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Basic Oil

Surface are doformed (elastically) on pressurize area. to maintain the fluid lubricant film. cam-follower (where non- conformal contact happened) . same as the location where the fulid injected. gears. or otherwhise it squeezed out Hydrodynamic lubrication : where motion of 2 surfaces & design of the bearing is used to pump the lubricant around the bearing and maintaining lubrication film • Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication  near the same as hydrodynamic lubrication. Used in rolling element bearing lubrication. lubrication occurs by making/maintaning fluid lubricant film Hydrostatic lubrication : when external forces is exerted into the lubricant.The Regimes of Lubrication • Fluid Film Lubrication  as stated. pressurize area can create a parallel gap.

The Regimes of Lubrication Cont’d • Boundary Lubrication  .

measured by the time it takes of specific volume of oil to flow in special tube (capilary tube) .Viscosity • Dynamic (absolute) visc Measure of internal resistance in fluid • Kinematic visc Rasio absolute visc to density.

Adding lower visc fluid to the 1. The oil pressure become lower than the operating condition . Decreasing in oil oil temperature 2.What cause visc changes? Load Temperature Pressure Carrying Decrease if : Increase if : 1. Exposure to high heat (causing oil molecules to break into smaller molecules) 5. Exposure to high pressure improver regimes 4. Adding solvent / fuel 3. Loss / degradation of VI 2.

Multi grade oil .

The higher VI improver. with respect to changes in temperature • VI improver can sheer down / break apart and cause drop in oil viscosity • VI improver degradation mostly caused by exposure to high heat How does it works?? • By manipulating polymer’s “chain” • Analogy : by adding VI improver  imagine crowd of people. the smaller changes in visc. in hot. they tend to sprawl out (increasing visc).What is VI improver? • Used on multi-grade oil (ex : 10W-30) • One kind of oil additives.  this would reduces the relative changes in oil visc as the temperature changes . in cold. they tend to pull their arm close to their body (decreasing visc).

Oil Additive • Anti freeze • Vi improver • Anti wear .

high temp • Machine Failure Probability (Bathub curve) if failure prob increase then sampling rate should increase also • Impact on economic issues if machine fail • Fluid age factors The more age of lubricants. if the change from new oil to maximum limit isn’t far. the more sampling should be done • How tight is the target margin Usually on cleanliness of the oil. then the sampling should be more frequent .How Frequent Does The Oil Changed??? Based on : • Fluid Environment Severity High dust. high loads/pressure/speed.