allowing workers more freedom to be honest without fear of repercussion. and should be chosen carefully. Interviews with company management can feel intimidating. Both of these tactics have pros and cons. . many companies will have mandatory surveys or face-to-face meetings with employees to gain information.INTRODUCTION To measure employee satisfaction. and can be great tools to identify specific problems leading to lowered morale. Surveys are often anonymous. Surveys and meetings can truly get to the center of the data surrounding employee satisfaction. but if done correctly can let the worker know that their voice has been heard and their concerns addressed by those in charge.

Limited. To know the satisfaction of employees towards the available non. To know the satisfaction of employees towards the available statutory facilities. µ To asses personal data of the respondents and its relevance to the employees satisfaction on welfare services provided in organization . To know the satisfaction of employees towards the other social security measures. . Chennai .OBJECTIVE ´To study the employees satisfaction on welfare services provided in Best & Crompton engg.statutory facilities.

in the recent years have observed a lot of labour turnover among employees of some of the well known factories of the country. It is estimated that the trend would increase in the future also. Therefore the type and the quality of welfare services provided would play an important role in retaining the experienced and technically advanced employees.NEED OF THE STUDY Providing welfare service. . Thus it would become imperative for the Personnel Department of any factory.

as it would act as an appraisal of the existing services and also to know how the employees view the existing welfare services. that welfare services bridge the gulf between the need of the .IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY This study therefore would be important for the factories in general to measure the wavelength of the employees on the welfare services and need. as we know very well. This study would be specifically useful to Best & Crompton engg.

Both the primary and secondary tool enabled the researcher to get accurate description about employees welfare measures. Secondary data such as published books. internet and previous research report. Primary data which include the first hand information obtained from the respondents using structured questionnaire at Best & Crompton private limited. articles magazines.REVIEW OF LITERATURE 1. . 2.

. phenomenon and situations. to describe events.µ The researcher has attempted to make an assessment of the welfare measure facilities provided by the management for the employees at Best & Crompton pvt.RESEARCH DESIGN Descriptive Research Design. to find out the needs and suggestions for the improvement of the So descriptive research design is the most suitable research design to this study. ´Descriptive Research Design is a fact finding investigation with adequate interpretation. It is to gather descriptive information and provides information for formulating more sophisticated studies.

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