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Perimeter Security System The Next Generation Security System 1 .

borders and places with extreme conditions. 3 . 4 On top of all. Under certain circumstances guarded security is not feasible like 3 hills. 2 Guarded security may not notice the intrusion in time and may not figure out the right spot in short time. Guarded security at times is not efficient which may lead to disasters. PROBLEM STATEMENT 1 Physical / Guarded Security is always a risk to life and cost inefficient.

Why COMPROMISE ? Perimeter Security System Is the solution…………… “A The Next Generation Security System” 4 .

Precise location allows proprietary digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms to detect any attempt to cut or climb the fence while ignoring distributed noise from wind. outdoor electronic perimeter security systems. 5 . This Security System protects many of the world’s highest security sites across wide- 5 ranging vertical markets and can customize a high-performance solution for your infrastructure. Microwave Security System software interfaces directly with a personal computer (PC) so that your Installed cost is very low. Reliable detection is assured. It is a sophisticated perimeter security system which provides precise location of alarms. This Security System also transmits alarm signals and operating power to all 4 Microwave Security System modules and auxiliary sensors along the perimeter eliminating the need for extra wiring. INTRODUCTION Microwave Security system uses the bi-static Microwave sensor which provides 1 high-security. This Security System is based on Micro Point cable technology which detects any 3 fence disturbance and locates it to within 10 feet. asset and personal protection challenges. rain or heavy vehicles. This Security System combines patented technology with microprocessor power 2 and laptop computer convenience.

• Free Format Zoning eliminates hardware constraints in 2 system design • Point Impact Discrimination increases detection without 3 increasing nuisance alarms • MicroPoint cable with integrated power and data for 4 reduced installation costs • Windows® based PC installation 5 6 . FEATURES • MicroPoint Detection with location to 10 feet Sensitivity 1 Levelling for varying fence conditions.

rain NO Responds equally to all disturbances ✔ Recognizes local disturbances NO Sensitivity to Wind. PROPOSED SOLUTION OTHER SENSORS  MicroPoint Detection and Assessment YES Locates alarms within 10 feet NO Only detects presence. ✔ Intruder stands out from wind/rain NO Intruder buried in wind/rain ✔ Digital processing increases Pd $$ External processors required ✔ Focused CCTV assessment $$ Many more processors needed  Free Format Zoning NO Hardware defined zones YES Software Controlled Zones ✔ Multiple zones per cable NO Only 1 zone per cable ✔ Easy to add zones $$ Requires more processors ✔ Easy to change zone boundaries $$ Requires reinstallation  Point Impact Discrimination YES Ignores noise from wind. rain. vehicles 7 .

Product List Security Systems Division Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems  Perimeter Fence Detection Systems  Buried Cable Detection Systems  Alarm Monitoring and Control Systems  Microwave T/R Links  Microwave Transceivers  Relocatable Microwave Sensors  Explosion Proof Microwave Sensors  Outdoor Infrared Sensors 8 .

(3 m). This volumetric. Buried Cable Detection Systems  Pinpoints Intrusions to Within 10 ft. terrain-following sensor precisely locates walking. running or crawling intruders to within 10 ft. (3 m)  Invisible Detection Field  Terrain-Following Capability  Site-adaptive Sensitivity Levelling™ Solution has buried cable detection system for applications where covert perimeter protection is essential. 9 .

Built-in power distribution and alarm multiplexing permit full integration of auxiliary sensors. Data and Detection on a Single Cable Solution offers fence mounted protection system detects both cutting and climbing attempts and provides precise location of alarms. Features Windows®-based Site Manager software for ease of system programming. cameras and alarm contacts. Alarm zones can be set at any location along the cable.  Solves Nuisance Alarm Problems  Software Controlled Zone Assignment  Power. Perimeter Fence Detection Systems  Pinpoints Intrusions to Within 10 ft (3 m). 10 .

DVRs and auxiliary sensors. Touch Screen GUI  High Resolution Graphics  Easy ‘Drag and Drop’ Configuration  Comprehensive Reporting Tools  Live Screen Camera Control  Open Architecture  Powerful Migrating Host Server Perimeter Security Manager is an intelligent security management system that integrates. Alarm Monitoring & Control Systems  Intuitive. monitors and controls Southwest Microwave’s complete range of perimeter detection equipment. 11 . plus a broad range of third party security devices such as CCTV cameras.

Installation. 12 . (183 m) Range Field Selectable Patterns  Field Selectable Patterns  Low Current  X Band Fully weatherproof outdoor microwave intrusion link. and alignment is quick and easy.2 m). set up.61 to 12. Detection pattern width is adjustable from 2 to 40 feet (. Transmitter / Receiver Links Bistatic Microwave Intrusion Detection Sensors  600 ft.

Relocatable Sensors M. critical mobile assets and other temporary high security requirements.I. weatherproof external controls for easy set up.L. (244 m) Range  Wireless Alarm Reporting  K Band  135 Hour Battery Life Solution offers a portable microwave Transmitter / Receiver link. 13 . ideal for protection of VIPs. PAC Temporary or Rapid Deployment Sensors  European Rated  800 ft. Lightweight tripods and tampered.

14 . petroleum or chemical storage facilities and other sites where hazardous materials are handled. processed or stored. Specifically designed to operate at oil refineries. combustible or easily ignitable materials. Explosion Proof Sensors Microwave Intrusion Detection for Hazmat Areas  Bi-static T/R Link  328 Foot (100 meter) Range  Explosion proof Rated  K-Band  PLL Signal Processing Reliable intrusion detection in the presence of flammable. chemical and petrochemical plants.

reducing environmentally. Multiple beam paths must be broken simultaneously. the Model 455 is a cost-effective. 15 . (50 m) Outdoor Detection Range  Integrated Alignment System  Solves Nuisance Alarm Problems  Compact Design Ideal for gate and wall-top applications. short-range sensor designed for the reliable detection of walking or climbing intruders.caused nuisance alarms. Outdoor Active Infrared Sensors  165 ft.

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