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OPaL ,Dahej
Prepared By : Mr.Y.A.SASTRY ,AGM



Write-up on DFCU & AU Plant at OPaL
ONGC Petro Additions Ltd. (OPaL), India’s premier integrated Hydrocarbon
Company, intended to set-up an integrated grass root petrochemical complex
located in Special EconomicZone (SEZ) at Dahej, Gujarat State, India.The
complex consists of Dual Feed Cracker Unit & Associated Unit (DFCU & AU) of
1100 KTPA capacity, for cracking C2, C3, C4 and Naphtha to produce maximum
polymer grade Ethylene and Propylene as Petrochemical feed stock to the
downstream Basic Polymer Units of LLDPE,HDPE and Polypropylene by taking
feed from ONGC’s C2-C3-C4 extraction at Dahej and Naphtha from ONGC’s
plant at Uran and Hazira.


Project Information -
• EIL JOB NO : 6987

Dual Feed Cracker Unit (Ethylene)-
Dual Feed Cracker Unit (Propylene)-
Pygas Hydrogenation Unit (AU)-
Benzene Extraction (AU)-
Butadiene Extraction (AU)-
Euro 354,512,000 + USD
• CONTRACT VALUE : 365,109,000 + INR 27,088,667,000





DAHEJ PETROCHEMICAL PROJECT-6987 .3-butadiene • No control building & maintenance shop • Turndown: 50% • One common lube oil skid for Ethylene and Propylene Compressors LEPC 1. cooling tower. no incinerator • Raw gas hydrogenation -> individual C2-/C3 hydrogenation • No expander & booster  high pressure(31. etc. Major Features The followings are the major Features of DFCU & AU: • All utilities are provided up to battery limit by others (No boiler.) • Dual feed (= gas + liquid)  Oil Fractionation + Water Scrubbing • No air cooler  Water cooler for surface condensers & quench section • Spent caustic is treated by Wet Air Oxidation (35).15 bar g) demethanizer • Plate Fin type Demethanizer Condenser on the platform not on the top of Demethanizer • No DOX unit  Prefilter & Coalescer is installed. • Many separation columns to export benzene and 1. flare stack.

• The highest design pressure & temperature ~ VHP or HHP steam (116 kg/cm2g. to DOR with Annex 2) • Furnace interface at pipe rack. CGC 5th discharge (43 barg) • The lowest design temperature ~ Demethanizer (-165 oC @ 37 barg) (More stainless steel was applied due to depressuring up to atmosphere. 2nd Stage Make-Up / Recycle Compressor (PGHU) • No air coolers (structure) • MP and LP steam conditions are somewhat higher than Project Design Basis.) • Variable Frequency Driver ~ Flue Gas Fan (for 8 Furnaces) • SQE + MOV (Cracked Gas. LEPC 1. Plant Air Compressor (Spent Caustic Oxidation Unit) •Recycle Gas Compressor (BdEU). 513 oC) Steam Drum (127 barg). junction box but P&ID • Compressors ~ Decoking Air Compressor. Decoking Gas) by LE (acc. DAHEJ PETROCHEMICAL PROJECT-6987 .


BFW Injection) 3 Feed Preheater 2 8 High Temp. Convection 2 (HTC-2) 4 BFW Economiser 2 9 Radiant Coils (PyroCrack 1-1) 5 High Temp. Steamdrum Steamdrum Naphtha or Ethane 1 C3/C4 Feed *) 1 Feed BFW BFW 2 11 C2/C3 Feed *) 2 Convection Section 3 Convection Section 3 Dilution 4 Steam 10 4 Dilution 10 Steam 5 Quenchoil 5 11 6/7 VHP 6/7 Steam VHP 8 Steam 8 Cracked Gas Radiant Section to Primary Oil Fractionator Radiant Section Cracked Gas to Primary Oil Fractionator 9 *) Only for furnaces flexible for all feedstocks (ethane. Convection 2 (HTC-2) 9 Radiant Coils (PyroCrack 1-1) 10 LQE (Linear Quench Exchanger) LEPC 1. Convection 1 (HTC-1) 10 LQE (Linear Quench Exchanger) 6/7 VHP Steam Superheater (incl. Convection 1B (HTC-1B) 2 BFW Economiser 1 6/7 VHP Steam Superheater (incl. DAHEJ PETROCHEMICAL 11 SQE (Secondary Quench Exchanger) PROJECT-6987 . BFW Injection) 11 Quench Fitting 8 High Temp. C3/C4 and naphtha) 9 07-F01 and 08-F01 Section Description 1 Feed Preheater 2 BFW Economiser Section Description 3 High Temp. Convection 1A (HTC-1A) 4 Dilution Steam Superheater 1 Feed Preheater 1 5 High Temp.

CBFS (carbon black feed stock) is produced from Pyrolysis Fuel Oil Stripper (27-T02) LEPC 1.preheated up to 60 °C ethane is used as a fuel by Ethane Start-up Evaporator 25-E16 for start-up operation Propane and Butane feedstock . DAHEJ PETROCHEMICAL PROJECT-6987 . VHP steam 01-F01 to 03-F01 (gas cracker) .preheated up to 60 °C Naphtha (LAN+ARN) – preheated up to 80 °C Furnace Feed + Process steam  cracked gas & decoking gas. 60 to 80 % of the process steam needed for cracking depending on the feedstock case. For coke removal cyclones separate the quench oil into a fraction with a low coke content leaving the cyclones The largest consumer of quench water heat is the reboiler of the C3 splitter. Process description Feed Preheating Ethane Recycle and Feed .Secondary Quench Exchangers 01-E02 to 03-E02 04-F01 to 08-F01 (liquid cracker) .direct oil injection into the transfer line w/o SQE Oil Fractionation and Quench Oil Cycles Two quench oil cycles of PFO (Pyrolysis Fuel Oil or Heavy Pyrolysis Oil) and PGO (Pyrolysis Gas Oil or Light Pyrolysis Oil) are used as heat carriers condensing the heavy ends of the cracked gas The heat duty of the PFO is sufficient to generate approx.

Process water blowdown is cooled down to 45 °C in Blowdown Cooler 30-E13. For coke removal cyclones separate the quench oil into a fraction with a low coke content leaving the cyclones The largest consumer of quench water heat is the reboiler of the C3 splitter. However. CBFS (carbon black feed stock) is produced from Pyrolysis Fuel Oil Stripper (27-T02) Process steam system almost all dissolved hydrocarbons are stripped off by Process Water Stripper 30- T01. The main heat for process steam generation is produced by cooling of pyrolysis fuel oil. LEPC 1. 60 to 80 % of the process steam needed for cracking depending on the feedstock case.Oil Fractionation and Quench Oil Cycles Two quench oil cycles of PFO (Pyrolysis Fuel Oil or Heavy Pyrolysis Oil) and PGO (Pyrolysis Gas Oil or Light Pyrolysis Oil) are used as heat carriers condensing the heavy ends of the cracked gas The heat duty of the PFO is sufficient to generate approx. DAHEJ PETROCHEMICAL PROJECT-6987 . the heat balance is covered by condensation of MP steam.

Caustic concentration of approx. 0. 2 NaOH + CO2 → Na2CO3 + H2O 2 NaOH + H2S → Na2S + 2 H2O (< 1 vol ppm) of H2S and CO2 is performed in the lower and the middle section of the caustic scrubber.To reduce the temperatures in the compression process Wash oil injection to prevent fouling of compressor The gasoline from 31-D37 is fed to Gasoline Stabilizer 56-T01 where C4 and lighter components are removed from gasoline and then are recycled to the discharge side of the first stage of the cracked gas compressor. Discharge pressure: approx. 3 % in the upper cycle is adjusted by the water flow received from the top water wash section.Cracked Gas Compression Suction pressure: approx.5 barg BFW injection to compressor casing . Caustic scrubbing the sour gases carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S) are removed from the cracked gas by washing the cracked gas with caustic. DAHEJ PETROCHEMICAL PROJECT-6987 .02 barg. LEPC 1. 37. They are converted to their respective salts. The back wash water trays on top of the column are charged with BFW to prevent any entrainment of caustic to the cracked gas compressor.

Spent caustic oxidation stripped with methane at low pressure to remove light hydrocarbons and benzene caustic is mixed with steam and air in a caustic/air/steam mixer.70 % conversion depending on residence time) Excess air separated in the neutralisation drum and vent gas from the caustic tank are sent to the sour gas flare Effluent suitable for Biological Treatment to be sent to OSBL (pH 7.000 – 6. COD is reduced to 4. DAHEJ PETROCHEMICAL PROJECT-6987 . sulphide and hydrogen sulphide are oxidized to thiosulphate and then to sulphate: 2Na 2 S  1.0 by sulphuric acid) Sulphide content in oxidized effluent is less than 10 mg/l. LEPC 1.5O 2  2H 2 O  Na 2 S 2 O 3  2NaOH (100 % conversion ) 2NaHS  2O 2  Na 2 S 2 O 3  H 2 O (100 % conversion ) Na 2 S 2 O 3  2NaOH  2O 2  2Na 2 SO 4  H 2 O (50 .000 mg/l.

DAHEJ PETROCHEMICAL PROJECT-6987 . Cracked Gas Condensate Drier 37-A42 A/S (molecular sieve) for the removal of the remaining water and then fed to the lower section of Deethanizer 38-T02. where the water content is reduced to the required dew point.Precooling and Drying (PFF37) Cracked Gas Drier 37-A41 A/B/S (molecular sieve). LEPC 1. Cracked Gas Cooler II 37-E12 is in operation only during start-up of the plant and in case of naphtha cracking only (turn down case 5). Both drier stations 37-A41 A/B/S and 37-A42 A/S are regenerated automatically.

around 80 °C Cracked Gas C3 Absorber Deethanizer from CGC 35 bar 25 bar C2H6 CH4 H2 Inerts C2.C2/C3 Separation (Front End Deethanizer System) Separating all C2 and lighter components from propylene and heavier components. DAHEJ PETROCHEMICAL PROJECT-6987 .38°C -10 °C C2H4 .55°C -24 °C Water LP Steam 86 °C C3+ to Depropanizer LEPC Hydrogenation C3H6 26 bar C3H6 +10°C -38 °C C3H6 -16 °C . is operated at full cracked gas pressure above 35 bar The deethanizer column operates at reduced pressure with a lower bottom temp. C3 absorber.

4 bar LEPC 1.3 1.2 bar . DAHEJ PETROCHEMICAL PROJECT-6987 .C2 Hydrogenation (Front End Acetylene Hydrogenation System) Tubular reactor with an almost isothermal reaction.2 1.1 1. all are present in the cracked gas.28 °C PC C2.from Deethanizer Methanol .36 °C 65 °C Startup Heater °C Methanol 80 Vapor Pressure 73 °C 70 60 1 1. C2H2 + H2 → C2H4 C2H2 + 2H2 → C2H6 (acetylene: 5000 ppm → 1 ppm) CO Analyser Model 1 .to Cold Train 65 °C TC CW C2.

Bottom C2 fraction is fed to C2 Splitter Methane recycle is expanded to 7 barg corresponding to a temperature of -129 °C for C2 recovery. and methane is condensed. The remaining gas consists of 81 mol % hydrogen.Low Temperature Section C2minus fraction is cooled in several stages until all ethylene. hydrogen and carbon monoxide are recovered overhead. feed to PSA) & CH4 fraction (96 mol% CH4)  mixed as a fuel gas Liquid stream  to Demethanizer 41-T01 C1/C2 Separation Operating pressure of 31 barg Methane.others are condensed against propylene refrigerant and stored in Ethylene Collecting Drum LEPC 1. 40-D33 (-140 °C) Gas stream  H2 fraction (81 mol% H2.mainly subcooled and used as a reflux . 40-D31(-55°C). 40-T01 (-108 °C). compressor. Further compression in the 4th stage and the balance stream is cooled against the cold overhead vapours and condensed in the reboiler of the C2 splitter . ethane. C2 Absorber 40-T01 (-128 °C). DAHEJ PETROCHEMICAL PROJECT-6987 . 40-D32(-78 °C). Open Loop C2 Fractionation System C2 Splitter overhead product is heated then pressurized in the 3rd stage of C2 ref.

DAHEJ PETROCHEMICAL PROJECT-6987 . Temperature levels of ethylene refrigerant : Low pressure (LP) C2 refrigeration: -101 °C Medium pressure (MP) C2 refrigeration: -80 °C High pressure (HP) C2 refrigeration: -57 °C Heat Pump System Refrigerant System I II III IV Shared by both Product compression CW CW CW Ethylene Product (vap) LP C2 Feed C2H4 HP MP C2H4 C2H4 LP C3H6 Ethane Recycle Ethylene Product (liq) LEPC 1.

DAHEJ PETROCHEMICAL PROJECT-6987 .Regeneration of reactors .Gasoline Hydrogenation I and II (PU 61 and 64) .C3-Hydrogenation (PU 52) .Export to BL LEPC 1.Propylene Refrigerant Cycle Intermediate temperature range between cooling water and ethylene refrigerant Temperature levels of propylene refrigerant : Low pressure (LP) C3 refrigeration: -38 °C Medium pressure (MP) C2 refrigeration: -20 °C High pressure (HP) C3 refrigeration: +10 °C PSA Plant Pure hydrogen is delivered to .

43 oC) (14 bar.6 bar.L. 80 oC) (1.9 bar. Hydrog.I (67-Y01) Benzene to B.L. C7-C8 C7+ C6/C7 Separation (62-T01) Deoctanizer (63-T01) (1. 15 oC) (58-Y01) C5 C5 recycle to furnaces Gasol. 16 oC) C3= (propylene) C3= Liquid to B.L.6 bar. 68 oC) (61-R01A/S ~ 30 bar 86 oC) C5+ Pyrolysis Gasoline to B.3-Butadiene to B. . Debutanizer (57-T01) Gasol. Propane recycle to furnaces Butadiene Depropanizer (51-T01) C4 Extraction 1. (8. 65 • BdEU: 58 • BzEU: 67 (numbering based on Proposal) Downstream Separation of Deethanizer Bottom Light hydrocarbon recycle C3 Hydrog.  Process description • PGHU: 61. Ext.L. Hydrog. 275 oC) C6 Bz. 62. 89 oC) C3 Stripper (54-T01) (18 bar. Deethanizer bottom C3 Splitter (55-T01) (26 bar.7 bar. 92 oC) C4+ bar. 63.L. (5. 144 oC) C9+ C9+ Product to B. (52-R01) C3 (27 bar. 31 oC) C3 C3+ C3. 64.II Depentanizer (65-T01) C5-C6 (64-R01A/S ~ 29 (5 bar.

C4/C5 Separation Debutanizer 57-T01 Top product  Lurgi’s Butadiene Extraction Unit Bottom product (C5+)  Gasoline Hydrogenation Unit 1  62-T01 C6/C7 Separation Column top (C5-C6 fraction) is bottom  63-T01 Deoctanizer C3 Hydrogenation & C3 Stripping Conversion of MAPD (methylacetylene and propadiene) to propylene and propane Hydrogenated C3 fraction is fed to C3 Stripper 54-T01.9 barg Top product of C3 fraction is sent to C3 Hydrogenation Unit Bottom product of C4+ fraction is sent to Debutanizer. where all light components are removed. DAHEJ PETROCHEMICAL PROJECT-6987 .C3/C4 Separation Operating pressure: 7. C3 Splitter 55-T01 Top: propylene liquid product Bottom: propane recycle to furnace LEPC 1. Stripped overhead gas is fed to the 4th suction drum of CGC Bottom stream is pumped by 54-P71 A/S to C3 Splitter 55-T01.

DAHEJ PETROCHEMICAL PROJECT-6987 . •Regular Health-checkups was organized. •Availability of Ambulance equipped with first aid treatment facility. LEPC 1. •Medical checkup of all works & staffs was carried out at the time of HSE induction training and induction card issued.404 Safety Man-hours (up to 15 Oct 2012) •Set-up of free medical facilities at site for workers by deploying permanent doctor & nursing staff which are capable of handling emergency & trauma medicine. •Promotional activities were conducted to motivate workers by awarding certificates and prize for following safe practice. CONSTRUCTION HIGHLIGHTS Health Safety & Environment (HSE) •Total 41. •Top management actively participated in activities like mass housekeeping. •Hanging scaffolding provided at pipe racks which helps to expedite work on different elevation at same location simultaneously in safe manner. site walk through etc. •Work Permit System implemented effectively by involving execution staff. •Rigorously Tool Box Talk conducted on daily basis before starting job.890.

1 TOWER 6 2 COLUMN 23 3 REACTOR 7 4 VESSELS 86 5 HEAT EXCHANGERS 168 6 COMPRESSOR (Turbine 3 Driven) 7 COMPRESSOR (Electric 6 motor Driven) 8 PUMPS 200 LEPC 1. NO.Mechanical Work • Total 627 corresponding 17. • Major Equipment are as follows: SL. DAHEJ PETROCHEMICAL PROJECT-6987 . EQUIPMENT Nos.134 MT of equipment erection.

was erected The single piece erection had been done for column with 124. 1231 Tons).• Tallest tower C3 Splitter (124m. Tower Capacity – 1800 MT LEPC 1. It is the tallest column in petrochemical industry in India.5m height & 1231 MT weight. DAHEJ PETROCHEMICAL PROJECT-6987 .

DAHEJ PETROCHEMICAL PROJECT-6987 . • Less than 3% repair rate • System wise piping completion for testing and flushing utilizing piping design integration system. conceding more than 342.Piping Work • Area wise job execution for better control • About 1. corresponding more than 15 Million Inchmeter. LEPC 1. • More than 300 piping welders were deployed at field during peak time. • Largest pipe size 128” used for carrying cracked gas from Oil Fractionators to Quench Tower. • Auto welding machines were used at fabrication shop.000 joints excluding furnace piping. • 2335 AG Piping pressure test package (process). for AG Piping.1 Million inch Dia.

a welder takes nearly 90 min.Modern Techniques used at Piping Fabrication Shop 􀂾 Sliding and overhead gantry girder: This method was used for easy handling of Pipe spools which includes big bore fittings etc. 􀂾 Flux Cored Arc Welding Method: This is semi automatic welding machine and was implemented at site. during joint fit-up. 􀂾 Pipe Facing Machine: TUBE 400(MODEL) was used at piping fabrication shop.20 minutes. Whereas using conventional welding method. of any thickness. The time taken for cutting 2” pipe of 10mm thickness is 3 min. This machine was able to weld pipe of dia. 􀂾 Pipe Auto Welding System: PAWS900 (SAW) Welding Machine was used at piping fabrication shop.) of radius 60m and height of 50m. Time required for welding of 12” pipe having 10mm wall thickness was 30min. Whereas using conventional method it takes approx. 10. This machine was able to make a bevel from 3” to 16” dia. This arrangement was also useful to take out big pipe spools after fabrication. 􀂾 Pipe Shifting arrangement: Tower crane (1 nos. It was the safest and time saving method. 􀂾 CNC Pipe Coaster: (CPCM-4N-900A) Model. 􀂾 Multiple Nozzle argon supply arrangement for TIG welding: Argon Gas was filled in tank & then argon was supplied through piping & provided for welding through hoses. and 16” pipe of 15 mm is 15 min. which is much faster than conventional method.This machine was helpful to make 90 degree branch and lateral branch from size 4” to 36”. in 10 sec and 30 sec respectively. This has an advantage over conventional welding in terms of production rate and quality. 􀂾 Metal Cutting Band Sawing Machine: This machine was able to cut the pipe from ½” to 16” dia. This method was very fast and provided with no blockage of passage due to movement of vehicle / Hydra / Forklift etc. Installed in pipe fabrication yard for easy shifting of pipe spools to radiography bunker to take radiography of weld joints. welding time. Cutting and beveling of pipe was done simultaneously. LEPC 1. 12” to 36” having thickness up to 25mm. DAHEJ PETROCHEMICAL PROJECT-6987 .


TP304SMLS PE 0. •Easy modification of the lines •Easy bending •Because there is no welding requirement. DAHEJ PETROCHEMICAL PROJECT-6987 . it saves welding repairs time and man power. Steam supply & return line insulation to manifold is done with Pre-Insulated tube. no welding is required.Pre –Insulated Tube for Steam Tracing both supply & return line.90mm) has been used in DFC & AU Project. For insulation SS tube (A269 Gr. Due to this material. LEPC 1. The advantages of this material are •Easy handling •Time saving.

Steel Structure Work • Total Structure Quantity. Module. 􀂾 Faster Erection as compared to Traditional method of erection. DAHEJ PETROCHEMICAL PROJECT-6987 . 􀂾 Final Coat painting was applied at Painting yard with Airless spay which gives better aesthetic appearance as compare to brush application. LEPC 1. 􀂾 Base plate template was made at ground level and an Erection of Structural member was done by assembling all the members into a single unit. i.e.14.434 MT • Total Structures – One Common Pipe Rack from HU to AU area (1820 MT) 14 other Pipe Racks 26 Equipment Structures 5 Shelters including 3 main Compressor Shelters Chemical Storage Building (CSB) Modern Techniques for Structural Erection 􀂾 Bolting method was adopted instead of Welding for connection of different Structural members which saved time. 􀂾 Module assembly was easier and safer as it was done at ground level and erected with using crane. 􀂾 Structural members after fabrication & Final Painting ate structural fabrication shop were shifted to site for erection.


•It saves pipe rack erection time. of Piles. AU Substation RIB-1 RIB-2 RIB-3 Chemical Storage Building (CSB) • Concrete – 9942 M3 Precast Pipe Rack Erection: Both concrete and structural type Pipe racks are used. LEPC 1.8735 • Under-reamed (300mm.1744 meters. • Description . transverse and longitudinal beams.Pre.6 nos. •It reduces site welding and bolting.Civil Work • No.Total 287 number of Precast Pipe rack were cast and erected for 13 nos. of Buildings. •It does not require any fire proof work.DFCU Substation. 400mm & Driven) • 26 Equipment structures spread in plant • Concrete – 53309 M3 Building Work • No. DAHEJ PETROCHEMICAL PROJECT-6987 . of pipe rack of total length of approx.fabricated concrete pipe rack up to 13 meter height used for carrying pipes were framed structure cast at grade level with columns. •It provide with good structural safety through rigid connection.

I/O Modules segregated as follows : o RIB 1 . to permit centralized operation of plant.000 RM power cable (HT/LT) pulling ranging from 1. with storage batteries 54AH~471AH. • RIBs are equipped with system/marshalling/power cabinets.Electrical Work • Two sub-stations in DFCU & AU area respectively. DAHEJ PETROCHEMICAL PROJECT-6987 . • More than 450. for optimized load distribution throughout the plant. • 66 KV Switch yard for feeding 6.5KVA~55. Interfaced with DCS system supplied by Honeywell. • UPS for 3 Remote Instrument Buildings (RIB). • Diesel generator of 1820 KVA for emergency power supply. MMS and F&G system • Honeywell’s DCS System with C300 controllers with Field bus Interface Modules (FIM) and Process Manager I/O Processers are implemented.5KVA. Instrumentation Work • Three Remote Instrument Buildings (RIB) were constructed at site. & battery charger having output rating from 5. BzEU & PGHU Area • ESD and F&G.Furnace(1~8) & Quench Area o RIB 2 . SIL3 complied and TUV certified. DFCU taking feed from AU substation.1 KV to 6. MMS are other main highlights LEPC 1.Compressor & Cold Area o RIB 3 .BdEU.6 KV. CCTV. UPS systems. Analyzer System.6 KV power supply to AU substation through step down power transformer.

HOW IT COULD BE POSSIBLE?(LESSON LEARNT) 1. This was the major achievement.. Equipments & Instruments. MAINTAINING PROJECT SCHEDULE: •Notice of Award:23.2009 End date-02. MULTIPLE SUB-CONTRACTORS: Dependency over one sub contractor for all construction was avoided.04. 2.12.which is almost as per schedule.2008) and actual mechanical completion achieved on date 12.12.12(Project award date:23.) was 23. DAHEJ PETROCHEMICAL PROJECT-6987 .2010 End date-24.05.2009 End date-30.2008 •Engineering: Start date-06.2009 End date-13. ACHIEVEMENT OF THIS PROJECT Schedule date of Mechanical completion of this Project (without Pre comm.03. etc.2011 •Construction: Start date-13-07.01.): Start date-01-08.10.2011 •Ordering & Sub-Contracting: Start date-14.2010 •Manufacturing & Delivery (Piping materials.2012 LEPC 1.09. This helped easy replacement.08.2012 . if any sub contractor is not performing good and more efficient control over work progress.12. instead more than 50 sub contractors were contracted for the construction work.

The overall project schedule was used by contractor as the prime vehicle for constructability planning exercises.Flux cored arc welding. Auto welding system. small pump etc.procrument and construction period.Contractor had continued to develop and maintain the project schedule throughout the engineering. Multiple nozzle argon supply arrangement for tig welding.such as Sliding and over head gantry grider. Special Radiography bunker was made near fabrication shop to facilitate RT works in day time also to expedite production and clearance of spool from Fabrication Shop.explained . LEPC 1.CNC pipe cuter. additional supervisor/engineer and Machines as and when required.metal cutting machine. DAHEJ PETROCHEMICAL PROJECT-6987 . Tower crane(1 nos.) with capacity 2-10MT.25m height & radius 20 mtr was installed for DFCU work for shifting and lifting of pipe spools and structure members. The extent of detailing of the overall project schedule was such that the effect of any significant delay or change in the course of the execution of the any activity was clearify. Tower crane (3 nos. 3. Pipe facing machine .) installed in Pipe Fabrication Yard for shifting of pipe spools . This include immediate mobilisation of workman/sub contractor.evaluated and controlled.MODERN TECHNIQUES USED: Modern techniques were used at piping and structure fabrication shop.

Piping test packages after mechanical and NDT clearance from contractor were submitted to PMC for the same through document transmittal. supervisor.4.including dinner at night for those working late. project and engineering team of contractor was shifted to site for better control of engineering work. INSPECTION METHODOLOGY: Field inspection Notice(FIN) system used for inspection. 6. 5. WELFARE ACTIVITY FOR WORKER/SUBCONTRACTOR AND EMPLOYEE: •Monthly award system for contractor’s engineers. DEPLOYMENT OF PROJECT & ENGINEERING TEAM AT SITE: When about 90% of engineering work had been done. incorporating actual site condition in to design and minimizing the revision work. DAHEJ PETROCHEMICAL PROJECT-6987 . Its minimize the time between M/c and NDT clearance as well as rework. •Free canteen facility for contractor employee . LEPC 1. quick communication with construction team at site. sub contractor and workers for motivation. Contractor was giving FIN one day before to PMC for inspection.