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Oracle Project

• Oracle Project Execution Management.

Portfolio • Oracle Project Financial Management.
• •Oracle Project Portfolio
Management Cloud is a complete
and integrated solution which
dramatically improves the way
project-driven organizations work,
enabling efficient and effective
project management while ensuring
smarter business decisions based on
a single source of project truth.
Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio
Management Cloud Services include
the following applications:
Project • Project Management
Execution • Resource Management
Management • Task Management

takes care of:

Project Execution Management comprises of :
• Project Management Solution:
Allows user to comply with organization
requirements as far as Planning and scheduling
activities is concerned by creating workplan. This
Project includes Workplan Task, Financial Tasks and Milestone
Execution • Resource Management Solution:
Provides the flexibility to initiate resource
Management requests. Resource Managers will have the flexibility to
evaluate the availability of the resources based on
skills, time schedules and then propose the resources
to Project Managers and if acceptable the Project
Managers can accept the resources. This ensures that
the best and capable resources are working on the
• Task Management Solution:
Task Management Solution enables organization to
manage all work and related interactions in a
consolidated place.
Project Team members challenged by the quantity of task
they own, no longer have to track administrative and
Execution project work in different places. Both these type of task
will be managed at a single place.
Management Team Members will get the flexibility to collaborate
with other team members in terms of sharing
concerns, issues and activities happening in a project
by using Oracle Social Networking.
Project Execution Management (PEM) can be implemented as a Standalone Solution using Planning and Scheduling,
Resource Management, Task Management solution on Cloud Platform.
PEM can be implemented along with Project Financial Solution as a Integrated Solution along with Financial, Procurement,
Supply Chain. The data in such case will flow not only with in the application in PPM Cloud Solution but across applications in
other solutions as well.
PEM can be implemented as a Coexist Solution with on premise application like JD Edwards, Peoplesoft etc.. This implies that
we are referring to Project Execution in terms of co-existing with on premise products. So planning activity will be done in
Cloud Application Solutions, where as all financial aspects of the project can be managed in E-Business Suite. So a Project will
be initiated in PEM Solution, complete planning activity, assign resources in PEM and then interface the information to E-
Business Suite. Based on the information a Project will be created in E-Business Suite w.r.t. financial tasks and then capture
costs and interface back to Cloud Solution.
• Project Portfolio Management is one part of the Cloud Application and works closely with other Cloud solutions
and this is considered as Cloud to Cloud integration.
• e.g. while raising a Purchase Order in Procurement solution there is an option to enter POET Details. These
Procurement Costs are tracked as commitment costs in Projects Solutions
• Similarly utilization of the employee details maintained in the HCM solution in the PPM solution.
• Access information from any device anytime, anywhere using tablet/phone by every user in the organization
with respect to the transaction or analysis they want to perform within the applications
• Brief Overview of Project Management is as follows:
• Project Execution Management enables the
organization to execute on project and accelerate
the project delivery by optimizing the resource
Project management and staffing and providing intuitive
project and task management tools for Project
Manager and Team Members.
Execution • Create a project with basic tasks structure (Financial,
Milestone and Workplan Task) depending on
Management requirement. It also involves establishment of Task
Solution • Schedule Work based on the dependencies created
• Assign deliverables and requirements

• Assignment of Resources by initiating resource
requirement request. Based on that the Resource
Manager will identify and propose the resource and
based on which the Project Manager will confirm
whether the resources proposed will be a confirmed
Project resource on the project or not.
• Task Management Capability includes capturing
Execution progress on the task that have been assigned to the
resources. It also includes Team Collaboration using
Social Networking Solution where resources can
Management share information with other team members using
initiate conference facility.
• Once the create a project with basic tasks structure
activity is done and ready to execute the project
including capitalization cost/billing or generating
revenue then Project can be enabled for Financials.
Project So this way the Project Execution Management will
Integrate with Project Financial Management
Execution solution. Once Project is enabled for Project Financial
Management then further activities like Capturing
Cost, Generate Revenue, Manage Invoice can be
Management started from Project Financial Solution.

Project Execution Management Solution
Three basic activities which can be performed in PEM.
These activities can implemented independent of
Project Financial Management. The Project Execution
Management solution bring together the core process
for Project development which are:
• Project Management extends Project Planning, Project
Scheduling, Project Management capabilities to all
Project individual in an enterprise who are required to manage
project based work. This allows compliance with
Management requirement of org as far as planning and scheduling of
work is concerned.
• Resource Management enables organization to optimize
the resources employed in organization. This help in
identifying the best fit resources are identified and
allocated to a project. This will draw customer
appreciation as a result of better delivery.
Resource Management enables organization to optimize
Resource the resources employed in organization. This help in
identifying the best fit resources are identified and
Management allocated to a project. This will draw customer appreciation
as a result of better delivery.
• Task Management enables organization to manage
all work and related interaction in a consolidated
place. Team member challenged by the quantity of
Task the work they own no longer have to track
administrative and project work in diff places
because all task are placed and updated in the single
Management place.
• Team members will get the flexibility to collaborate
with other team member in term of sharing concern,
issues and any other activity in context of a Project
using a solution called Oracle Social Network.