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Advertising and Sales Management ADVERTISING is a paid form of communicating a message by the use of various media.

It is persuasive, informative, and designed to influence purchasing behavior or thought patterns. ." The American Marketing Association has adopted the following as a definition of advertising. ´Any paid form of non-personal presentation nonand promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor µ


1. To do the entire selling job (as in mail-order marketing) mail2. To introduce a new product (by building brand awareness among potential buyers) 3. To force middlemen to handle the product (pull strategy) 4. To build brand preference (by making it more difficult for middlemen to sell substitutes) 5. To remind users to buy the product (retentive strategy) 6. To publicize some change in marketing strategy (e.g., a price change, a new model, or an improvement in the product 7. To provide rationalizations for buying (sociallyacceptable"excuses) 8. To combat or neutralize competitors; advertising efforts 9. To improve the morale of dealers and/or salesmen 10. To acquaint buyers and prospective buyers with new uses of the product.

Functions of advertising

1. To

differentiate the product from their competitors. 2. To communicate product information 3. To urge product used 4. To expand the product distribution 5. Too increase brand preference and loyalty 6. To reduce overall sales cost 7. Creates new demands 8. It provides an important source of revenue for the publishers . 9 It extends many employment opportunities to different types of people like artists, singers, actors, models and painters etc. 10. It builds up the reputation of the produces

It will make you fair cream plus it reduces freckles plus it can be used as a sun block as well it will make you look youth To urge product used Fair and lovely as we know that it will make a girl look fair and prettier in 4 weeks. To expand the product distribution Reliance telecom ad saying India's first network covering 3ooo villages and 450 towns« So as many people are getting to know about this facility they are running towards the franchises to avail it. in that ad the celebrity SREE DEVI is informing the consumers about the benefits of it. That how the old women can look younger by using it continuously. .To differentiate the product from their competitors. So for that that should expand their distribution all around the cities. Apple laptops make them different from others as the WHITE color and logo of APPLE on back of the screen « To communicate product information Ponds age miracle.

video conferencing and WIMAX services as they are introducing new services in market its creating new demands . Too increase brand preference and loyalty 99% girls who are not married will not look at the ad of pampers or any milk powder for children but when they will get married their interest will automatically move towards such ad' Creates new demands Tata telecom is offering wireless internet chips..

These days adveradvertisement has become a big business and besides the Promotion Mix we have the impact of 4 Ps on Integrated Market Communication. promotion and place. These are product. . price. It uses all the promotional tools to bring the maximum impact. Integrated Market Communication (IMC): It is an attempt to coordinate various marketing and promotional activities in such a manner that it becomes effective for the target consumer.

package. Price communicates about the quality of the product Place: Places plays an important role in Marketing Communication . They like to shop in places which have a big choice and stores which sell good quality products. A package can be so attractive that it acts like a silent salesman. Lifeboy instead of asking for toothpaste. Brand name also communicate They ask for Colgate. Price: Is an important element of Marketing Communication.Product: Communicates through its colour. . label. It plays a communicative role in advertising. shape. Halo. brand name Package design also communicates. soap. shampoo or instead soap. size.


.Role of Advertising in Marketing Mix.

Public relations. Branding. Packaging. 3. Advertisement 2. 1. Sales promotion . exhibition. demonstrations) 5. 6.=silent and colorful salesmanship .Main methods for communicating persuasively are.( develop a favorable relationships with stakeholders) 4.(display shows. Personal selling.

It gives information about the alternatives available to the purchaser. It gives information about the new offers and the discounts available to the purchaser It helps in achieving the sales objectives and the communication objectives.         It is an instrument of persuasion. about product features and product quality and the functions that a product can perform. It has an informative role. . It provides knowledge about product specification. It is an important marketing tool. It informs about the price of a product.

and the cost of guilt for not treating the kids." Not PRICE. the cost of conscience of what you eat. The product price may be only one part of the consumer's cost structure. 4 C's Not PRODUCT. Often it's the cost of time to drive somewhere. 4 P's vs. . but COST Understand the consumer's cost to satisfy the want or need. And part of what the consumer is buying is the personal "buying experience. Times have changed and you can no longer sell whatever you can make. but CONSUMER Understand what the consumer wants and needs. The product characteristics must now match what someone specifically wants to buy.

but COMMUNICATION PROMOTION. Communicate. but CONVENIENCE PLACE. communicate. Convenience may include aspects of the physical or virtual location. two-  . communicate. Think convenience of the buying experience and then relate that to a delivery mechanism. turn the standard logic around. Many mediums working together to present a unified message with a feedback mechanism to make the communication two-way. access ease. Not PROMOTION. Not PLACE. As above. transaction service time and hours of availability. Consider all possible definitions of "convenience" as it relates to satisfying the consumer's wants and needs.

Its middlemen communicate with their consumers and various publics . Companies must also communicate with their present and potential customers. pricing it attractively and making it accessible to target customers. . A modern company manages a complex marketing communications system. The company communicates with its middlemen. Every company is inevitably cast into the role of communicator and promoter . Advertising as a communication process Modern marketing calls for more than developing a good product. consumers and various publics.

 Communication process .

 1. Mass media is used to sent a message to a large number of people includesincludesThe consumer who will purchase the goods. 3. 2. Advertising is basically a communication process involving the use of mass medium. The friends relatives or group leader who will influence customers. . 4. The dealer who will carry his good to sell them to customers. The public who will show its trust and confidence in products The government to show its integrity etc. 6. 5. 7. The supplier who will supply the best ingredients. The distributor who will push the sales of product.

Non-competing and others . Present. Potential Customers also known as prospets Channel Members Wholesalers. Agents & any other Middlemen Govt. TARGET MARKET Customers Past.External flow of communication which flows to the target market«. Retailers.. Agencies Private Agencies to Society Companies Competing.

. To amplify sales.The main objects of advertising communication are given below: To eliminate or conquer competition To inform people about the use of products. To produce demand for new product.

Interest. Create awareness. Conviction . Arose desire for the product and services. Persuade customer. .A good ads always do« Information about product.

reaction. receiver a prospect. message in the form of commercial ideas. The key elements of marketing communication are sender of the message or communicator. . sales literature. customer. sales story. counter-proposal. package print. the vehicle carrying the message. purchase influencer and the audience. channel or media. television. phone. reseller. advertising copy. radio. a sales person. press etc. feedback in the form of response. or counterthe returned communication called feedback from the receiver to the sender.

Advertising campaign  It can be defined as a´ organized and carefully planned use of paid publicity for the accomplishment of a definite purpose´ .

A view of past advertising. The media availability. 7. 1. 6.economic cum demographic profile socioof the people 2. 5. The marketing-advertising objectives marketingCreative requirements. The campaign period and time. Major parameters of campaign The socio. new plan . 4. 3. The competitors activities.

etc) Product nature. presence of a favorable primary demand substitutions intrinsic qualities of a product.Essentials steps in advertising campaign planning Identifying the advertising opportunity. Competitive strategy. 3.  1. Age group of target audience. 4. (sony. . 5. whirlpool. 2. whirlpool. Income level.etc) (sony.  1. (cosmetics are promoted on the basis of sex appeal) Financial availability Market analysis. 3. 4. 2. Market share.

Catchy advertising message is necessary to achieve advertising objective . Create awareness. Increase in the market share. 2. Advertising objectives To stimulate primary demand. 1. 4. Fight competition. on the basis of market segmentation and target audience . making appropriate fund allocation for different media and keeping some contingency fund for situational changes is necessary to initiate any campaign planning  Media selection and creating ads message.  Establishing advertising budgets. 3.

support from dealers.  Evaluation of result of advertising campaign Check the degree of achievement by the way of conducting pre testing and post testing the market . Coordination between advertising and other related activities Ads campaign needs the active support of other marketing techniques like . public relation . suppliers and sales person are so essentials. sales promotion .

The similarities may be common characteristics or common needs and desires. Market segmentation comes about as a result of the observation that all potential users of a product are not alike.Market segmentation  Process of dividing the market according to similarities that exist among the various subgroups within the market. . and that the same general appeal will not interest all prospects.

Several strategies are formulated under advertising planning to achieve the desired objectives. The formulation of an advertising strategy includes: ‡ Setting of objectives. ‡ Media strategies. ‡ Message strategies. ‡ Appropriation strategies. ‡ Position strategies. ‡ Segmentation strategies. . Strategies for Advertising « Strategy is defined as a plan or method of accomplishing advertising objectives.

There are 5 broad strategy alternatives for influencing the attitude of customers. ‡ Increase or decrease the rating for a salient product class characteristics. 5. 2. ‡ Change the perception of the company's brand with regard to same product characteristics. ‡ Advertising should highlight the characteristic which are considered important for that product class e.. 3. clarity etc. Change the perception of competitive brand with regard to some particular salient product characteristics. 4.Advertising Strategy Alternatives Strategy and Plans are a part of each other. style.economy. filter. low maintenance carspace etc. cameracameraaperture. 1.g. Advertising should affect those forces which are evaluated by the consumers in a car. .

To fight competition. Product market variation. Seasonal products.Advertising Situations There are situations in which advertising may be required: 1.  . Upgrading a product. 4. New application or usage of the product 2. 6. 5. 9. 8. Special offers. 7. New technology and innovation. 3. Change in the brand name. Distribution and service.

Media Planning .

Media is a Carrier of Message. It can be classified as under: 1. Audio. Visual and Audio-visual Media: AudioRadio Television Cinema Outdoor Advertising (In scripts on Walls. Print Media: Newspaper Magazines Trade Journals Hand Bills Direct Mail 2. Hoardings )  .

3. Interactive Media. Announcements. Baloons etc.  . Fair Exhibitions. Support Media: Such as Direct Marketing. Amusement Parks etc. Promotional Product like«. Posters Neon Signs Transit Advertising (Railway and other transport system) Loudspeakers.