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Ideally the doctor keeps a copy (carbon copy) of each

recipe he writes.
7. as far as possible doctors write the prescription in front
of the sufferer. The doctor should write the prescription
without hesitation, not to cross out or even tear the
recipe paper.
8. before the prescription paper is submitted, the doctor
re-reads what has been written.
9. looking at the economic situation of sufferers, patients
who are less able to buy patent drugs can be given
generic drugs.

Latin is used in the prescription, not only for the writing

of drug names but also for the provisions concerning the
manufacture or form of the drug, including instructions
on the rules of use of drugs generally written in the form
of abbreviations.
Indonesian abbreviation for medicine and its life rule as
much as possible avoided, because it can doubt the
meaning. Some examples of Indonesian abbreviations
that should be avoided are as follows:

1. Obat batuk hitam should not be abbreviated o.b.h., but

written Potio nigra contra tussim (Pot. nigra c.t.).
obat batuk putih should not be abbreviated o.b.p., but
written Potio alba contra tussim (Pot alba c.t.).
2. if it means the medicine is taken only when the patient
needs it, the rule of use “kalau perlu" is not abbreviated
k.p., but written p.r.n. (pro re nata).
Some of the reasons for using latin are :

1. Latin is a dead language, meaning it is not used

anymore in everyday conversation.
2. Latin is an international language in the world of
medicine and pharmaceutical professions.
3. Using the Latin language there will be no dualism about
the substance referred to in the recipe.
4. In certain cases, because of psychological factors, it is
better the patient does not need to know what drugs
are given to him.
aa ana Sama banyak

a.c. ante coenam Sebelum makan

a.n. ante noctem Malam sebelum tidur

ad lib. ad libitum Secukupnya (yang diinginkan)

a.u.e. = ad us.ext. ad usum externum Untuk obat luar

a.u.i. = ad ad usum internum Untuk obat dalam

Untuk dipakai sendiri oleh

a.u.p. = ad us.prop ad usum proprium

u.p. = us.prop. uses propius Dipakai sendiri oleh dokter

m.i. mihi ipsi Dipakai sendiri oleh dokter

aq.bisdest. aqua bisdestillata Air yang 2 x disuling

aq.dest. aqua destillata Air suling

aq.steril. aqua sterilisata Air steril

c. cum Dengan

c. Cochlear (cibarium) Sendok (makan) = 15 cc

Sendok bubur (sebaiknya tidak

c.p. Coachlear pultis / parvum
dipakai lagi) Cochlear theae Sendok teh = 5 cc

c.c. Centimetrum cubicum Centimeter kubik

Capsulae gelatinosae Capsule dari gelatine (yang

operculatae pakai tutup)

clysm. Clysma clysma, lavement

collut. or. Collutio oris, collutorium Obat kumur (cuci mulut)