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Identifying Blogs

Merica Green
Social Media for Professional Learning | AET/562
November 20, 2017
Professor Danene Mims
What is a Blog?

 In essence, a blog is an online journal or diary that is updated on a regular basis.

 Through blogs, “bloggers” are able to express their passions to large audiences
and receive feedback through discussion threads.
 Blogs can be used for personal, business, or even educational purposes.

(Minayev, 2017)
About Blogs

Advantages Disadvantages Training Application

• Increased reflection • Too few or too many entries • Makes student learning
• Sense of community make it difficult for transparent
• Collaboration instructors to grade or assess • Unanswered questions can be
• Enhanced student • Can lead to sloppy writing – raised in blogs
engagement styles similar to emails or • Provide instructors an
text messages understanding of student
(Halic, Lee, Paulus, and Spence, 2010) • Easily targeted for learning
vandalism • Ongoing feedback and
redesign of learning activities
(Chu, 2011)
(Halic, Lee, Paulus, and Spence, 2010)
About Blogs

Audience The Importance of Blogs

The intended audience for this review For this audience, blogging is extremely
are Sunday School teachers for youth, significant for the purpose of in-class
young adult, and adult classes. assignments to show student’s growth
throughout the course. Additionally, for
the purpose of keeping students on track
and monitoring their focus. Finally, blogs
will help to provide each of the students’
perspective relative to their specific
Sunday School classes.
Sunday School

 This Children’s Ministry Blog receives new posts on a near weekly basis and is open to reader comments
after each entry – although feedback is limited and does not do much to drive the conversation forward
 The blog houses the categories of 3 major components to Children’s Ministry under which content is added:
Vacation Bible School, Sunday School, and Seasonal Events
 Multiple articles fall under the Sunday School umbrella
 Customizable Sunday School or Adaptable Curriculum? (posted Jan 9, 2017)
 Bread Free of the “School” in Sunday School: Faith is a Relationship (posted Aug 16, 2017)
 Reputability of this blog lies in its connection to a Faith-based ministry
 A link is provided to the Statement of Faith which directly correlates with the faith belief of the audience intended
for this review
 Because of the content this is important
(Group, 2017)

 This Christian-based blog offers daily devotionals, articles on faith, family, and church, movies and much
 Blogs appear to receive posts daily and although comments are welcome, readers don’t seem to take advantage of
this venue to drive the conversation forward
 Some articles relevant to the audience targeted in this review include:
 5 Things I Learned Teaching Sunday School (posted Feb 18, 2016)
 School District Ends Voluntary Lunchtime Bible Class (posted Nov 20, 2017)

 Reputability of this blog lies in its mission to offer biblically-based content

 The focus on the Christian’s daily walk is a priority
(, 2017)
Independent Baptist

 This is a Christian-based blog offering that offers articles on Christian character and provides helpful
publications for pastors, families, ministries, and individual Christians
 Updates to this blog seem to be made daily with new articles added on a monthly basis.
 The content is very relevant to the intended audience. Although there are not many comments within the
articles, there are hundreds of shares so the conversation may be moving forward in other venues
 Some articles relevant to the audience targeted in this review include:
 11 Weekly Duties of a Sunday School Teacher
 Why You Shouldn’t be Skipping Sunday School (posted October 31, 2015)

 Reputability of this blog lies in its connection to a Christian denomination with a focus on encouraging,
enlightening, and inspiring individuals to have a victorious Christian life
(IB, 2017)
Confessions of a Sunday School Teacher

 This blog was last updated in 2015

 Although the author solicits comments “below” there is not much participation in keeping the conversation
moving forward
 Some articles relevant to the audience targeted in this review include:
 Curriculum vs. Self Made Lesson Plans (posted February 21, 2013)
 Sunday School Teachers (posted February 13, 2013)

 Reputability of this blog lies in that its author is a Sunday School teacher
(H., 2015)

 This is blog reveals updated content on a monthly basis with the site having been last updated July 23,
 Updates to this blog seem to be made daily with new articles added on a monthly basis.
 Not many comments have been made but there is the option to be notified by email when follow-up comments
have been posted – this is a great way to forward the conversation
 Some articles relevant to the audience targeted in this review include:
 How to Be an Awesome Sunday School Teacher (posted July 5, 2011)
 How to Teach Sunday School (posted September 14, 2011)

 Reputability of this blog is that its publisher is a Christian based ministry whose aim is to help teachers
tell kids about Christ
(Ministry-To-Children, 2017)
Best Practices

 Establish and maintain a theme

 Remain relevant to your designated audience
 Be consistent with updating the blog with fresh and new content
 Engage with readers to build a rapport and to grow a loyal following that will help
continue to move the conversation forward
 Enable the opportunity to share articles within the blog to broaden your reach and keep the
conversation of your passion moving forward
(Banner, M., 2017)

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