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Paper Sculpture

Evan Donevant
M.A.T. Student
Coastal Carolina University
Richard Sweeny, UK Designer
Sweeny began by
manipulating paper to
create design models

Combines hand-crafting,
computer-aided design,
and CNC (computer
numerical control)
manufacturing techniques

Icosahedron, Folded Paper, Richard Sweeny,

UK Designer
focuses on ideas
of diverse
particularly in his
home town of

Hand-cut Paper, Tom Torluemke, Chicago Artist

Half-way Distant
Through Wish

Callesen works
with A-4 paper
and the contrast
between cut
shapes and White
developed Hand

Hand-cut Paper, Peter Callesen

Musselwhite is
influenced by
the natural
design, folk and
ethnic art, as
well as current
and future

Utilizes hand
cutting, folding,
layering, and

Blackbird Spring, Hand-cut Paper, Helen

Musselwhite, UK Artist
Natrop creates
created from cut
paper and a
variety of other

He works on
enormous sheets
of Lenox 100
drawing paper
with a standard
utility knife.
Natrop wants the
viewer to feel
immersed in the White White Mayday in Mustard and Gold,
light, shadow, and
forms. watercolor and white tape on cut white paper with
thread and nylon netting
Chris Natrop, California Artist,
Ashton began
with pen and
ink, but has
transitioned to
paper sculpting
because it
allows for more
influence of
depth, light, and
shadow. Also
drawn to paper
because it is
not a typical

3-D Geometric, Folded Paper,

Daryl Ashton
Moisiadis uses repetitive cuts
on Kitakaka paper (has a skin-
like textural quality). Has
movement and depth through
light and shadow. Likes paper
because of its resemblance to
the human condition
(withstands expected stress,
but becomes fragile when the
unexpected occurs).

Armor, Cut Paper, Anna Moisiadis

Hatzigeorgiou is inspired
by themes of people and
nature. Works to
intertwine text and
imagery together.

Patchwork, Book Sculpture,

Karen J. Hatzigeorgiou,
California Artist
Blackwell works
within the idea of
fairytales. She uses
paper as a traditional
medium of
communication, but
employs irreversible
processes to show
the fragility of the

The Quiet American, Book

Sculpture, Su Blackwell, UK
Jenn Stark
Jenn Stark
Student works
Paper Light Capture Sculpture
1. Vocabulary (As always)
2. Practice! Cut out shapes w/ X-Acto knife
and practice different cut outs, designed to
catch light
3. Sketch Designs. Remember to utilize
4. Grid final paper.
5. Trace and Transfer final designs
6. Start Cutting!
No complete cutouts of shapes!