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Prof. G. Madhavi


CASE OVERVIEW Menton Bank was the largest bank in the region It has always been focusing on corporate business Needs to focus on retail consumer banking business New CEO was appointed and reorganization of the bank was undertaken The position of Head CSR was going to be vacant in a few days Three candidates were considered for the promotion to this position 2 .

Steps taken by the bank Created new Bank technology team Tripled the number of Automated Teller Machines(ATM) Branch Renovation program designed to improve the cosmetic appearance of the branches Introduction of Electronic Banking from remote locations Introduction of automated Telephone Banking Introduction of Home Banking via Internet Central Customer Service office to solve customer s problems New financial products had been introduced at a rapid rate Introduction of new training programs 3 .

Hierarchy Of Positions Branch Manager Customer Service Director Customer Assistant Representative Head Customer Service Representative Customer Service Representative 4 .

Comparison : CSR VS CAR CSR It has to maintain transactions and provide service to the customers It identifies the customer s needs and accordingly refers them to the CARs CAR It has to provide assistance to the customer by answering their queries It has to satisfy the customer s needs by providing appropriate service It deals with existing as well as prospective customers It usually deals with existing customers 5 .

they have to be more sensitive towards customer satisfaction Both CSRs and CARs maintains best customer relations by being friendly to the customers 6 .Contd«« Both CSRs and CARs satisfy the customers but as the CARs are for solving the customers queries.

Strengths and weaknesses Karen Mitchell Strengths Weaknesses Fast and accurate in work Pleasing personality Liked by customers and fellow CSRs Highest scoring CSR Three and a half years of experience Lacks in Selling abilities Doesn't want to get extra worries and responsibiliti es 7 .

Strengths and weaknesses Jean Warshawski Strengths Natural ability to identify customer Extremely good in communicat ion skills Well organized in work Good memory Weaknesses Poor in accuracy and efficiency Not presentable Aged and some health problem with elder son 8 .

Intelligent and presentable Seeking more responsibilit ies Experience of being Head CSR at a suburban branch Got excellent evaluation in previous branch Weaknesses Not exposed to consultative program before His degree is not completed now 9 .Strengths and weaknesses Curtis Richter Strengths Young.

we find that accuracy and efficiency are the most crucial aspect 10 .Inference from the case Karen Mitchell should be appointed as the Head CSR of the branch because : She is more experienced as compared to other candidates If we look at the new job description of Head CSR.

Thank you Ilisha Nigam Roopesh Anchan Sovan Patnaik Tania Chandra Tushar Raj 11 .