components are effectively labelled. follow up monitoring ensures incidents are analyzed and measures are taken*** Improves the co-operation within manufacturing by improving the communication between operators. process. locked or otherwise isolated Easily records (near) .ibanx-hse. electrically disconnected. product. procedure or organisation Supports construction projects with capabilities to issue tagnumbers and exchange equipment data Source: www.

9000. Environment. is used in the Oil & Gas industry to manage all aspects of Health. is fully web enabled and available in language packs. All functionality is contained in the one application. not in modules. 18000. for Risk Assessment. Safety. Quality and Risk management. providing ease of use and time and cost effective implementation. € € € € . Potential Loss Categorization and Observation Cards conforms to ISO 14000. COSO and other international standards. Initial Incident Reporting. It is ideally suited to mobile and off shore operations for a disconnected workforce.Integrum € Integrum Risk & Compliance Management Systems software. Has specific functionality tailored for the O&G industry.

Features € Risk management system y Central Risk register y Risk Assessment y Control Systems y Manage the entire risk € Incident/ CAR management system y User defined incident y y y y management cycle y y forms Flexible form design and query Management reports Multiple trigger events Incident management and corrective action register Initial incident report Observation cards .

. Completed & Closed) Raise CARs for NonConformance Track status of CARs in each Audit Email Auditor when all CARs are completed Search Multi-Value Document Categories Draft documents Document Control Version Control Automatic Archival Templates Hypertext Links & X-Links Publish via Web browser .Features contd«. € Audit Management y Scheduled or One-Off Audits y Auditors & other stakeholders y y y y y y € Document Management y Controlled Document y y y y y y y y emailed notifications & reminders Audit Status (Scheduled.

ESS. and Divestitures Widely-Distributed Equi ment and Personnel Increasingly Energy-Intensive Production Geo-Political Sensitivities . Acquisitions.Oil and Gas industry Constantly Changing O rations Fr quent Mergers.

SOLUTIONS PRODUCTS Job Hazard Analysis Software Health & Safety MSDS Management Software Fugitive Emissions LDAR Management Software Environmental Clearance Carbon Capture/GHG Corporate Social Responsibility Crisis Management EHS Training Management Software Air Emissions Software Refrigerant Compliance Manager EHS Performance Management Software EHS Audit Management Software Crisis Management & Emergency Response Software .

including single resources. Crisis Management Clients Imperial Oil Limited Petroleo Brasileiro S. on-demand subscription) or onsite solution. Reduces costs associated with planning and executing exercises.Collect ‡ Incident data. Implement as a hosted. ‡ Real-time data on unfolding events Deliver ‡ Automated alerts and notifications ‡ Briefings and audits ‡ Assessment and recovery reports ‡ Spatial information. (Petrobras) Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations . Empowers managers to view and analyze immediate threats to area surrounding incident scene. including task status and completion ‡ Staff resources and qualifications ‡ Plans. oblique views and aerial imagery Benefits Streamlines emergency planning and response for efficient incident mobilization. teams. and personnel. Efficiently manages and deploys resources. including satellite. checklists and procedures Process ‡ Microsoft® Virtual EarthŒ ‡ Text-to-speech technology for automated notifications.A.

Collect ‡ Represents 1 to 1000s of facilities.xml format for submission to online regulatory programs ‡ Reports detailing GHG and other emissions across the enterprise Benefits Manages change of organizational boundaries and emission sources for accurate trend reporting Automates data handling to save time. and 100s to 100. spreadsheets. or web-based data entry forms Process ‡ Industry-specific calculation protocols. increase auditability.000s of emission sources ‡ Is collected using handheld devices. and decrease introduction of errors by manual entry Increases information availability to support operations better. for equipment such as tanks ‡ Quantifying carbon assets and mitigating risks Deliver ‡ Formatted compliance reports for submission to regulatory agencies ‡ Data outputs in . allowing you to permit new processes faster in a manner consistent with emissions inventories Standardizes calculations to assure consistency within and between facilities and environmental professionals Air Emissions Software Clients KNPC Halliburton Duke Energy .

and documents to JHAs. based on job title. departments.Collect ‡ Record all parties involved in JHAs. or otherwise concerned. ‡ Associate JHAs with job titles. Process ‡ Identify hazards and required control measures for each task step. including those interviewed. Benefits Recognizes and defines job hazards Institutes safety processes for hazard reduction Documents non-regulatory factors to identify high risk functions or areas Defines proactive measures Job Hazard Analysis Software Clients Honeywell Major Drilling Group International Inc . observed. ‡ ssociate personal protective equipment (PPE) to each task ‡ Define standard phrases for describing hazards Deliver ‡ Create a list of required PPE for any employee. facility diagrams or photographs showing potential hazards. ‡ Attach Windows® supported media files. location and department. and locations. including observational videos. images.

records and instruction Statistical analysis and reporting .Omnisafe Overview € The core of the system is built around the universal needs of: y Risk assessments and management y Control of Substances Hazardous to Health y y y y (CoSHH) Incident and unsafe act reporting & investigating Auditing and monitoring Staff training.


Omnisafe Features Compliance Made Easy With A Comprehensive Health and Safety System € Board Directors: Avoid Negligence Charges € Health & Safety Officers: Manage The Entire Process With Greater Efficiency € Omnisafe ± HSE Software For A Safer Working Environment € .

Thailand Plains Exploration & Production (PXP). Canada Martini Hospital. UK . US Worley/Parsons. US Civil Nuclear Police Authority.Current users of the software € € € € € € € € € € Shell International Trading and Shipping Co. . US Shell Corp. UK ‡ Network Rail. Nigeria South African Petroleum Refinery Ltd. Oman UK Atomic Energy Authority. UK ‡ Ministry of Defence. France Ok Tedi Mining Limited Oman Refinery Company LLC. UK Axalto. US Mission Resources. Oman Husky Energy. UK Nigeria LNG. Netherlands Apache Corp. Texas Utilities.. Australia ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Oman LNG. SA PTTEP.

promulgate learnings to other vessels and to receive comprehensive data on all Health & Safety issues. to take the necessary remedial action.Case Study: Shell Shipping € Background: y Shell Shipping operates about 50 tankers around the world. € Key Objectives For Omnisafe y The company had been running a spreadsheet system of reporting for over 19 years. all-encompassing system that provided all the data needed and reduced the ever increasing volume of e-mails. which had become more and more complicated over time. y It needed a simple. y The fleet is linked to its London Head Office by satellite. . which enables Health & Safety management to receive real-time information on any hazardous incidents. carrying oil. oil products and liquefied natural gas.

solution to Shell¶s needs. . but tailored. y It was compatible with the existing system. and was able to be adapted to existing methods of reporting minimising disruption and staff retraining.€ Operational Solution y Omnisafe acted as a comprehensive off- the-shelf.


What is HAM-GPS? .

. Health & Environment HAM-GPS can do all this and more«.Safety Audit Undertake disaster and consequenc e simulations Find Potential Disaster s Undertake HAZOP Studies Find accident pattern through accident analysis Manage Safety.


health & Environment management ‡ Advanced safety related studies like: ‡ Safety Audits ‡ Risk Assessment ‡ Advanced Safety Training ‡ Accident analysis & control ‡ Environmental impact assessment ‡ Emergency Management Plan .Advantages ‡ Excellence in Safety.

Chennai Hindustan Zinc Limited.Patel and Associates. Ltd. Vadodara Chilworth Safety & Risk Management Pvt. UP Kadam Environmental Consultants. (Chennai) Hindalco Industries Ltd.Clients € € € € € € € € € € € € € € Zuari Industries Ltd.H. New Delhi Lurgi India Company Limited. Ltd. Mysore Alembic Ltd.. Ltd. Baroda MEPCO SCHLENK Engineering College. Rajasthan € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € MCC PTA India Private limited. Qatar Petrochemical Co. Bharuch Inspectorate of Factories & Boilers. (Nasik) GREEN CIRCLE. Surat BARC. Birla Cellulosic . Safety Officer. GOA Shasun drugs and chemicals. (Dahej) Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (Durgapur) Bajaj Auto Limited (Pune) Legrand (India) Pvt. (Surat) Cholamandalam Risk Services Limited. Bombay Minmec Consultancy. Tamil Nadu Colourtex Pvt. Goa.. Haldia Rico Auto Industries Limited. Ltd. (HARYANA) SESA GOA. Delhi Birla Management Institute. Defense Institute for Fire Research.. INC. Baroda Shirish Pirale. New Delhi Gujarat Safety Council (VADODARA) Indian petrochemicals corporation ltd. Virdhunagar. (Goa) D. Delhi Montegomery Watson. RENUSAGAR. (VADODARA) Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Private Limited (Manesar) .

Case Study: .

Shell E&P's Essential Suite implementation will support compliance with the company's regulatory mandates and sustainability goals by collecting and processing emission data from production facilities to individual wells. onshore and offshore operational sites. . has selected Essential Suite® to track waste emissions at hundreds of its U. It will also eliminate costs and risks associated with operating dozens of disparate legacy systems.S.Shell E&P company selects ESS Essential Suite € € € € € ESS is a leading provider of Health. Safety and Environment Shell E&P Co. Its integrated platform will enable company officials to efficiently track waste emissions data from the point of generation to final disposal.

generated time/cost savings and offered support to management decision-makers. ESS' integrated software platform enabled PetroChina the world's largest company by market capitalization to drive process improvements that boosted productivity. .CNPC launches HSE Information system at PetroChina € € € The China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) is one of the world's largest petroleum and chemical companies CNPC engaged IBM Global Services to find and implement a world-class HSE Management Information System (MIS).

sharing and mining. multi-dimensional and expressive data models. detailed. Consistency of actions required for HSE best practices is enforced by alignment of information system with Plan. historic data. online resources. etc. Check.Benefits of HSE MIS € € € € € € Improved workload distribution and cooperation across enterprise because system empowers localized HSE management and communication. More efficient data collection and utilization due to improved data integration and standardization. Increased productivity now that employees are relieved of trivial accounting tasks and free to address higher-value priorities. Act methodologies Assured continuity/reliability of HSE management across the enterprise thanks to systemic tools. . Enhanced data value and decision-making using analytic tools that provide visualized. Do.

It also asked CTG to develop a worldwide training program for the new system.Traction @BP € BP¶s proactive approach toward environmental concerns demanded an effective and centralized mechanism for tracking and storing documentation about its management of HSE-related issues and incidents at each BP site around the world. and to support BP¶s ISO 14001 compliance requirements. as well as a fullydeveloped process for supporting it during rollout. € € . It asked CTG to design a system to provide global capability and accessibility.

and numerous state-of-the-art features that included auto action-item notification and an inbox for work notification. observations. a single data repository for HSE incidents. including µquick reports¶ predefined in the database. line of business. and analysis of EHS&S performance across the enterprise or by work group. The system is multi-lingual. an easily accessible HSE action tracking system with a wide range of checks and balances to ensure accurate incident reporting. Traction can also be used to produce a wide range of reports.€ The result was a system called OTIS renamed Traction. The system¶s Web-based architecture incorporated an intuitive user interface with online help screens. and action tracking. ad hoc reports. accommodating speakers of English € € € . site.

Benefits to BP Traction gives BP a readily available source of incident information that enables it to respond quickly. € The new system also equips BP to maintain its ISO 14001 certification € Reduced EHS&S operating costs through the integration of technology-enabled EHS&S practices. efficiently. € € Systems cost savings through the deployment of a single. and activities with day-today work activities. support. tools. and training costs . Web-based application throughout the enterprise and lower implementation. and responsibly to EHS&S incidents.