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TOU3003 Dining Cultures

and Etiquette

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Table Of Contents

1. Types of traditional food 5. Daily Menu
1.1 Types of traditional beverages 5.1About the family
2. food practices and habits 5.2Daily menu
3. Eating cultures, habits and 6. Dining etiquette
4. traditional events

1. Types of traditional food :
• Baguette 法棍
• Foie Gras d’Oies 鵝肝
• Truffe Noir 黑松露
• Fromage 奶酪(eg. Camembert 卡芒貝爾乾酪 )
• Escargot 蜗牛
• Confit de canard 油封鴨
• Tête de Veau 小牛头肉
• oyster 生蚝
• scallop
• Aligot appies 起司馬鈴薯泥
• Croissant 可頌

Types of traditional beverages : 1. champagne 香檳 • Moet & Chandon 酩悅香檳 • Blanc de Noir 黑中白香檳 3. Beer 啤酒 • Kronenbourg 1664 BLANC 法國可倫堡白啤酒 . wine 葡萄酒 • Beaujolais 薄酒萊葡萄酒 • Chablis 沙布利白葡萄酒 4. Soup • Soupe à l'oignon 洋葱汤 • Bouillabaisse 馬賽魚湯 2.

saffron. rosemary.there will be a lot of cream and spices to cook delicious food • Breads are common in most meals especially breakfast and dinner. citrus. clove and so on more • pepper is the most common almost every dish will use. The types of bread range from the simple to the elaborate.Food Practices and habits • Spices • commonly used spices have thyme. parsley. . nutmeg. cinnamon. • not MSG and Rarely coriander • moreover ingredients choose to use more than wine .

• is sold whole. or pâté. • French law states that "Foie gras belongs to the protected cultural and gastronomical heritage of France . buttery. and may also be served as an accompaniment to another food item.Food Practices and habits • FoieGras • is a popular and well-known delicacy in French cuisine • Its flavor is described as rich. and delicate. parfait. unlike that of an ordinary duck or goose liver. such as steak. or is prepared into mousse.

onions. Favorite vegetables include lettuce. Truffles and other locally grown fungi and mushrooms are also used. game meats. eggplant. These are then cooked into side dishes or as part of the main course.Food Practices and habits • Meats are often the center of attraction in French meals. sausage. string beans. and cold cuts) are all favorites. • Beef. and charcuterie (ham. zucchini. and several others. tomatoes. carrots. • Vegetables – the freshest and the ripest – are carefully picked and prepared. leafy greens. pork. poultry. .

-Round meringleaf.boiled eggs aand tuna -it taste fresh aand delicious -easy to produce satiety.tundish with almond cream stuffing. the middle will hide a little thing. -eat the cake in the porcelain will be lucky  Nouveau Salade Nicoise -Ingredients include fresh is suitable for consumption at a picnic . Traditional event foods-  Galette des rois -A food for ate of worship in christmas.

Eating cultures. habits and customs .

like a piece of fruit or a cake after school or about 4 hour. • Adults usually don’t have snack .Fixed meal times and no snack • The French will have three meals a day. • Children may have a small snack. • They think eating is important. so they will have fixed meal time.

• Evening working. they will take more time to have lunch. . they will always use an hour at noon to have lunch.Lunch is more important than dinner • They think the main meal of a day is lunch • Dinner is just for decrease the afterthought • So.

• Many French will care about the healthy habit . Less children menu • The children will eat the same food with adult. • They will learn a lot of knowledge about healthy habits in school • The school will provide the healthy meal to the children too.

No Rush Required • Many French restaurant start serving at 8:30 • The French customer will spend a few hours at the table to finish the dinner • Maybe they will finish at 10:30 or 11:00 . it is not uncommon. • the French also will spending a few hours to enjoy their lunch. .

people will talk softly and quiet. . it is not polite. • Conversations usually transpire in low tones • They will have their lunch or dinner in the quiet place. • So. don’t talk loudly in the French restaurant. Talk Softly in Restaurants • In the French restaurant.

Cheeses is very important • Cheeses are among the things the French can’t live without. there are around 500 different types of cheeses . • It is a part of a traditional French meal • They will eat it after the main course and before the dessert • It is often served with bread • In France.

tea or hot chocolate Lunch (le déjeuner) • starts with the appetizers. • Now moved to only one hour of lunch break . usually a salad or soup • followed by the main course and then the dessert.Breakfast (le petit déjeuner ) • The French breakfast is usually cheap price. • It usually a bread with jelly or jam • Some coffee.

. served with vegetables. pasta. • Bread and wine is also present during the dinners. • The cheese: sometimes will replaced with yogurt • Dessert: a fresh fruit.Dinner(Le dîner ) • It the time for the family get together and talk about the day • Similar with the lunch. • But cheese may be inserted after the main course • Main course : usually meats or fish. starting at appetizers . or rice. or a delicious pastry for special occasions.ending with dessert. potatoes.

g castle.animal .  To Celebrate the lemon harvest make a lot of things with lemon.e.jump samba .church  Lemon flower parade attract a lot of people  Also .very lively .drum playing instruments .000 visitors every year. Traditional event-Menton Lemon Festival  The Menton Lemon Festival Created in Menton in 1934  Is a unique event in the world which draws over 230.

Traditional event foods- Mushroom and Leek Galette -Is a relatively simple food -can be made free of different shapes.traditionally fired or baked more -with vegetable.salty and sweet -the cake have mushroom and leeks Caneaten with salads for lunch or dinner Cabillaud -of the cod is a rare delicious ingredients. .there are also use honey and raw to cook .

The fried foie gras is the famous dishes of french. .Food Practices and habits • French people usually use pan-fried . This is the traditional food in french.gratin and stewed these three methods . In the french restaurant. the meat red wine stewed beef is very simple.stewed is using a long time to cook the food.people often eat baked snail. • The pan-fried also is important in french. • gratin is one of the most commonly used french cooking methods . This is the easy method cook in french cusisine.

be/ygd6aAybtJk • https://youtu.Video Time~ • • .

Daily Menu A family of four who are live in French Father (37 years old) Mother(35 years old) Son(12 years old) Daughter (12 years old) .

Breakfast • For Adult • Salad • Coffee Health Easy to find Easy to find refreshing • Croissant Easy to find Well-known .

Breakfast • For child • Hot chocolate Easy to find • bread rolls with chocolate filling yummy .

with sesame vinaigrette (鮮蝦酪梨穀物沙拉佐芝麻油醋) Avocado → unsaturated fatty acid & cellulose  predict heart disease  cancer lower cholesterol Grains → dietary fibre  good for stomach and intestine salad and sesame vinaigrette → sour and sweet  whet the appetite . French Lunch For husband and wife Appetizer: for adult Grains . prawns and avocado.

French Lunch For husband and wife Main course: wild mushroom risotto (雜菌意大利飯) Ingredients: chicken stock. thickened cream. parmesan cheese  Creamy & full-bodied  satisfy their appetite . butter.

pepper and licorice scent) .Bordeaux Rouge AOC Well-known Variety of tastes (strong blackcurrant . French Lunch For husband and wife Beverage: Château de Lagorce .

. French Lunch For two kids Appetizer: Cream of chestnut soup (奶油栗子湯) → chestnut rich in protein & carbohydrate  enhance physical development.

For two kids Main Course: parmesam cheese of tomatoes spaghetti (帕 瑪森起司蕃茄義大利麵) French Lunch Tomatoes → Calcium. iron  Enhance growth and development of children Parmesam cheese  Smell Fragrant & agreeable . phosphorus.

French Lunch For two kids Beverage: liquor. orange juice and cola (無酒精飲料.橙汁及可樂) .

• For two kids the child only is 12 years.Dinner • Aperitif for husband and wife Beaujolais tends to be a very light- bodied red wine. is the best to start our dinner. Also.old. juice is relatively high amounts of acidity. .  this also is good start for the night. with relatively high amounts of acidity.

.  Also . • French Onion Soup Also. the tuna have many nutrition for our body. make for the world make our after food is best . • Soup  It is good of the child. this menu is not difficult to is more popular and easy to cook.• Bread-Baguette c • Salad Is the more popular bread his is one of the main fish Can mix with other dish to eat course in our menu.

. the cassoulet aims is provide the vegetable to our dinner. we will choose is many vegetables less meat because cassoulet is our the main vegetable course.Main Courses • Cassoulet famous food in French. Also. our second main course is about the beef.  In our cassoulet. Therefore.  All family can cook even is the rich or poor because this food can change everything which is the vegetable or meat also can change with their taste.

The family can mix this with Baguette. It is easy to cook . Even the child also can eat this course. the course is our main meat to our dinner. but when they cook .• beef bourguignon famous food in France. the red wine will evaporate. this course have red wine to cook . Also.

Dessert • Blueberry Lemon Clafoutis  easy to cook The adult and child can eat Is good of the child .

the outside tableware is for eating appetizer. red wine glass and white wine glass. . the right side of the knife and spoon. napkins placed in the tray.start to using the outermost tableware . The easiest way to set the dishes is: the plate placed in front of the middle position. Using tableware way first . the left side of the plate fork. The front of the plate from left to right is cup.Tableware Placed Tableware is one of the contents of the food culture in France. Than. the inside is for the main meal knife and fork.

should be placed in "eight" font • After eating a dish. • To putting down the knife & fork. then use the fork put into the mouth. the knife & fork put together on the plate. • Do not hand knife & fork in the air waving shaking • When the meal is completed . put the knife & fork were cross on the plate .The meal process • Both hands are allowed to put on the table • using from the outside to the inside to take the knife and fork • left hand is holding the fork to hold the food • right hand using the knife to cut the food into small pieces.

with a special spoon to pull the meat. is the minimum size of the fork in the knife.  Bread should be torn into small pieces to eat  Do not apply butter to the whole bread. . How to eating food : For the appetizer  Can not arbitrarily stir the hot soup or mouth blowing cool  Be careful do not to suck the soup from the soup spoon. use the spoon put into the mouth and then eat the soup. For the main course  The knife and fork to be smaller for eat fish  Eat the meat of the knife and fork of the largest  Salad of the knife and fork are also dedicated.  Snail clamp is use the snail clip.

• Do not put the napkin into the collar • Do not devour. do not talk when chewing • Do not smack when you drink • Bread should be broken into small pieces • Should be invited to pass if you can not get the food that you want .

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