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 There are four types of joints.

 Pivot joint,Hinge joint,Ball and Socket joint

and Gliding joint.
 Joints are meeting place of two bones.
 It helps in the movement of bones.
 Joints give more flexibility to bones to move.
 The nature of movements varies with the
nature of joints.
 In Pivot joints ,the axis of a convex articular
surface is parallel with the longitudinal axis
of the bone.
 The point where the first vertebrae joints the
 A Hinge joint is a bone joint in which the
articular surfaces are molded to each other in
such a manner as to permit motion only in
one plane.
 Enables movement to one direction like a
 The Ball and Socket joint is a type of synovial
joint in which the ball shaped surface of one
rounded bone fits into the cup-like
depression of another bone.
 It enables the bone to move in many places
nearly all directions.
 It is a common type of synovial joint formed
between bones that meet a flat or nearly flat
articular surfaces.

 Gliding joints allow the bones to glide past

one another in any direction along the plane
of the joint-up and down ,left and right ,and